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Is It Wrong Not To Feel Sympathy For A Woman Who Lost Her Baby

I feel no sympathy for the homeless because I feel like it is their own fault. Are there examples of seemingly "normal" and respectable people becoming homeless?

I met a gentleman one day while I was walking my dog. Then living in a downtown loft on the edge of a gentrified portion of the city, I met many homeless people. This particular story might help you to understand:“Jim” was nearing his first year of being homeless. Two years before, he was making six figures in the financial industry. He got caught in a layoff and was unable to find a job. His wife left and took the kids and house with her, along with a large portion of their savings. (The retirement account into which he had solely contributed) He lived in his car until he no longer had money to put gas in it to move it around. It finally got towed. He had no other family, nowhere to go, and could not find even a minimum wage job. No phone for call back interviews, or emails. No address. No presentable clothes. That’s how it happens.Now imagine that you are the hiring manager for a company, and see his resume online. It is filled with award-winning accomplishments, but not updated to reflect his current employment situation. You reach out to him. IF HE STILL by some chance has managed to keep a phone, you csll him in for an interview. If you are having trouble being sympathetic for those less fortunate than you, my guess is when you see a disheveled man walk into your office, the interview will be over. If he didn't have a phone in the first place, the interview would have never been scheduled. That's how it perpetuates.Never take your personal good fortune for granted, lest one day you end up with nothing, and need just one break from someone who thinks that because you've fallen on hard times, you are abnormal and no longer respectable.

I lost my baby and my friend is 20 weeks pregnant I feel like she rubs it in my face.I dont want to see her?

Well, a lot of times women who miscarry have such a hard time and it's often just them. But that doesn't sound like the case. She does sound extremely insensitive.

I know how you feel. We lost our son a few years ago - he was eleven. My stupid sisters in law, who have raised a series of hoodlums, and have each periodically abandoned their children (as in, we had our nephew living with us for six months so he didn't have to go to foster care), and one of them has abandoned her chidlren permanently, they have gotten to keep ALL their kids (OH! Except the ones they ABORTED!) Now we lost our precious Alexander and can't have any more. I can hardly stand the sight of them, and it breaks my heart to see my nieces and nephews failing in school and being so ill-mannered, and having their 14 year old faces full of piercings, and being so hard-hearted and cruel to one another.

But anyway - sorry - enough about me. I think you would be well within your rights to realize that you have outgrown this girl, and she doesn't need to be first on your list of friends anymore. There are lovely people out there - don't waste too much time on jerks.

Who do you have more sympathy for?

I feel equal sympathy for both of them.

Do you feel bad for Melania Trump?

Nope I don’t. Not one bit. Here is why:I am appalled by the infantalisation of Melania as a helplessly sad woman who has been dragged against her will, to be the First Lady of the USA. We are encouraged to feel bad and sorry for her, we are asked to see her as a victim.Here is why we shouldn’t.Melania came out in support of her husband’s lewd comments about women, dismissing his comments as just “boy talk”.She flagrantly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech, it turned out that she had actually lied that she had “written it all by myself” only to let a Trump aide take the blame.It has also come to light that she was economical with the truth about her supposed university degree, there have been questions about her immigration history.She tried to stand for something by talking about bullies. That was disingenuous at best considering she is married to one.She has chosen to remain in New York with her son after her husband took office.I won’t chastise for her nude photos - she was a model, that was her private life.However, I do remember Michelle Obama being labelled all sorts, compared to a monkey, an ape, called a man and someone who hates America.I listened when the media sought out to portray the US former first lady as the ‘angry black woman’, no-one ever mentioned that we should feel sorry for her as she had not chosen to be the First lady. The media was quiet. She was fair game.As it turned out, MO has been a phenomenal first lady, she took criticisms on the chin and carved out her own version of what a modern First Lady could be.What we have with Mrs Trump is a woman who married into wealth and has enjoyed all the trappings. Here she is -eating spaghetti diamonds.So nope, Mrs Trump is not a victim and NO we should not feel sorry for her.Latest update:.News just out that Mrs Trump as in the First Lady of the United States of America has re-filed a legal case against UK newspaper Daily Mail, saying it cost her the "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" to profit from her brand.Most comments here have been objective, however some still support the notion that she is ‘trapped’ in sad marriage because Donald is a bully. I however, see an opportunist. Good for her and why not- well that is until now. She is on public duty and profiteering from her role as First Lady is quite frankly, unethical.

What's your standing on Jessica Sherwood? Do you feel sorry for her?

I don't feel for her.
If she was stupid enough to leave the baby with someone else, she couldn't trust or shake the poor baby herself, she doesn't deserve my sympathy.
I don't feel for anyone who loses a child to Shaken Baby syndrome. They really should look after the baby or leave it with someone they could completely trust.

Can you purposely try to lose a baby?

It's technically possible, but very slim. The body of the woman will give everything it can to the baby before losing it. Even if you don't eat, it will only be you robbed of what you need to survive. In some cases, it's possible... but highly unlikely. People would also notice what was going on because you would be incredibly unhealthy. Plus, drugs or excessive drinking could do it, but most likely it wouldn't work and the child would be impaired somehow.

My mom lost her job..I feel like its my fault! D;?

My moms friend hired my mom at his auto shop in May but now he fired her because she was late a lot (mostly this past month) and I sometimes made her late and today was one of those days where I did and I feel so bad. My mom is a single parent and I don't know who my bio dad is at since he left my mom before she had me. What can i do? The owner is her friend but my mom doesn't want to ask for her job back. Please don't say "It's not your fault." because it partly is. Ugh. I feel so bad, my mom is crying at the moment. I am only 13.