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Is My Friend Using Steroids

My friend is injecting himself with steroids?

Hey, we all want to look our best, right? The question what price?

I've known a few guys that have used steroids for the sole purpose of just wanting to look bigger and more muscular. Basically, it's just stupid and foolish, but they wouldn't listen either. It is common knowledge that the possible health concerns and other complications can cause permanent damage. Arnold Schwarzenegger lost a kidney due to prolonged steroid use/abuse. Additionally, a resulting condition is atrophy of the genitalia...quite contrary to enhancing ones manhood, and no man wants that!

In the end when one stops taking the steroids, the bulk was simply a facade, where the body withers back to its prior state. The real question might be...why does Gerald feel that he needs to look like something other than who he is? If he can deal with his mental and emotional issues with some effect, then he won't need that bulk, and if he wants to improve his physical condition, then he just needs to get and stay on the diet and excessive program...just like the rest of us. :) There's no such thing as magic here.

What are the benefits of using steroids?

i don't know

My friend is using creatine. How can I get him off steroids?

Creatine is a foodstuff and also is a natural component of your metabolic system. Neither chemically nor metabolically does it resemble steroids. To give you an idea, your question is phrased about as logically as saying: "My friend is eating fruit; how do I get him off weight training." Just as eating fruit has precious little to do with weight training, so creatine has precious little to do with steroids. If you had asked: "My friend is eating large quantities of creatine that are expensive to buy and don't seem to be doing much good, how do I get him off it?" that would make more sense. You could explain that just as a glucose candy before heavy exercise could help a bit, (but NOT substitute for proper diet and training), whereas filling your gut with glucose before the exercise would have a bad effect, overdoing any type of food would be worse than useless, and the same goes for creatine.For a perspective on the realities, tell him to read "A piece of steak" by Jack London; in normal, sensible diets, meat is our major dietary source of creatine.Getting him off anabolic steroids, if he is taking them too, is a separate question, but I have no better argument than logic and emotion; the usual stuff. But be tactful; a common side effect of anabolic steroids is to render one prone to violent lack of control of one's temper.

My friend is taking steroids because he's being bullied. I try to stick up for him when I can but I can't always be there. How can I help him out?

Several things:Start listening and empathizing. This is not a passive exercise done to make him “feel” better, it’s the first stage in problem solving. He’s in a situation he can’t figure away out of on his own. At least not thus far.Listen to Mr. Sullivan. You need help, find the people that can help. If you try to do anything on your own, you may make things worse. Talk to parents, teachers, whoever.Help your friend find a proper bodybuilding or better yet strength training coach. They’ll teach him how to lift & train properly. Back in the old days (early 1900s), old school weightlifters got plenty strong without steroids.Also see if the two of you can enroll into a MMA club together. Loads of fun especially the BJJ.You can’t always be there but other people can help out too. Back to point #2, get help. This time in the form of friends and allies. Tell them what’s going on. One of the ways bullies & abusers operate is to isolate their victims. Get your friend to hang out with your friends and help find new friends.Good luck guys.

Would i get fired for taking steroids?

Not unless you work for a professional sports organization. Steroids are used for all sorts of purposes from Asthma to Cancer.