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Is Nano Really Just An Alien Designed To Become Famous In Pop Culture In Order To Take Over Mankind

Need idea's for a secret in my story...?

* They have some sort of strange superpower.

* Secretly keeps hoards of pictures of their girl/boyfriend among other things dedicated to them. An obsession.

* Cuts him/herself.

* Had once lived in a rehabilitation center or 'nut ward.'

* Tried committing suicide many times in the past.

* Is an atheist.

* Killed someone on accident of on purpose.

* Frequently parties with friends and does LSD, marijuana, etc. Perhaps whoever they're hiding this from prides themselves on sobriety.

* Say this person promised another that they could get married and they'd be financially secure. This plan falls through and he/she has lost a job and financial income has been cut off.

* Hoards food.

Humanity unites to defeat an alien invasion. How long does global peace last once the threat is dealt with?

Peace is an arbitrary and plastic concept that comes and goes due to the self interests of the leaders and populations of nations across the globe. Sometimes peace is so unsubstantial that it evaporates almost immediately after it has been declared.However, the attack by any extra-terrestrial force would force the leaders of every nation on Earth to react far more altruistically. Mainly out of self interest and survivability. Such a singular attack would definitely alert all the members of the human race that “we are no longer alone.” For such an attack by any alien force would instantly make the entire human race aware of its’ actual vulnerability from outer space. No one on Earth  would ever feel completely safe again.If  the human race survived to remain in control of our planet, we would never naively view this planet as insular from external threat again. So there most likely would be established a criteria for permanent planetary protection. Which would promulgate strong levels of international cooperation.There very likely would still be disagreements among various human populations that might escalate to limited conflicts that would require intervention and moderation. This is already happening to a limited degree by the UN and certain bi-lateral alliances.For if one attack could occur from one alien species, then the probability of another rises to a far more likely level.The next time we would be united and much better prepared…if possible.

Could you explain "the shortest horror story"?

The answer is very simple. Fear of the unknown. Humans are victims of this all the time, it is part of the reason why religion hates the concept of the supernatural so much. They can not explain it. Quite simply and obviously, he is the LAST man on earth, if a knock comes at the door, what could possibly be on the other side? It is a scary thought. There is no answer, it is solely the fear of NOT knowing.

In the show Star Trek: Voyager did they ever make it back to Earth, or even the Alpha Quadrant?

Also, did they kill the Borg Queen after they rescued Seven of Nine from her pod thingy, or just destroy her vessel? That's been on my mind, b/c on Spike they showed the episode where Voyager encounters a Borg vessel overpowers it and salvages parts,and then attempts to obtain a Borg sub-warp coil from a regenerating ship that was vulnerable and the Borg re-captured 7 but didn't reassimilate her citing that she was more valuable as an individual in their planned conquest of Earth and humans but I missed the tail end of the second part of the two parter episode and I read on-line that in that one Queen's Vessel was destroyed by a photon torpedo from Voyager when it gave pursuit to a smaller craft that held Seven, Janeway, the Doctor, and Ensign Kim. If she was killed, how would that impact the Borg throughout the universe? Certianly that would throw a huge wrench in things temporarily or give species the upper hand for a little bit at least, wouldn't it? Anyway I just wanted to know.