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Is It Weird To Knock On Neighbors Door To Ask About Their Apartment

Is it weird to knock on neighbors door?

I go to school as an undergraduate and people who live at my apartment complex are all students too. Will it be weird if I just knocked on their door to introduce myself? It has been 2 weeks since everyone moved in. I just want to know my neighbors and maybe even hang out with them.

Would it be weird if I knocked on my neighbors door that I have a bit of a crush on to give her a Christmas card with my number on it?

“Would it be weird if I knocked on my neighbors door that I have a bit of a crush on to give her a Christmas card with my number on it?”To be on the safe side, knock on her door. When she opens it, say “Merry Christmas,” and hand her the card without your number. When she smiles, if there's packing snow on the ground, ask her to help you build a snowman. You: “There's some great packing snow. Want to help me build a snowman?” If nature isn't helping, suggest something like, “If you're not busy, want to walk over to with me? I'm buying. If they have any, I’ll even spring for a Christmas cookie.”If she's not home, slide the card under her door. Sign it with your name, followed by your apartment number. Ex: “Isaac Isaacson, 24B.” She'll know where to find you.Keep it light. No pressure. Putting your number on the card could make a girl feel pressured.Are you certain she's a person who celebrates Christmas?

Is it rude to ask my next-door (apartment) neighbor not to smoke near my bedroom window?

You can certainly ask, although there's no guarantee that they will respond favorably. I would suggest approaching them smiling and asking them politely if they could refrain from smoking directly underneath your window as the smell of smoke either bothers you greatly or has negative health effects upon you.If you are polite about it and not aggressive, most people will comply with your request ( most people aren't jerks). However, if you become preachy or approach them in an angry manner, you can pretty much expect that they will ignore your request.

Apartment dwellers: can you hear your neighbors?

Yes its verrrryyy common to hear your neighbors. I have always lived under someone, like my last apt. I was the lower level with one above me. I could hear them peeing, like everything! It was horrible. Also every footstep. everything. Also sometimes I could hear conversation through the vents or through the walls with my next door neighbor. In the apt before that, I was sandwiched in the middle of 3 levels. It was a little better but definitely could hear every footstep and when water was running or whatever. Now I have moved to a really nice apt. that is really soundproof :) For me anyways, I don't hear anything at all. I think the contruction is great but they also were smart in design. They have closets between the walls of where the apartments meet, so I wouldn't hear much unless my neighbor was banging something around in the closet. But I did get a couple complaints from the girl below me. Apparantly she can hear every footstep I take :( I am not a big girl so its not like I'm a sumo wrestler stomping thru the apt. Shes very unhappy with the situation but I guess a little old lady lived here before and probably didn't do much since she used a walker to walk. Thats normal, sorry. I know it sucks I spent many nights awake to the sound of headboards banging above me, or music. Thing is, you can't do much about that, people have to live their lives. If its excessive, like loud bass bumping music, knock on the neighbors door and ask them if they could stop. Go to the neighbor first before ever going to the manager. Being nice goes a long way. My neighbor is rude to me so theres no way I am planting myself on the couch during nighttime hours in order to help the situation. If she would have come to me and told me of the issue nicely, I would have tip toed around when possible after hours. But nope, I am not going to do something out of my way for someone whos a jerk.

Stranger knocked at my apartment door asking for money. Did I handle it properly?

I live in a large apartment complex. I have lived here for over 2 years and know most of the residents in the building. A total stranger came into my building today going around knocking on doors and asking to borrow money. I've lived in several multifamily residences and never had any one knock on my door asking for money. She said that she lived on the Third floor. The only residents I know on that floor are all divorced men and a young couple. The one unit is vacant. Something seemed strange about this whole incident. I know not to give money to people on the street because most people are using the money for either drugs or alcohol. One time I did give a single mother money to pay for groceries when she didn't have enough money to pay for the order. Should I report this incident to my landlord? Do you think she was looking to rob an apartment? Something isn't right here.

How do I get my neighbor to stop knocking on my door at night?

keep your door open

Our new neighbors keep knocking on our door asking to borrow things from our pantry. We can afford it, but we are tired of the intrusions. How do we make them stop asking to borrow food without making an enemy out of the people living next door?

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.As you said you can AFFORD it and maybe the “intrusions” should remind you of how blessed you are? Of course If they wear Jimmy Choo’s and you don’t you can try:“Oh, you are a Godsend! I was just going to head over to your place for 4 avocados, my husband wants Guacamole and I am too lazy to run over to the supermarket.” And of course they don’t, so offer to take them with you to the store as you have to get Avocados or Guacamole.

Can you call the cops if a relative knocks the door to your apartment for more than 15 minutes even if you tell him to go away?

“Can you call the cops if a relative knocks the door to your apartment for more than 15 minutes even if you tell him to go away?”Yes you can, and IMHO you should. And you should talk to a lawyer ASAP.That sounds like a hostile interaction. Getting it on record, with yourself as the victim and your relative as the aggressor, can help with applying for a restraining order if you decide you need that. Generally, whenever you are having hostile, potentially violent interactions with anyone, you want to call the police and get it on record, hopefully in a way that shows you as the victim.Be aware however, that calling the police may be seen by your relative as an escalation. Restraining orders don’t really restrain anyone; they just improve your chances if the whole mess ends up in court because you got assaulted or because you used force to defend yourself.If you are having hostile interactions with anyone, you should get a lawyer, ideally one who has experience with family law and domestic violence.