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Is My Former Friend A Certified Idiot

What should I do if my friend is an idiot?

If you call that idiot your friend then stay with her/him. Try to teach him/her some good sense of life. Understand what makes him behave the way s/he behaves. Maybe s/he seeks attention or maybe s/he has a past which was abnormally devoid of affection and love which every human needs.Maybe s/he lacks the experience of your environment. S/he will definitely adjust and adapt with time. Either you can act as a catalyst or you act as a deterrent in the process. Give him/her some books. Make her/him travel and interact with lots of people. When I say lots, I mean lots and lots of people. After meeting a variety of people, s/he will realize what is socially acceptable and what is not.  If all of the above doesnt work, then run baby run. ROFL

My friend is very rude to me and treats me like an idiot but he’s connected to a lot of my other friends. What should I do?

Let me tell you a little story.Some years ago, my husband made a new group of friends. I met them all and liked them, but one friend disliked me intensely. He was often mocking and rude to me whenever I tagged along. (They got together regularly, and I went with them every once in a while just to be nice.)Was I annoyed? Hell yes. But I made sure not to let it show.I treated him with courtesy. I ignored his gibes, or laughed politely as if I thought it was supposed to be a joke. I let it go.Fast forward to now.I’m close friends with more than half of the group and hang out with them myself, with or without my husband. The group doesn’t get together very often so I don’t join them anymore.So my advice is to maintain your dignity. Don’t stoop to his level. Treat him with basic good manners and let time take care of the rest.

How can I convince my friend that she is not stupid?

It sounds like your friend is in a place of really negative self-talk. Unfortunately, when someone is in that place, the “no you’re not!” dance can, in an odd way, reinforce their negativity. If she truly believes that she’s stupid, contradicting her when she says so may be making her feel like she has to double down on proving it to you, or like you’re just being nice.What you can do, though, is refuse to let her put herself down in front of you. When she starts talking about herself negatively, gently say to her, “Hey, I don’t let people talk about my friends that way. I love you and I think you’re wonderful/talented at /an amazing friend/etc.”Sometimes it can also be helpful to point out how much harder she is on herself than she would be on you or another friend. If she’s getting down on herself for a mistake that you have or could have made, ask her what she’d say to you if you had made the same mistake. I have a feeling she’d be much nicer to you than she is to herself. If she can get in the mindset of being as kind to herself as she is to her friends, that will go a long way toward interrupting her negative self-talk. It takes time, but a lot of times negative self-talk is self-reinforcing, so the less she does it, the less she’ll believe it.

What do I do if my entire group of friends knows me as the "stupid friend"? They call me dense, stupid, retarded, idiotic, and really just anything to bring me down.

I don't really understand, I have some doubts here. Can you answer this 1 question?If your friends and group calls you a dog, will it mean that you bark instead of talk or pee on electricity poles in your locality to mark your area? If not then why do you care what they say or how they address you?You don't need their certification of your smartness, the only thing that matters is what you feel about yourself.As for your so called friends, if they were actually your well wishers, they'd have helped you improve on things that they tease you about.I had a friend who was actually very dense about mathematics in school, he failed in the subject a few times. I don't recollect a single instance where I called him names. I started teaching him, 1 on 1 class, to help him improve. I helped him pass a few annual exams but couldn't help him cross standard 10. I have shifted to a different state 15 years back and we meet once or twice in a year for 30 mins total, yet he treats me like his brother every single time. Similarly, a friend of mine gave me shelter when I was without 1 for a few months. He never ever had a harsh word for me. He's family for me too.Find some real friends irrespective of your smartness. They'll support your growth and help you when you need it.

How can I boost my confidence and live a fulfilled life when I’m a certified idiot who lacks being book smart and street smart and can never do anything right?

Certified idiot? Did you get some sort of certificate? Who put all this stuff in your head…idiot, not smart, socially lacking? I am assuming, perhaps, incorrectly that those are the issues you are really talking about.If you do some introspective thinking, I am quite certain you will find something that you are good at…video games, a certain sport that you enjoy, working with pets…something! Everyone in this world has at least one skill. You just need to find the one that is your’s…But…you also need to turn off the negative thinking going on in your head and start living your life with gratitude and a positive attitude. Don’t compare yourself with others, as you will always find those who are better and worse than you. Zig Ziglar once said… “I cried because I had no shoes…until I met a man who had no feet”.You need to define for yourself what constitutes a “fulfilling” life. Don’t be fooled…making money as your only goal is not it…money is needed for survival but I know a few rich people who lost their health, their families and most of their friends on their road to riches. Those who lost their health made it very clear that they would give it all up, to have their health return. What really counts in this world is family and friendship. Book smart, does not mean superior, you will learn more by traveling and life’s experiences, than any book, will tell you. It does not mean you should not be reading, however. In fact, you should be reading… a lot! Books that are uplifting, teaching you about life, helping you with new skills are important! Those who are big shots in this world are virtually all avid readers. Look up your hero’s and see which books they are pulling off the shelves and then do the same.Learn to be kind to yourself…your own best friend! When you hear all the negative chatter coming from your head…change the conversation, to a positive one instead. Get on YouTube and start listening to TED talks, motivators etc. Learn meditation to focus your mind from all the chatter and try hypnosis to get your subconscious mind working for you and not against you.Good Luck!

Do you think you are an idiot?

Thank you for A2A, Gautam GehlotQuestion :- Do you think you are an idiot?Answer :-Yes, Gautam. At times, I become an Idiot!Scene #1 :-During Exams - ( Incident - mid term -1, math exam, 25 March 2018 )This math exam was the easiest math exam I have ever seen. Nearly 12- 15 students out of 40 strength got centum.But due to my idiotic nature, I missed that beautiful centum and got terrible scoldings from my teacher ( Fortunately, my parents didn’t )You know what I did -The question :- There are 52 cards. Out of that, sum of prime no and even no is randomly taken. Find the probability.What was my answer? - 8/52!! I took 1 as also prime number. ( Real answer - 6/52 )The next day, I got slaps from my teacher!This is the latest incident. But there are many!Scene #2 :-During travels -Everyone was walking in a group. I was watching above which was too much attractive ( It was night ). My father warned everyone since a dead lizard was on the ground.I did not listen to my father since I was busy in watching above.I walked on it. My brother said, “ Chee, rai chood ra kindha, em thokinawne? ( Cheee, look down what you walked on )Next I jumped in fear after seeing the lizard. All the luggage on my back fell down.Next, I got a big slap from my father!_/\_Jai Shri Ram_/\_

Cosidering to teach English in Korea?

I am an English teacher in Korea, and I have only one thing to say. Don't come here. Your English is worse than most of my students. "I am certified teach English" "I am asking this to Korean women." I am appalled that you ever got certified to teach English. By whom and in what country? Plus your motives suck. I came here to teach English because I love teaching, you are coming here to get laid, and that is why a lot of schools aren't hiring men here anymore. Thanks to some idiot like you who posted on the Internet all about how to seduce and sleep with his students. We English teachers don't need any more people like you giving us a bad reputation.