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Is It Weird To Drink Soda And Red Bull At Parties

Is Red Bull Healthier to Drink than Soda Pop?

You need to get your energy from a good healthy breakfast. Slowly cut out ALL caffeine from your diet and bring in more complex carbs in the morning.
Small amounts of caffeine are OK like in chocolate, but to have any more than that is not good for you!
Do a google search on caffeine and its effects....amazing!

What soda mixes well with red bull?

Baking soda.

Red Bull vs Soda? The Same Thing?

Okay, so I have a question. I do not drink soda, and haven't done so in 8 months and I am proud of my accomplishments.

Recently, my company (a diner) started selling the red bull energy drink. Being at an absolute loss for energy I decided to have one. After drinking it, I got a little scared believing I just drank soda. From my understanding, Red Bull is not the same thing as soda. Although it is not good for you I know, technically it is not the same thing as soda. I have asked a couple of people, and they have told me that Red Bull isn't soda. Will someone clear up the confusion for me? If I continue to drink Red Bull, it will be the Sugar Free kind. But someone help, am I going against myself by drinking Red Bull when I don't drink soda? and if i only drank 2 in a 4 day period, does that even count as a relapse?


Is Red Bull any better than soda?

It's more of an energy drink..... If you are trying to get away from sodas then the Red Bull is not the way to go. I have become addicted to bottled water and the flavored Crystal Lights.... tons better for you than soft drinks. Try doing that.... and just limit yourself to one soda or cup of coffee a day (for the caffiene)....

Here's a bit of info on Red Bull.....
A common concern regarding the beverage is its supposedly high caffeine level. Proponents of the beverage counter critics by stating that a serving has roughly the same amount of caffeine as that found in a cup of coffee.

In 2007, a study conducted by American researchers concluded that Red Bull, along with other popular energy drinks, could boost both blood pressure and heart rates, prompting them to warn those with heart disease to avoid the drinks due to the possibility it could reduce the effectiveness of their medications. The increases, however, did not cause dangerous levels in healthy people. The various measures of heart rate all rose between 5-10 percent during the 1 week trial. Key similarities between Red Bull and the other energy drinks named make the study relevant to the ongoing discussion of Red Bull.

Is is ok to drink red bull while pregnant?

i am 25weeks pregnant and have a party tomorrow and because i can't drink alcoholic drinks i was thinking drink red bull and/or cola 2 keep my energy up and 2 liven me up else i go Pretty quiet and alert and i just so well a little hyper on them so it makes me and people around me feel better, but is it ok?

and how much is ok because i heard that you are not meant 2 drink it but just making sure, and no it wasn't a midwife who told me it was a girl i no

How much worse is drinking Red Bull than drinking coffee?

Both coffee and Red Bull contain caffeine. It gives you a short-term boost, which typically is followed by a crash. Red Bull also contains sugar, which will give you more of a short-term boost but also more of a crash later, at which point the makers of Red Bull would like you to self-medicate with another.  Of course, you can add sugar to coffee or imbibe coffee drinks which have the same effect. Red Bull also contains the amino acid taurine, which has a longer action than either caffeine or sugar, and a more specific action on the heart. You'll have a stronger heartbeat (not necessarily faster) and higher blood pressure for up to 24 hours after drinking a single Red Bull. If you have high blood pressure, that's not a good thing.