Is My Bearded Dragon Healthy

Does my bearded dragon look healthy?

I would be most concerned about him not eating enough if you can’t give him insects for such along time. While there are nutritional concerns, you state that you’ll be rectifying that soon (which is good), as beardies need both insects and vegetables in order to get the right nutrition.A beardie at that age should be sleeping about half of his time, most of it at night, when it’s cooler in the terrarium. His skin looks good. I can’t tell from these pictures if he’s underweight or not. But if you can see any of his ribs, then he needs to eat more. At his age he should be eating insects as the the majority of his diet (up to 75%, according to some, 80% according to others). This will ensure that he grows properly and his bones and muscles develop right. Also make sure you are giving him a calcium supplement. It does not have to be combined with another vitamin, and beardies absorb it better if you can get one that is pure, although most calcium supplements are sold with vitamin D3. This can be bought in most pet stores.PLEASE start feeding him insects on a regular basis! There are online sources that will ship them to you, if you have transportation issues and can’t get to a store to buy them. He really needs those in order to grow and be healthy. Crickets and king worms are the two most common staples, but he should be getting a variety of worms/insects for best nutrition.

What are some healthy treats i can feed my bearded dragon?

He's about a year old now. and i feel like carrots and lettuce aren't the most exciting treats to him now days, (plus those little worms from petco and crickets).

i was just curious if theres anything else i can give him, mostly that i can buy at my local pet shop or the grocery store :D


How can i tell if my baby bearded dragon is healthy?

make sure you have a basking bulb, a UV light, and a heat bulb. he should only eat about 5-10 crickets every 3 days or so. also get him some meal worms, they love those. misting, i'd say 2-5 times a day. but make sure his tank is humid enough. my beardie loves when i take him outside. he gets darker and gets a lot of energy after a few min, then i feed him and he goes crazy hunting.

My bearded Dragon is very sick! Help!!?

Well first thing I would take him to the vet ASAP. I'm glad you are trying to improve his care but I think you still need to do some research.

He could be like this due to improper lighting but he may also be impacted. Impaction can cause them to be paralyzed, constipated, and shaking, lack of appetite and weakness. This can only be fixed by a vet.

He should be eating at least 40 gut loaded and dusted crickets a day.
You also need to get those repti sun 10.0 bulbs ASAP. The reason his mouth is open when he is basking is because he is too hot.

Make sure the greens you are giving him are healthy for him(mustard, dandelion, collard, turnip, kale) and feed him mixture of veggies, orange flesh squash(acorn, butternut, spaghetti, pumpkin), green bell peppers, peas, green beans, and parsnip.

Here is a lot of caresheets read them all and take your Beardie to a vet.

Is my baby bearded dragon fat?

No, his weight looks okay.  The real concern with superworms and mealworms is that they have a LOT of chitin.  Baby bearded dragons have a digestive tract that winds perilously close to their spinal cord.  Oversized prey or lots of chitinous prey can create a lump moving through the intestines which can damage their spinal cord and even cause permanent paralysis of the hind limbs - so it's very dangerous to feed insects larger than the space between the bearded dragon's eyes, or too many insects with a lot of strong chitin at once.  Baby bearded dragons eat insects at least twice a day, in addition to a mixed green salad (there are plenty of instructions on which greens can be used - no lettuce or spinach).  Their incredibly high metabolism and super fast growth rate means that proper nutrition is absolutely essential - proper UVB light and calcium supplements, sufficient insect meals and greens are needed for them to grow properly.  They will not get fat.  That's an issue you have to watch for in adult beardies, but not fast-growing babies.

Raising a Bearded Dragon Back to Health?

So for a while I lived at my dads and we had a bearded dragon. My dad is one of those guys u wish ur dad wasnt, and wouldnt let me take care of it. I eventually moved out, and recently i went back to save the dragon because i knew it wasnt getting fed, no fresh water, no heat lamp or UV lights, or anything else besides a 40 gallon tank and dirty sand. Now i have it and i am trying to raise it back to health. I'm only 17 and a runaway so i have barely any money, but i will probably have a job by the end of the month when i turn 18. So far we have got it a heat lamp, kale, wax worms, crikets (which i fed to it already), and ive trickled some water on the dragon and cleaned its water dish and put fresh water in it. It is about 6 years old but for the past 2 and 1/5 years it's gotten barely any care, food, or water. How should i feed it? How much and how often? And is there any hope i can make it friendly? Right now it is in survivor mode so whenever it sees something like my fingures it attacks, and it bites REALLY hard. Oh, and i forgot to mention i take it out in the morning to catch some UVA and UVB rays, but i have to be careful because all i have is the glass container and where i live it gets REALLY hot (above 90 daily, around 70 and night), so is there a way to use some kind of leash? Or is there better way to keep it outside?

What might stress out my bearded dragon?

There are a lot of things that can stress out your bearded dragon!A lot of people and noise - it can stress out anybody, even beardies.No food - without food, your beardie might get anxious.Small spaces, like a small cage or a pet carrier - beardies need space.Too much action - don’t take out your beardie if they are trying to sleep!Extreme weather (heat or cold) - beardies must be within comfortable temperatures.A lot of motion - don’t wave them around in the air, or bounce them on the trampoline!Not enough attention, or boredom - try to take out your beardie at least once a day.Other beardies - sometimes they can be territorial, and sometimes they despise not being able to meet the other beardie in another cage.There are a lot more possibilities, but those are things that stress out my bearded dragons, Charlie and Rita!Rita and Charlie, the best of ALL bearded dragons!Also, some ways to figure out if your Beardie is stressed out are:If they are puffed upIf they have a dark chinIf they are wide eyed (sometimes)If they start shaking (only in very severe cases)