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Is My Landlord Required To Fix These Issues Or Do I Have To Nyc

Can a landlord have an unlicensed person do major repair work?

Location: Orange County NY
Dealing with "scumlord".
We demanded repairs be made due to water leaking through our cealing from an upstairs unit's faulty shower stall and to the rotting pine kitchen floor.
Landlord failed to respond except to tell us that if we don't like the place then leave.
We contacted the code enforcement officer and had them come out to verify that it was becoming a hazard. Mind you the building has had outstanding code violations for over a year now that the landlord refused to fix but the town hasn't done anything to him yet.
Now through a 2nd party we are hearing that the landlord is having his friend come install a new shower to save him money from paying the Licensed Plumber.

Can this landlord have his friend who is not a licensed plumber install the shower? It was my understanding that in the State of New York the only unlicensed persons who could do work on a house are those who reside there.

Is commercial space landlord responsible for Exit lights?

I was wondering if anyone knows about this. I work for a non-profit in New York City. Today we had the city contract people in our office, just making sure our records on clients are good. They also look at things like fire estinguishers, etc. We have some flood lights above our Fire Exit signs and the city person tested them and they were blown out. We asked the building manager about it and he says that it is our responsibility to make sure they work. It turns out that they needed a certain battery. We had to get someone to go out and buy six batteries and the total was over $140.00. Also the person had to stay late to put them in each exit light. The city person is coming back tomorrow and they must all work. Our commercial lease does not say that we are responsible for maintaining these exit lights and having to buy light bulbs and batteries. We also rent space at another site and that building landlord replaces those items for us (a different address and a different landlord). Does anyone know who would be responsible for such things? Thank you.

Is my landlord able to keep my security deposit?

My landlord is trying to keep a large amount of my security deposit for electric and water overages. Most of the overages are valid and I do not wish to dispute those. However, one month we noticed our toilet was running constantly and we tried to reach our landlord and left her a message informing her of what was going on with the toilet. The landlord claimed they never got our message (we have a witness that we did make the call) and never called us untill they recieved a very large bill for our water usage. We explained that we had tried to reach the landlord about the toilet running and they *finally* had someone come over and fix it. My roommate also had a discussion with the landlord about how the bill should not be our responsibility since it was the landlords fault the water ran for so long and we reported the damage like we were supposed to. Now that its time to get the security deposit back the landlord is trying to charge us for that bill even though its not our fault that the water ran for so long. If we were to take the landlord to small claims would we stand a chance of getting most of our deposit back since we reported the damage as we were supposed to and the landlord delayed in fixing the issue?

Can I Sue Landlord for getting stuck in the elevator for 2 hours?

You can sue him for your actual monetary damages but the amount you get might not be worth the hassle of having to find another place and move. I would just present the guy with copies of my bills and give him a chance to pay them. If you have insurance you could also let them pay and then go after the guy if they think there is a case for it. In any case, you need to report your landlord to the housing authorities in your city and anonymously request an inspection. If you live in New York City, I'm sure they'll get right on it....

Can my Landlord remove my bathtub without telling me?

Unless your guaranteed a bathtub in your lease, the landlord is free to remove HER bathtub.

EDIT: "I was hoping someone with NYC specific experience would confirm my suspicion, that if it's like the landlord-tenant laws back in the South, that this is in fact a breach".

A breach of what? You mean to tell me that in the south every state has the exact same laws and leases? All leases guarantee you a bathtub in the south? can't "breach" the law. You can only violate the law. Please post even one law, in any state, that guarantees you a bathtub.

Can I withhold rent for fire alarm?

Adding more details...

I just look back at the email chain and I've been asking them to resolve it since early August. This has been going on DAILY for almost 6 months now... and maybe it's not so random. Basically, it goes off exactly every 24 hours. The problem is that the 24 hours is "reset" once someone finally goes and turns it off. So if it goes off today at 1pm and it's not turned off until 3pm, it will go off exactly 24 hours later at 3pm. So if there is nobody in the building, it will go off non-stop. Someone was not around late last Friday so now it's been going off between around 1am every night for the last week. Not to mention the other 100 and some odd days prior.

One of the answers below suggests that I'd make myself look silly for withholding rent... LOL. I did not sign a lease and then re-new it because I wanted to deal with a fire alarm going off in the middle of the night. The lack of sleep is making me look silly at work though.