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Is Obamacare So Awesome That Ups Will Drop Coverage For Employee Spouses

Was Bill Clinton a cooler president than Obama? Who’s the coolest?

I would have to say President Obama.Bill Clinton was/is an exceptionally charismatic person. There have been stories told about him that said even in a crowd of thousands the man could make you feel like you were the ONLY one he was talking to. That's spectacular!Bill Clinton is extremely likable. Even after the Monica scandal in 1998, MILLIONS of people still stuck by his side. He was called the First Black President because of his strong connection and ties with the black community. His story seemed like the "average" person of color's story.President Obama, however, is one of a kind in his charisma. The man is one of the greatest speech givers in Presidential history. He can command the attention of a guy with ADHD. President Obama is also able to give speeches on race (as rare as they are) without coming across as only catering to black people.He was a relatively unknown senator from Illinois during 2008 and won the hearts and minds over the spouse of one of the greatest President's of the 20th century in the form of Hillary Clinton.President Obama did this all with a Muslim in origin middle name during the middle of Islamphobia. He is also an extremely intelligent man that has many people dumbfounded with the level of his appeal considering all of the above variables.