Is It Wrong To Have A Crush On A Cartoon

Is it wrong to have a crush on a cartoon character?

Lately, i've been having an obession with Mabel Pines from Gravity falls!! She always comes to my mind and im extremely happy to watch Gravity falls!! Its a great show btw :D i dont give a crap if its illuminati or not!! mabel pines was the reason why i love the shown in the first place, she is funny and hyper :D i love her act. but i want to know if a cartoon crush is normal?? :/

KIRITO!!!He was so perfect. I like him best in SAO season 2. He was handsome, brave, and cared about everyone. Did I mention he was smart? He figured out who was murdering people from a VIDEO GAME!!!Plus his sword skills were incredible!!!And look at those eyes!BUT needless to say I was kinda jealous of Asuna….she was a obnoxious drama queen who cried for some reason every other episode!At least her outfit was good….GAG

Crush on a Cartoon Character?

OK, So before i say this i want to clarify everything. I am a 21 year old female who is married to a real life guy who I love to death. His name is Jason. I have freinds and I have crushes on celebrities on TV and stuff, so when I say this please don't be like "Your a loser who is never gonna get laid cuz u like a cartoon". LOL, OK now for the question...Ever since I was eight years old, and the wonderful world of Pokemon hit the scene in 1998, I have had a BAD crush on Brock from Pokemon. I don't know why I feel this way, I've been trying to figure it out for years. I just find him incredibly sexy. I've watched the series over and over and over just to see him (no I do not do this on a daily basis, and I do have a life). So, what I am asking you guys is, is this normal? Or am I just weird? Have any of you ever had a crush on fictional guy or something. I also have a crush on Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2, lol, and there is a few other fictional (mostly anime) guys that I have crushes on. I am aware they aren't real, but damn, I do like to look at them...haha...and yes, I have had dreams about Brock before...haha...ok, so rather you think I am weird or not, give me your answer. :D

It is okay, as long as it is just a crush.Most people have crush on Hollywood and Bollywood actresses very well knowing that there's almost zero chance of even saying a hi to them.In your case, there's zero chance of meeting her let alone say hi. A crush is just an infatuation, nothing more than someone who you like, someone you adore.Just make sure it stops right there.Ciao.

Is it wrong to have a crush on someone in anime?

Is it wrong? Absolutely not. Anime guys are usually ten hundred times better than guys in real life. Not to mention there s a huge variety, so rather, if you don t have a crush on an anime guy, then there s something wrong with you.

Am I weird that I have a crush on 2 cartoon characters?!?

You can't control what your brain desires. If you find an cartoon anamorphic kitchen sponge sexually attractive, there's nothing wrong with that. You're not harming anyone with your desires, so why worry?
I personally have a thing for Mrs. Incredible. (DEM HIPS!)

When I was around 12 I had a crush on Raven from Teen Titians. It's not a big deal to have a crush on a cartoon character as long as it doesn't go to far. For me it was not something that I was really proud of and I grew out of it. It's perfectly normal to find yourself emoting with characters who are portrayed well and as long as you also have crushes on real people it isn't a problem at all. I still appreciate a slightly moody girl who is confident and self reliant. I was attracted to the qualities Raven shared not actually Raven herself.Honestly I have friends who are big adventure time fans, it’s not a bad show, and the vampire queen is a confident, punk rock, bad ass gal. Just realize it's the qualities you are attracted to and not the character itself.Now I’m not saying your crush is going this far but there are people who have sexual fantasies about cartoon characters. I've never really gotten the sexual appeal of a cartoon but I did date a girl who was slightly sexually obsessed with a few anime men. It is however, possible to be sexually attracted to cartoons and still be a high functioning adult. As long as you realize that there are real people out there who share your same interests and will probably make much better companions. This doesn't mean you have to give up your cartoon fantasy, just don't let it consume you. Don't become obsessed and cut out normal human contact.

Is it wrong to have a crush on an anime character?

Ok, when i was little i used to have a crush on a boy in my class. But then i got more into anime. (little as in 6-9 years old((the only anime i watched then was pokemon, sailor moon, and inuyasha.)) And a little bit after i started watching One Piece, I developed a huge crush on Zoro! And I mean HUGE!! But the scariest thing is, is when my friend said she had a huge crush on Zoro too, and showed me some Zoro-Fanclub, I was like, immensely jealous. I'm only a teenager now, so it's not like it's real love, but it's a little creepy.