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Is My Best Friend Jealous Of Me

Ex-Best Friend Jealous of me?

Are you from Mars? Your English is so bad I could barely understand your question. The first thing I would try is..... grow up, and the second thing would be to tell your friend to... grow up.

Is my best friend jealous of me?

She's probably a tiny bit jealous of you but mostly it seems like she wants to take care of herself too and doesn't know how to ask you for help. Invite her to come with you to the gym when you guys are visiting or share a meal plan or something. Lend her some idea on how you dealt with your acne when she brings hers up. She wants you to help her.
As far as the speaking out she does around guys its just because she feels bad about herself, as anyone would, if guys are constantly hitting on you right in front of her and completely disregarding her. Make it known to the guy if you aren't interested in him so he takes a hike and you can enjoy spending time with her and not have some guy constantly complimenting you in front of her.
The whole jealousy thing isn't something I would worry about. You must have had a lot of confidence issues and a nose job and lip injections don't change that. Your friend might have though they did though and maybe she looks at you weird because shes trying to figure out if your the same person. Talk to her about it and be willing to share ideas.

My best friend is JEALOUS of me .....(HELP me plz)?

Wow ..isnt she best ? (just kidding :D )
i think she is defiantly jealous of you and is trying to make herself feel better about herself just by making you feel bad about yourself.Everyone loves you and guys thnk your're gorgeous..shejust can't handle that her Bestfreind is cool and she is almost like Invisable.i think you should def talk to her about this before it gets all worse..maybe in ASAP.DONT LET HER TAKE CONTROL OVER YOU.Be strong and dont let her insults and remarks get to you.YOU CAN TOTALLY DO BETTER.Yes,you may love her no matter what but i been through the same situation and lost one of my bestfriend in November but Now,I'm so happy cause we dont talk no more and it not a pain in the *** anymore and im so relieved and enjoying my life.Although now I kinda feel invisable cause my other bestfriend is like i am too but not like on the top and im pretty cute if i say so myself..but that doesnt give me the right to make fun of her or be a total witch(replace the W with a B =] ) .I love her so much and I'm actually going to talk to her today about this situation.TRust me girl,Talking is the only way to go.Andif you dont wanna talk and she still decides to be mean to you,Talk back to her.Insult her and see how she feels.And if she tells you its wrong..bring up the fact the fact that she aint nice either.But seriously,If she is your bestfriend..she shouldnt be acting like thiss..Sometimes its for your better if you leaveeee her for your own good.people come and go in life.Thats life.Just make the best out of it.oh damn i wrote alot. Well i hoe i helped alittle. =]
im 14 btw soo im in HS and kinda going throught he same situation .
bye bye from new yOrk :DDD
<333 [=

Is my best friend jealous of me :(?

Okay, i don't want to make this too long, but it may be so thanks to those who read it. Okay.
So let's call my friend 'JJ' and my name is Katie. We have been best friends since Grade 1 and are just finishing grade 10. JJ is overweight- but that's her build. She always has been overweight. But she's also gorgeous and i always tell her that. She never gives me compliments (not that i expect them or anything- but it would be nice to hear anything else but an insult once in a while)i am 102 lbs and im also short. (LOL) So, because i can wear i guess 'tighter' clothes i wear shorter shorts and such, and everyday she tells me i'm too fat for the clothes...yeah... she also says im too skinny and that i look bad because of it. I can't help my build...
Now, i'm NOT kidding you this- EVERYDAY she tells me 'OMG this guy likes me' 'this gr. 9, 10, 11 ,12 likes me' Did u see that guy checking me out?" and things like that. I mean EVERYDAY. It started happening right after my BF and i got together, and broke up. I also dance- i dance in things like jazz and such, and other things like J-Pop on YT and stuff. EVERYTIME she see's one of my dances she says 'OMG that is the WORST thing i have ever seen i could do that better blindfolded" and it hurts...:( [btw im not trying to brag about anything, but so you will understand i need to get out the pros and cons (: im not trying to come off as bragging xxoo] k back to the story- I am of Japanese Decent. She always says thing like 'ur eyes look too closed' and stuff like that...
It just seems to come off almost as bullying...she also said once im only average in looks bc im a 'clone' meaning i follow fashion trends. I think this may be happening bc i have more friends then her..?She always talks about these friends she has and these BF's she's had, but i never meet them or see pics, so im guessing those ppl don't exist. in a way i feel bad and want to confront her...

So, if you read this THANKS! xxoo
Is my friend jealous? :(

Is my Cancer best friend jealous?

Women Cancer and Men, I think are kind of different, but then again, Moon/Venus/Mercury also play into it all. My Sun is in Cancer, and Moon in Sagittarius, Venus and Mercury in Gemini, I am FAR from clingy or anything of that. But it's in someone's nature to feel neglected if that's the case, ya know? He may be feeling that way. Or maybe he likes you more than a friend and could be jealous, but who wouldn't be if they might like that person. He may not be saying all that he is feeling and because he is afraid of being rejected. I will say, I do drop hints if ever I am upset, but normally I say it straight out and get to the bottom of things rather than asuming and making things worst lol. My ex-boyfriend was an Aries and me and him, DEF. did not get along at times, we both pissed eachother off and just didn't always see eye-to-eye lol but when it came down to anything else, we always had nothing but fun together. I suggest you try and get him to open up a little, and see what's going on, there's gotta be more to his snide remarks. He may like you, or he is afraid of being replaced.

How can you tell whether a friend might be jealous of you?Basically when they don’t act much like a friend, but usually under the guise of plausible deniability.Their compliments are often backhanded.Their happiness for you feels insincere, saccharine.They criticize you frequently, tear you down — and over petty things, which they justify as “tough love”.Their remind you of your failures every chance they get, under the guise of “keeping things real”, “keeping your feet on the ground”.They humiliate you in public instead of standing by you.They compete with you indirectly.They denigrate your achievements.They don’t support you, neither emotionally nor practically.They spend less and less time with you as you grow more successful.The main thing to ask yourself here is whether you are being a dick and lording it over them. See if you can put yourself into their shoes. How are you coming across? Maybe you need to rebuild some bridges.But if you did nothing to cause this, then it might be time to let this friend go.

I think my best friend is jealous of me?

Yes, she's jealous. She shouldn't be, because you guys were friends before all this happened and you treated her the same & stuff.. She's making a mountain out of a mole hill. Who cares what you have or what she has?.. You should just tell her to chill out.. That you can't help that your parents are better off than hers & can afford nicer things for you. If you still want to be friends with her, just tell her that what she has or doesn't have doesn't matter to you & you just wanted to be friends with her because you thought she was a nice person. If she continues on with the jealousy thing, then I'd just have to part ways with her. Doesn't mean you can't still be friends, but I'd definitely start spending less time with her and try to find other friends to hang out with, that either don't care that you're more well off or that are on your parent's level or above.

I don't know how old you are or whatever, but you aren't rich, your parents are. You don't have control over the finances or where you live or etc.. That's all your parents. Your friends can't control that stuff any more than you can, so it shouldn't matter. Just find some nice friend that will like you for who you are, not what you have. If your friend can't do that or just won't do that, then maybe she's not that great of a friend to you.

Also, you do seem a little stuck up. Maybe she feels like she has to try to impress you all the time & try to keep up with you, because she feels like you're looking down at her or something. People are weird. You should bring up the issue and just ask her what's going on, in a nice way, of course. I'd also try to reassure the girl that you value her friendship & want to be friends regardless of what either one of you has or doesn't have.. If that doesn't work, then give her the boot or start spending less time with her & find friends that don't care if you've got more/better stuff than them.

you have nothing to do if a friend is jealous of you.Nobody remains friend for the life time as this cases are rare.Just let them go in their own way.Remember you have atleast something better than them for being envied.Conclusion you are better than them.Now a days people cant see your happiness except your family and your life partner if you have any.I dont think there is something called friendship exist.Everybody wants their benefit.what we call sometimes friends of benefits.Hursh truth of life.People around you whom you think are your friends will no matter envy you,will be jealous of you.Nothing can be done.One advice just stay away from those will lead a peaceful life.

Unlike other emotions jealousy is one which one feel only about known persons. Only the magnitude varies. Almost every individual will be jealous of somebody or other. Some will be little jealous some others terribly . Many a time the person won't know that he/she is jealous. Even if one comes to know of it it is not easy to erase it completely.So though your best friend is jealous, it will not affect his/her relationship with you as a close friend. When you get an apt occasion, you can casually ,as if it is a joke, tell your friend “hey, you are jealous of me , eh.””Normally the friend won't get offended. On the other hand would try to introspect and erase that negative emotion.