Is Obama Worst President In Us History

Who was the worst president in US History?

That is a tough one. I would have to pick between hoover and nixon. Both screwed the country up very badly. Both turned troops loose on civilian protesters resulting in civilian deaths. The Babies bayoneted in Hoovers attack on the veterans and their families camped on the mall was particularly appalling. However Nixon keeping the Vietnam war going for another 25,000 US dead to further his career more than offsets the baby killing of hoover

I am puzzled why so many people pick Carter. He inherited a nation and an economy in a shambles from Nixon's failed guns and butter policies; wage and price controls were in effect from the Nixon/Ford attempts at centralizing the US economy. Nixon's mideast policies created OPEC, the Military was suffering from neglect and extended abuse by The Executive branch. Carter made some tough decisions about removing wage and price controls, he got the cafe standards established. Further we now know courtesy of the Iran Contra revelations that the Neo cons were in negotiations with the Iranians to extend the hostage crisis for their own benefit.

Who is the worst president in US history?

George Bush - took a strong economy with full employment and a budget surplice and recorded record budget deficits. Invaded Iraq after telling a load of lies and failed to find the WMD that he promised the world were there, he let Osama bin Laden escape when he was cornered and then disbanded the unit tasked with tracking him down and then said he was "uninterested" in his wherabouts. The credit crunch happened on his watch and he stole two elections. Also September 11 took place while he was president - he claimed that he knew nothing of any attacks being imminent and then refused to appear before a congressional committee that investigated how the attacks could happen. Then when the report was published large chunks that were critical of Saudi Arabia were blanked out - was he president of the US or of the Saudi's? Finally he commuted Scotter Libby's jail sentence after he had been found guilty of being involved in the cover up to leak the name of Valerie Plame, a serving CIA officer, to the press.

There may have been worse presidents but his track record was consistent in eight years of screwing up at every turn.

Why do people say Obama was the worst president in history?

The only way you can consider Obama the worst president in American history is if you don’t know anything about or have never heard of:John Quincy Adams (Stellar diplomat and Congressman; got nothing done as POTUS)William Henry Harrison (Famous for dying a month into his term)Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan (The do-nothing Presidents who did very little to quell the sectional crisis that would result in Civil War; Buchanan sat idle while seven States seceded)Andrew Johnson (Largely reversed Lincoln’s ideas on Reconstruction; was impeached by the House of Representatives)Warren G. Harding (An abundance of scandals both personal and political; the enacting of the disastrous Prohibition era)Calvin Coolidge (Continuation of above, minus the adultery)Herbert Hoover (Two words: Great Depression)Richard Nixon (One word: Watergate. Whatever his other accomplishments, Nixon left a stain on the office that remains to this day)Gerald Ford (Most famous for falling down repeatedly and pardoning the above)Jimmy Carter (Disastrous response to the Iran hostage crisis, OPEC and economic fears)George W. Bush (September 11 attacks, disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan begin on his watch, all with deep tax cuts that result in the worst recession since the 1930s)

Is Obama the worst president ever?

One of, yes.

Before people cry "Bush," let me tell you something a history teacher told my class a decade ago: "The economy takes time to adjust. Clinton Economics should kick in in about 10 years. I'm sure going to feel sorry for you guys having to deal with Clinton's economics..."

These people should also remember that if Bush hadn't moved troops overseas to combat Bin Laden, Bin Laden would still be alive. Finally, remember that for most everything people hate about Bush, Obama has expanded upon. Why was he bailing out companies? And why are we in Libya again?

The fact is that while people can argue in an abstract way that Bush ignored the Constitution (without citing any amendments), they can't ignore that Obama is ACTUALLY trying to side-step it (for example, the Second Amendment).

They can't ignore that his solution for affordable healthcare is to financially punish those who don't get it; telling someone they have to get it doesn't make it affordable. Never mind the fact that there's no criteria. When you drive, you have to have car insurance. If you rent an apartment, you sometimes need renter's insurance. But what about healthcare? I have to have it because...I'm alive in America?

It doesn't change the fact while unemployment numbers have dropped a little, so have the number of available jobs and existing positions dropped a lot; the percentage is based on a ratio between people eligible to work and actual existing jobs. The reality is that more people are out of work, not less.

The only defense he has is that he's kept his promises. Things have changed so much that we hope for more than ever.

That goes for Americans period, regardless of political party. If only Republicans and Democrats could kick the Tea Party and hardcore liberals to the curb so we could go in a direction other than downward spiral.

Who is the worst president of the US?

Possibly Jimmy Carter. I think he is a good man; however, I believe he was inept as a President. Part of why he did not serve a second term.