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Is Rand Paul Shrinking Before Our Eyes

Is morality baseless, and right /wrong relative?

There are a number of morality systems. They fall into two categories: those that form a morality based on human needs and those that believe morality is dictated by a supernatural being.

A good example of the first kind is "enlightened selfishness" which was suggested by Ayn Rand, a favorite of Libertarians. She said that if each person does what is best for them in the long run and with good information, we will do the right thing for all of society at the same time.

The ten commandments are an example of the second kind.

What are the characteristics of a Republican?

Generally speaking, a Republican will be conservative. They are likely to think that the government is too large or too powerful, that too many taxes and regulations are imposed, and that this should be remedied by shrinking the size of the government, especially at the federal level. They are probably also very concerned by the size of the national debt, and wish for it to be reduced. They are likely to be socially conservative, and have higher-than-average rates of religiosity, generally Christianity. They are often in opposition to issues such as gay marriage, drug decriminalization, and abortion, though some of their more libertarian-leaning members are an exception on the social issues.The Republican party has changed a great deal, even in the last couple of decades. There's a significant hard-right faction, most visible with the Tea Party, within the party which has taken a lot of control over the past several election cycles. That faction of the party has quite a few members, Sarah Palin would work for a relatively well-known example.There are, of course, also more centrist Republicans, a lot of the "old guard" especially, such as John McCain. Often, there is tension between these two camps, and some of those who are seen as insufficiently conservative or "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) are threatened or actually hit with challenges in their next election primary. This can be a serious threat, as a primary challenge can be a significant drain on a candidate's war chest before the general election even begins.There is also now a significant libertarian-leaning faction within the party, though many of these leave due to opposition to the Republican positions on social issues. Ron and Rand Paul are probably the best-known examples of this type of Republican.Given the huge changes over time, a definition of the Republican party at its foundation, or even twenty years ago, would look a good deal different than today's Republicans. A great deal of analysis has been done on those changes and their causes, but that doesn't answer "What is a Republican?" in terms of today.As to your question about partisan rhetoric, that has always been a part of politics, and likely always will. We could, nonetheless, do with a great deal less of it.

What are the top differences between a Libertarian, Republican and Democrat?

In simple languageDemocrat- Big government, more spending, social liberalism, pro choice, gun control, marriage equality ( for the most part , they support this) , raising the minimum wage, big taxingRepublican - Small government, less spending, socially conservative, anti pro choice, anti gun control, oppose marriage equality ( for the most part, they oppose it),not raising the minimum wage, believe in tax cutsLibertarian- Small Government, less spending, socially liberal, government has NO business to tell you what to do with your body, Guns are individual rights ,Government should stay out of marriages, legalizing marijuana, non interventionist , anti wars, privatization of social security , allowing the free market to decide the minimum wage, think taxation is fraud.Libertarians are of the opinion that you have the right do whatever you want to, so long as you don’t hurt anyone or take someone else’s stuff along the way.Libertarians are actually classic Republicans. Most Libertarians 30 years ago would have been mainstream Republicans . The nutcases you see today are NOT Republicans in the real sense , but populist whackjobs. Gov Gary Johnson was a Republican governor of New Mexico, Bill Weld was a Republican Governor of MA. Ron Paul who ran for President as a Republican was a Libertarian Presidential nominee in 1988.Even in modern day. Libertarians agree with Republicans on 6 to 7 out of 10 issues. But the 3 issues they might disagree with are complete deal breakers and poles apart from each other ( Government policed personal lives, foreign policy, war on drugs).The founding fathers of USA were libertarians in the classic sense- Example Jefferson, Washington, Benjamin Franklin.Modern day- Ron Paul, Gary Johnson.Image Source : Google. All images are taken from I own nothing.Source : YoutubeI am disabling the comments now.Far too many butthurt, oversensitive Americans from both parties who are showing the world why we are known to be loud, rude and just extremely opinionated in our views. And don't forget ignorant!

Are North American Quora users mostly liberals, or are conservatives just not giving good answers? By "good" I mean "logically-sound" and "based in fact".

The people who write here on Quora appear to be overwhelmingly liberal.Liberals will undoubtedly say that the people who write on Quora tend to be rather smart and that smart people tend to be liberal, and that's all there is to say.I think there is a much better explanation.Liberals are driven by low self esteem, and rather than blaming themselves for their shortcomings and failures, they find it easier and more satisfying to blame either the people around them or society generally.Liberals are consumed by the notion that they live in a very unfair, unjust world and the fanatical zeal that accompanies them as they set forth to correct the world propels many of them into careers in government, academia, and journalism. As for the rest of them, they tend to spend a significant portion of their free time complaining about oppression and writing angry screeds on websites like Quora.Conservatives on the other hand admire and appreciate the many advantages that Western Civilization affords them. Accordingly conservatives believe their faults are their own, and when things go wrong, they simply work harder at their jobs and then when they get home, they pour whatever energy they have left into making their families happy and safe.Conservatives are much less inclined to spend their free time pontificating about how the world should be changed in order to accomodate their needs. They know that the best way to improve the world is to improve themselves and take care of their families. Protesting and rioting does not appeal to them, nor can they compete with the fanatical impulses that drive so many on the Left to places like Quora.