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Is It Weird That My Guy Friend Likes To Skype Just To Watch Me

Is it weird that I watched porn with my best guy friend?

We both know that we like each other but I told him were not gonna date yet. We were over Skype and we were watching porn on his phone lol it was hilarious. He was all like that's gonna be me and you one day. Is that weird? Are people suppose to do this? We are extremely comfy around each other btw

Do you guys think my brothers friend likes me?

Ok so I started thinking that my bros friend started to like since I was 11 (12 now) he was 14 (15 now). He came over only a few times though. But the first time he came over he would like literally stalk me. But it was for fun and I didn't mind it actually. I was a big gamer back then and my bro too so I had my own xbox and I would play in my room, I'd leave the door open in the day time and that's when he was over so he would like alternate through my bros room and mine and he would watch me play and cheer me on and like help me play lol. But recently my bro skyped him like 2 days ago with the new Xbox One so the camera was in the kinect which was on top of the Tv and I just so happen to be in his room hanging out with my bro. But my bro and I were like playfully interacting over Skype and his friend could obviously see us and we did a lot of weird stuff haha. So when I say down in the corner of the room so I couldn't be seen from the camera his friend told my bro to tell me that he liked my hair straight. Becuz I straightened my hair that day. But I smiled at the compliment and my bro told him that I smiled. Later that day my bro had was playing xbox but he had to go for like 10 min so he told me to play with his friend. We had SOOO many jokes and laughs I had fun talking to him. I said "nooo I can't die not right now!" And he said "yea cuz ur too young and wayy to pretty" I blushed and said "awwh thanks". My bro gave him my snapchat and # and now we text a lot! I like him

My guy friend jerked off to me while on Skype, what does this mean?

Presuming that this is an acquaintance, and you have no previous physical history, nor previous sexting history. This action is non-consensual sexual activity. Yes, he (and I too) might fantasise about a person who stimulates the imagination while masturbating, but actually performing the act in front of you, even if the manipulation is out of camera sight, is a non-consensual act of engagement. In My Opinion.In primate behavioral terms, some primates may behave in this way as an expression of a mating call, in the hope of impressing a female, or sending a signal of overt masculinity. It may be a shuttered form of dominance over you, too.What you think about it will dictate (pun !!!) your response. I’d not recommend that you take this as any sort of compliment. Men, like chimps in the zoo, will masturbate in any location and over some deeply strange fantasies.I would distance myself from anyone who behaved in this way, as it shows a low respect (for you as well as in himself) and an inability to separate his instant gratification from social spaces.Also, it’s Uber-creepy.

A 17 year old guy likes a 15 year old girl?

The age gap isn't that big. My fiance is 9 years older than I am and it works. It just depends on the people. It definitely sounds like he likes you and is flirting. Not ALL guys just want to have sex, some really want to get to know you. My question is: why try to mess with a 15 year old girl a state away when he can find someone to have sex with much closer? So maybe he genuinely likes you. Perhaps you are on the same level of maturity. Have you found it fun to talk to him? Have you had enough to talk about? I would be a little suspicious too, but just get to know him. You seem intuitive enough that you will know if something is wrong. Just have fun for now. And if you ever feel uncomfortable, cut it off. And let some friends know you are talking to him so that you have some people in your corner. Annnd don't send him nude pictures. Just be cautious and use your smarts. Good luck, love!

I think my friend was masturbating to me in a skype call?

A couple of night ago, my friend of mine (who I also have a crush on) and I both got roaring drunk together in a skype call. We were having normal conversation for a long while, but after a while, we began talking about more and more tmi things. By now we were both swaying in our seats and slurring every word we spoke. He asked if he could see my titss, in normal circumstances I wouldn't lift my shirt, but with the effect of alcohol I took off my shirt :/
After a couple of minutes, I noticed that he was rocking back and forth a little bit, by the way he was breathing and the look of his face, he seemed like he was seriously fapping (I've been in this situation with my ex's in the past). A couple of minutes passed and I see him wince and arch his head back, and he let out a slight drunk-ish moan.
Drunk out of my mind, I thought it would be best not to ask if he was actually masturbating, so I attempted to start a conversation about really deep personal things.
The next morning, he said he couldn't remember anything from last night, but he seemed really concerned and asked if he had said/did anything bad to me that night, but I told him I couldn't remember anything either.
He's my closest friend and the one person I can truly trust and turn to when I need someone to talk to. He's never hit on me in the past, or flirted a ton with me. I'm just not sure what to make of that night. I'm not sure if I should even bring it up to him. What do you guys think I should do <:s Should I just keep this to myself?

Cheating on my boyfriend with my bestfriend?

Am I already cheating?

So, I have a best friend, and we're super close.
My boyfriend doesn't really like him and he thinks that he's falling for me.

Well here's the deal.
My best friend and I are always together (my boyfriend and I go to different colleges and have been together 4 years)
I just met this friend January.
We chill everyday. We have every class and lab together.
We have a really playful relationship, it's just how I am, I'm not intentionally trying to flirt. He likes to play with my hands and hair, and sometimes we rest or fall asleep on each other's shoulders.
I've chilled at his house with him alone (and I swear I'm not sleeping with him or anything), we just play video games and all.
We Skype every night.
Sometimes he jokes around and says stuff like "yeah, you're cute" and "love ya" and "You're amazing" and all.
His high school friends say that he treats me special and very different from other girls...and even he himself told me that I was unlike any other girl he's met.
But I mean, he still acts like a guy...he still talks to me about other girls and how hot they are.

I know in my heart I'm not doing anything with him, but I do worry about my boyfriend.

What should I do?
I cherish my friendship and my relationship, but it's like I can't have both.

And do you think my friend likes me or not?


What are the signs he just sees you as a friend?

A huge sign that a guy just see's you as a friend, would be if he talks about other girls with you? Like, my guy friends tell me who they think are hot and who they have a crush on and who they would totally bang ;) Another sign is that a friend is comfortable with you no matter what, like my guy friends sit on me and hold my hand as a joke and aren't shy about physically touching me because we are friends. But you said here that when you sat next to each other, he moved away a few inches? That could mean that what you have is more than a friendship situation? Friends wouldn't care no matter how close they are, but if he had a crush on you, than the awkwardness he felt when he was near you might be a sign? It's hard to explain, but you have to look at the small details, without over thinking the situation. You also have to be careful ,because if he is just a friend, and if you did start liking him and he didn't like you back, or the other way round, it could make your friendship awkward. But personally, i think it sounds as if he does like you(; Good luck!! xxxx

Someone is trying hard to steal my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend have a mutual 'friend'. I met her around the same time he met her. She spent time with both of us back then, but she ended up with me. I saw the disappointment in his eyes, but I also noticed he changed his attitude towards her. He is trying to play games to attract her. The most annoying thing is that he is trying to spend more time with her than me. He speaks with her on Skype for hours on end, while I only manage to squeeze 45 minutes of phone calls with her throughout the day. He schedules to watch movies with her and to meet her without me.

When I talked with her about it she said her heart belongs to me and not to worry. But still, I am so angry with this guy and I wanted to ask, am I right to be angry and should I need to change something here, and what?

Why does my ex-boyfriend still keep me in his contacts list? And he even viewed my WhatsApp picture and status as well. I don't get it. Why?

Hello, and he might still like you (depending how recently y'all broke up). My ex sent me a message and a screenshot where he still had my picture and my old phone number on his contacts list. It was creepy. But just Block him. That would be my suggestion. He'll understand that you don't want anything to do with him and he'll move on. But if you still have feelings for him try not to think much about him. Block him for good. And move on. I know, it takes time to get over someone whom meant a lot to you. But things happen for a reason. And he might still look at your status on WhatsApp because he wants to know if you're going to post something referring to him. Like a sad post, implying that you miss someone (meaning him). He's probably just looking to see if you give him hints that you still miss him. (That's from my point of view) but as long as you don't pay any attention to him he'll move on. I wish you all the good luck and remember “leave the past in the past”Sincerely, Estella