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Is Letting My Boyfriend Get Me Makeup A Bad Idea

What do I do if my boyfriend wants me to wear makeup but I don't? We have talked but he won't give up.

Do?Ditch him.If he likes makeup so much, tell him to wear it! Your body, your choice and you don’t want to. No further discussion is needed or even warranted.You aren’t being unreasonable or unfair, he has absolutely no right to tell you what you can or cannot wear, and I think he’s incredibly rude to ask you.I couldn’t believe you said you’ve talked about it, as I assume you mean you’ve had a discussion about whether you should or shouldn’t. What the hell does it have to do with him? You’re his girlfriend not his property or possession. You have choices too - whether or not YOU want to wear makeup for YOU is only one.Then to continue insisting after you’ve talked about it is just attempting to control you, not cool. He does not own you, control you or have ANY say on how you dress, do your hair or whether you chose to wear makeup. Honestly, ITS NOT HIS CHOICE OR DECISION. 100% no question no discussion YOUR choice.Your body, your choices.You don’t need his approval to do anything, it doesn’t matter what he wants or likes, you are a whole worthwhile independent entity to him, he has no say in your choices. None. But speaking of choices, he doesn’t seem to think you’ve considered your choice to be in this relationship, and I suggest you do now & very seriously.Get out, and get out now before he attempts to control other aspects of your life. You have options & choices way beyond the realm of him and his draconian views. You aren’t second class, you will find someone to love you (lots of them actually) you don’t have to obey his wishes and you do deserve so much better treatment. That’s not love, it’s control.Make your choice and walk away from his immature ideas of what a mature relationship should be about.

My boyfriend tells me how to dress and do my makeup. Should I break up with him?

I was 20 years old when I lost myself to this guy. Cut my hair really short, stopped wearing makeup, even stopped wearing my glasses. (He was this pseudo-existentialist who thought minimalism would really highlight his desire to be seen as a serious artist.) I was attracted to him because of his talent, which was, admittedly, immense. He convinced me that I had none (talent) and that he would like me “more” if I only looked a certain way. Listened to certain music. Laughed at certain things. I was so captivated by his talent, and obviously so unsure of my own, that  slowly, without even being aware of what was happening, I shed every bit of “myself” to become what he wanted me to be. When he finally dumped me, it took me years to find myself again. Even now, some 35 happy years later, I am sometimes surprised that such an old wound can occasionally re-open. Reading your question made me feel both sad, and unbelievably angry.Right now you are only dealing with hair. And makeup. Big deal, right? Well, yeah, it is a big deal. Obviously big enough that you felt the need to turn to Quarians for their opinions.  So here’s mine: you are only 16 and already have enough self-awareness to recognize subtle signs of manipulation. Congrats! Dump him. You deserve someone who will love you just the way you are.

I want my boyfriend to get mad at me?

He's never mad and I don't really know how to make him mad because he such a calm nature. But I want to experience make up this a bad reason to start an argument. And if not any ideas???

Is it okay to let my girlfriend put makeup on me?

oh my gosh! it is totally okay. actually last night i put eyeliner and eye shadow on my boyfriend. it was all black of course. its just something that she finds enjoyable and it is a lot of fun for the both of you. you really get to talking and laughing and having a blast when you do it. and if she messes up a lil bit it makes the night even funnier and you will have a blast. give it a try. you might really enjoy it. my boyfriend did. :)a lot of guys like it. you dont have to wear it into public. just keep as something special only you and your girlfriend do.

How can I tell my girlfriend to stop wearing makeup?

I just got an idea which can work and maybe it can get some basket of kisses for you from your girl. It is explained in following points as follows :-Ask your girlfriend to get dressed in the best she can, click a picture and WhatsApp you. If she asks why then tell her that you are trying to create something beautiful for her (the best counter part to her why)Then ask her to wash off the makeup, change into her normal comfort outfit , click a picture and WhatsApp you. She will think you are mad at first place but just ask her to do it as you are still one step way from creating something beautifulNow call her and tell her that today, you got 2 beautiful pictures of 2 different girls and you are really in love with the girl in the second picture. And send her the picture. And ask her if she knows this girl.I am sure this will work out for you and just admire her for her nautal existence. Cheers

My boyfriend agreed to let me give him a makeover, what should I do?

First of all, your boyfriend is freaking awesome. I'm always giving girly makeovers to my guy friends (the ones who will let me at least). I think you should go for the tranny look, bold and beautiful! Use bright, bold colours on his eyes, and lots of glitter (think sparkly rainbow). And deffinatly use big fake eyelashes. Use a bright pink on his lips and lip liner if his lips aren't that big. Foundation is optional. If you have a wig or hair clips, put that on him too. And remember, LOTS of colour and sparkles!

Why won't my mom let me wear makeup to school?

The first thing you have to consider is age. When I was in school, my parents wouldnt allow me to wear make-up to school either. I was in high school before I was “permitted” to wear make-up. The main reason is that not only was I what some call naturally pretty, but I physically “matured” way before the other girls my age and they wanted to prevent any “extra” attention. (I had “B” cup breast in 3rd grade, and started my period in 4th. I didn't even know what a training bra was. I swear I woke up one morning and had boobs…BIG boobs.)Secondly, do you know what you're doing? Wearing make-up is not the same as staying within the lines of a coloring book. You have to know tones, textures, styles, brands, etc. You need to wear the make-up…don't let the make-up wear you. Make-up can have you looking like a circus performer… correctly done you're the BEAUTIFUL LADY twirling and spiraling on ribbon in the air…incorrectly done and you're the CLOWN walking through the crowd trying to sell peanuts.In my experience with parents and rules, they are meant to be in the best interest of the child. So lastly consider this, school is for educating. If you're putting this much focus on decorating your face, how much focus is going to your grades?

Why do I feel offended because my boyfriend gifted me make up?

You tell me.