Is My Kitten Tired Of Life Already

I found a kitten on the street and now it's really attached to me and likes to sleep under my chin. Why?

Rules of being chosen by a cat.Rule #1 - Never be embarrassed of your pet. They can smell that on you and will do the embarrassing act almost tenfold. Just learn to love it!Rule #2 - When you are chosen by a cat, your life as you knew it will be gonefor good.Rule #3 - It will most likely take care of you, wash you, share its food with you.Rule #4 - Be prepared for a lot of social interaction. Your cat will most likely expect you to talk back when it meows.Rule #5 - Never. Ever. Bring a new partner into the house without preparing your cat. It will most likely try to compete with or try to get rid of your new lover.EDIT: A BIG thanks for all the upvotes :) And a big thanks to Quora for placing my answer in the Digest :D

Could a cold (illness) be fatal to a 6-month kitten's life?

There are all kinds of illnesses that can kill a cat. Please, take your kitten to a vet for an exam. There’s no other way to know what her illness is or if it’s serious. Just because sometimes she feels well enough to play doesn’t mean she’s not all that sick. Animals are pretty good at disguising weakness. I truly hope you weren’t planning to wait until she was so listless that she couldn’t even move before seeking professional help. At that point, it would more than likely be too late to help her.

How do i get my kitten to sleep right now ? im really tired please help?

I don't want my kittent o be jumping on my bed , going behind my bed and under it . i want to have a great sleep. so i how do i get my cat to sleep ??? i am really tired ! please help me ,she is so SO SO SOO hyper !

Can fleas make a cat tired?

I have a 1yr and half siamese mix cat named Maui and he is my life.
Now its been a over month since i gave him frontline flea medicine and i've noticed he just been really tired for about the 3 past days the same days i've noticed he has got a lot more fleas.The reason why i put off buying the medicine is because i did not have the money but now i do and im goin tomorrow to pick it up. But like i said this cat is like my kid and him being tired is really worrying me. So the question is can fleas really make my cat this tired!??

ps. this is his first time really having fleas.

I sat on my kitten, what should I do?

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My kitten only wants to sleep all the time?

If you've spent any time with cats, you've probably noticed that they spend a lot of quality time snoozing. In fact, cats sleep anywhere from 13 to 16 hours per day. In other words, your friendly companion feline spends approximately 2/3 of his entire life in dreamland.

Cats sleep more than almost any other mammal. Realistically, your cat sleeps about twice as much as you do. How much an individual cat sleeps depends on his age, hunger, the temperature and the weather. Like humans, cats go through both Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM sleep. Although no one can actually ask a cat, the assumption is that your cat dreams during REM sleep. You may notice his whiskers twitch or his eye moving behind his eyelids. The deep non-REM sleep is when the cat's body grows and repairs itself.

As with other aspects of your cat's behavior, you should pay attention to how much he sleeps. Some variation in sleep habits is normal, but if you find your cat is sleeping more or less than usual, it may indicate a problem. If you notice any change in sleep habits, you should contact your veterinarian.

What could I do with the stray kittens living under my deck? I have to get rid of them.?

First thing to do is determine whether they are feral or not. If they will come to you, they are not feral. If they won't come near you, they are probably feral.

Feral cats, find a local feral colony they can be given to. The people who care for the feral colony can provide you with traps to catch the cats, and then they will come pick them up.

If they are not feral, call around the local animal shelters and find out which ones are no-kill or low-kill. No-kill means they will only euthanize if the cat is suffering terribly and there is nothing they can do about it (such as a cat about to die from tumors or a dog that is so badly mangled it could never survive). Low-kill means they will only euthanize the cat if it cannot be adopted out (such as a cat with congenital heart failure or one that is extremely skittish and will not calm down over time [usually they give the very skittish cats about six months to calm down]). After you find the no-kill and low-kill shelters, you'll have to ask which ones have room...they often don't, and since it's kitten season, many will be full, so keep asking may have to go an hour or more away. Once you find a shelter, you can work with them on how to bring them in.

In the meantime, put an ad in the newspaper and on never know, you might find homes for them fast, especially if they are young kittens!