Is My Aunt A Wack-job For Thinking This Way

Why do black people think we Latinos hate them?

Because its true. Im hispanic dating a black man. You should see all the crap i get from perverted spanish men callling my boo a gorrilla. When I was younger, my father hated black people, my uncle hates black people. They tell me that they are ugly and that i should stick to my own race. If anything...hispanics are the most racist people on earth. And they think that bieng hispanic is the best thing in the world but its not and as long as they dont learn english they will stay poor and working in construction or cleaning. Its called assimilate to the culture. If white people had a caucasian market it would be considered market...thats racist. I lady hands me a coupon and tells me its only for us latinos...that pisses me off. I am so embarrased of bieng hispanic because im am not ignorant like all the other hispanics in this area. Just for once, name one hispanic doctor or a hispanic lawyer that works in something other than immigration. You guys wonder why white people dont want us here...Its because we want to change everything in america. If a white or a black person went to a hispanic country, he or her would be expected to speak spanish....I hate bieng hispanic and I would never date another hispanic ever again especially if all he cares about is where im from and why i dont speak spanish. My racist family is not in any gang by the way

My mother wants to have sex with me?

Don't do it. That's the fastest way to mess yourself up permanently. If you live in the UK, call Childline. Otherwise, I'm guessing there's an equivalent you can contact.
DON'T SUCCUMB TO HER! That's not the road you want to take. I've seen where it ends, and it is not pretty.

I want to see my aunt naked?

So I've know my aunt since I was 14 and she looks incredibly sexy. I've been having sexual urges about her constantly and all I could think about is having sex with her.

I'm 18 and I still feel hard for her and it's driving me insane. We're not blood related and I've always had a thing for older women.

Recently I tried getting her in bed but she caught onto my idea and I didn't say it directly but she knew and left. I can't take it anymore because this has been happening for a few years and I don't know what to do.

I've had girlfriends before but I'm single now and I still want her. I was thinking that I can tell her carefully that I've had a crush on her for a few years and it's been bothering me.

She turns me on so badly that I stole a pair of her underwear when I was at her house. She likes me but only like a son and I look at her as more than my aunt.

What are some ways that I can carefully tell her about my feelings for her.

Is it wrong to hit a parent, when they hit you?

My mother would occasionally hit me.I was really a relatively good kid and never got into any serious trouble. I wasn’t someone who would ever ‘talk back’ or argue with my parents — I knew better.I had a good mother. Mostly, she was loving and understanding. However, every now and then, she’d lose her temper and she’d ‘lash out’. When she did, it really, really hurt. She tended to punch and it didn’t matter where her punches landed. I always ended up badly bruised. This didn’t happen often; usually around once a year or so and it was always because she was unduly stressed. It was rarely about me.When I was around 15, an elderly aunt came to stay. She was very demanding and I could see my mother’s stress levels rising. One evening, after dinner, I had said I was going out to meet one of my friends. She was in a foul mood and said that I wasn’t allowed to go. I politely reminded her that I’d made this arrangement the week before and that she’d said it would be fine.I saw her fists clench and ‘that look’ on her face and she started to lunge towards me. I said very loudly, “if you hit me again, this time I’m going to hit you back”.She stopped in her tracks. Her face was red with anger. I said, “I mean it mum — I will hit you back”. She stormed out of the room.After that, she never hit me again.Is it right to hit a parent back if they hit you? I really don’t know. What I do know is that I wasn’t going to allow my mother to hit me again.

How can a parent make a toddler listen without beating? My sister woke up at 1 a.m. She wanted to walk on the bed and play around in dark, then she kicked my mom in the eye. Infuriated, my mom smacked my sister on the thigh.

Although your question is written as "make a child listen" -- it sounds like you might want to know how to "make a child obey".   You already know that beating a child is not the answer.Raising a child is hard, important work.  It can be frustrating when a child doesn't pay attention to what you tell them.  And it is important for children to get used to listening to the authority figures in their lives.First of all, change your house to keep them out of places you don't want them to go.  We put all my daughters toys in front of the TV and video equipment so she'd be distracted before getting into trouble.   A toddler is often more attuned to the visual signals in their environment.  They are much lower to the ground than you.  You need to get into their space and make sure they see you if you have something important to tell them.  When you do speak, keep it positive (not in the sense of complimenting them).  Say what you WANT them to do.  Tell them "Come here" in an excited voice show them how glad you are when they come.  Practice this a lot so they get used to it.  It can save their lives if they are approaching something dangerous.  Even then you may need to physically stop them in an emergency.  Toddlers are not ready to be responsible for their own safety.  Toddlers can only process a couple words at a time, especially in times of stress.  Simply saying "NO" is not clear enough.  They might not understand what it is your telling them NOT to do.  If you say "No jumping" they may only process the part of your message at the end and think you said "jumping".  Then they get in trouble and still they're not sure why.  Instead tell them "Let's walk" or "Sit down."  If they're too loud say "Let's whisper" or put a quiet finger to your lips to demonstrate.Toddlers love to touch things.  Teach them what "gentle hands" are and stop them (grab their hands) if they don't use gentle hands.  If you don't want them playing in the dirt, give them something else to touch.  Finally, don't think of reward and punishment.  Think about teaching them life lessons.  If they can't do something, tell them "why" in simple words like -- "That's dangerous" or "You'll get burned".   You want them to be able to keep themselves safe in the long run, even when you're not there to tell them what to do.

If a woman doesn't want to have sex but gives you a blowjob, what does that mean?

It can mean a lot of things, some of which have been offered to you in other answers.Mostly, it means you got off, and she probably didn't, and if you want to know more, you really need to ask her, not strangers.One suggestion?  Tread carefully.  Don't make ANY assumptions--that she is a virgin, or not; that she likes you, or not; that she will do it again, or not; that she wants more, or not.

How do I convert my anger to fun?

There’s never a shortage of people who make us mad: the neighbor who decides that early Sunday Morning is an ideal time to jackhammer, the aunt who reminds you that you’ve gained weight, the stranger who steals your parking space from behind. They may not mean to, but they infuriate us.Instead of brooding and stressing, how about using comedy as an offense? Many people don’t realize that anger is the driving force behind comedy. One technique we stand-up comics favor is to rant and rave about things that make us angry. Not only does anger provide material that everyone can relate to, but turning a problem into a punch line turns you into a winner instead of a victim. Humor is healing and empowering. Laughing about anything gives you power over it, instead of it having power over you.Can you recall an experience of having laughed at something that made you angry? Maybe you’ve been crying to your therapist about something hurtful your spouse, parent, colleague, mother-in-law, psychic healer, or someone else equally unpredictable did and suddenly it strikes you as funny. In that moment, drama turns to comedy as you share a laugh with your therapist, trying not to think about what you’re paying for the audience. That moment can be transformational.I have one story for you guys…Years ago, I was jogging around my Venice Beach neighborhood. Passing a parked car with an open door, a guy flashed me. Scared, I picked up my pace, fretting, “Maybe I should change where I jog? Maybe I should get a treadmill, instead of running outdoors? Maybe I should move to a better neighborhood?”Then I had an Oprah Moment, realizing how many life choices I have made in reaction to unhealthy people – from hiding in a closet to avoid my angry drunk father, later trying to change myself to please a lover who slapped me, and now, yet again, running faster than I should to get away from some wackjob with his junk showing. In that moment, as my fearturned to fury, I decided to try a different response.I stopped, turned around, and ran over to him. “I just wanted to tell you something,” I said. “That looks like a penis… only smaller!” He shut the door and drove off. He ran from ME!That day I found a new defense mechanism: a humorous offense. Instead of ruining my day, I learned to confront what’s happened by using humor, punching someone out with a punch line.Try making a humor choice. It feels a lot better to laugh than to stew.

What does "she wants the d" mean?

Hey so there is this boy I like Adam, and he's cute. I'm always doing anything I can to hang out with him. Like in class he says he doesn't eat break fast so I give him some of my food during class and he really loves it!

So rumors travel and I over hear people talking about us. Adam still hasn't asked me out but my friends tell me that they hear Jake and Sam (Adam's friends) saying stuff like "Yo go for it Adam!" "She wants the d."

So is this a good thing? It sounds like Adam might like me back and he's always nervous when we talk!! I'm probably wrong but I think d means date which would be cute because that means they know I want the date with Adam. Please help! The high school ball is coming up, and I want to finally ask him out.