Is Lancaster A Good University

Lancaster University?

From what I hear Lancaster is a very good University - particularly in Business courses. I've been a few times and can tell you it seems like a good place to study. As for your choice of degree maybe you should look at UCAS or Lancaster University website for more information on that course and the facilities they provide for it :)

Is Lancaster university good?

In general, Lancaster is a good university and it has really built its reputation over the last ten years or so. The School of Management is huge and really unusual, hosting lots of social scientists doing interesting and creative projects.

What is your review of Lancaster University?

★★★★Lancaster University graduate (09-13) and former tour guide here. I think your experience of university varies heavily depending on what course you're doing and what your own hopes and expectations are. You could be having a wail of a time but the person living next door to you could be going through hell.Pros:-Overall, a nice university campus environment. Majority of buildings (accommodation, lecture theatres etc) are very modern. When I was there they were slowly replacing all the horrible old buildings that were made when the university was first built in the 1960's.- A highly ranked university- some of it's departments (marketing and linguistics) are the best in the country. When I was there it was in UK Top 10 universities (if that matters to you)- Good variety of societies and clubs- There's all the clubs and societies you'd expect to find in any university plus more- there's lots of niche clubs as well like Pokemon Soc or the Harry Potter Society. -When I was there, in first year you were guaranteed accommodation on campus, and then when you move out into town you can get accommodation that is managed by the student union- you pay them quite cheap rent that includes all the bills- you don't have to worry about splitting the bill with all your house mates. Cons:- The university has a small student union which doesn't play a bit part in organising student events. That's done by colleges- students are supposed to care about their colleges but they don't. Since the budget for socials is divided between colleges- you don't get big musical gigs and the like as you would in large universities. -Again with the college system- nobody really cares about it, but the university makes a big fuss about college student elections and wonders why nobody bothers voting. It's an irksome little thing you have to put up with each year.-Lancaster's a very small city, it's really a town. A nice town I should say, but because of it's size you don't have the same sort of variety of clubs and shops that you would get in a larger city like Liverpool or Manchester. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Lancaster. I'd recommend it, unless you are someone who wants a city lifestyle.

Lancaster or UEA Universities?!?

I've received offers from Edinburgh, Lancaster and UEA for university. I'm definitely firming Edinburgh, but I don't know whether to put Lancaster or UEA (East Anglia) and my insurance? Are there any students from these universities who may be able to give some advice? My IB offers from Lancaster and UEA follow, as they also play a role in my decision :)
Lancaster: 34 points with 16 in higher levels
UEA: 33 points with 18 in higher levels

Thanks in advance!

Newcastle or Lancaster University?

I can't decide between the two so I thought I'd get the opinions of all you people out there.

Basically, I want to do Geography and I have been offered ABB for both universities.

I really liked the department at Lancaster and everyone seemed friendly and approachable. It would also be the less daunting option with Lancaster being a small city.
Newcastle I love the city and I know the university has a good reputation but the geography department isn't amazing!

So they've both got their pros and cons and I'm stuck.
You're advice would be really helpful. Thanks :)

How good is PhD Economics at Lancaster University?

I would direct you to the QS World University Rankings for Economics and Econometrics, our annual ranking of the world’s top universities for that subject.Lancaster ranks in the 201–300 category.However, rankings will only ever give you a snapshot - they will give you an idea about its reputation among academics and employers, its quality of research - important, I imagine, given you are about to embark on a PhD - and various other aspects of Lancaster’s Economics faculty and offerings.I would use these rankings as a guide to give you a general idea of these things, but I would also urge you to look at the research being produced by the professors in the faculty there, to seek peer reviews from PhD candidates there at the moment, and to consider other important things like library resources and grant programs - all of which are important.

What is Lancaster University known for?

It's ducks… seriously though the students here have a fascination with the ducks which roam all around the campus.Besides that, it's a good university with good academic ranking (Top 10 in the UK for the past 3 years that I've studied there). It's a campus university with a lot of fields and grass to frolick in. Lancaster’s also quite keen on being green and using sustainable energy - that being said, they even have a wind turbine which helps power a portion of the university

How good is Data Science masters degree in Lancaster University?

Having studied in Lancaster for 4 years and being active part of societies and lancaster student life, I guess I can tell you a few things ( not speicific to data science tho)pros:academic department: the computers, math and management department that you will be dealing with are simply awesome.student support : the university goes well and beyond in supporting students with a great student life, explaining its quick climb through ranks in the past 5 reputation: while recently applying for grad school I have discovered just how much Lancaster University has exelled in establishing reputation in multiple countriescampus is fantastic24 hour access to labs, library and other resourcesexceptional on campus accomodation even for post grads : havent seen this in any grad school im applying for nowthesis supervisor: for your masters, this is gonna be the most important factor for you, and from multiple friends who did a masters at lancaster, Ive been told the support from supervisors is exceptionalcons:exceptionally difficult assignments, lecturers dont give a sht to be helpful about thosevery tough scruitiny on assignments so forget about copying or getting them made from India, specially if your assignment comes from computer school, they will kick you out first strike Of plagarismThe biggest flaw is probably that lecturers run their own businesses/ research as well, so they arent that interested in helping with your academics beyond their due dilligant. It can be an advantage for someone who excells at studying independently and can use those professors for making connections or get a publication in through them.

How good is Lancaster University Management School?

Lancaster’s forte comes from the linking of theory and practice via such course tools as Action Research.Historically Lancaster did not go through being a College of another university so set out to see what new research/teaching approaches would generate a future. Perhaps the political milieu developed through WWII and post that period when the government HAD to invest in that which would rebuild society worked to Lancaster’s benefit – the University started committed to improving Britain. As a result relevance and contribution came via it being embedded in society not being indifferent to it – what it did developed theoretical insights whilst improving society.As a new institution it attracted bright people, not least of whom was Professor Peter Checkland. The aphorism attributed to Kurt Lewin of ‘There is nothing as practical as a good theory’ applies to LUMS; this idea comes from Lewin’s explanation that theory is good to the extent that it enables us to understand, explain and predict reality (Lewin, K. (1951), in Cartwright, D. (Ed.), Field Theory in Social Science; Selected Theoretical Papers, Harper & Row, New York, NY).In essence LUMS has always followed that approach and hence is excellent – excellence being the ability to wisely engage with the world.