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Is Sakura Haruno Really That Annoying

Why is Sakura annoying?

she is became strong and a worthy fighter because her determination is to bring back sasuke with her own force ,it showed , you can see in databook 2, and chapter 265 and 269 like kishimoto has detailed .And that's for that's for that reason when she said to naruto they're will bring back sasuke together.
she's not stupid , she's just only in love with sasuke because she's risking her own life , she doesn't abandon and she's will going right to the end exemple in her fight with sasori or even in chapter 308 like naruto , he wants save his best friend/brother.
sakura is not annoying in this meaning , when sasuke said to her twice ,it's because he had to leave and sakura makes him guessing again about his revenge , because he is stopped about to listen her confession and explained why he leaves but it's all her words make harder for him to leave , that's why he said " annoying " to her in episode 109 the first time in episode 03 it's because she was really .

Is Sakura Haruno REALLY that useless?

Sadly Yes. She is so freaking uselss. Remember when she said she wouldn't be a burden to naruto and she said she would kill sasuke? I guess she failed at that too and when naruto was talking to sasuke all she could do is say nothing they are on the freaking same team. The only thing she actually beat on a 1 vs 1 fight is a clone of zetsu that is so weak not counting ino but she is weak too. The one thing that pissed me off the most she jumped on the bandwagon right after naruto saved the village. Hinata liked him from day 1, and sakura didn't she is always punching him with him extremely brute strength and it's annoying. When pain was shoving poles into naruto's body she didn't do anything but watch hinata die trying to save naruto.
Tsunade is a medic ninja and she fights. That's not really a excuse cause kabuto is also a medic ninja and he fights alot.

Who is more annoying, Sakura or Ino?

Sakura because she crys over everything. Also she's obsesed with sasuke and doesn't give a crap about naruto. She says she loves naruto but that's a lie and she promised to kill sasuke but couldn't do it. She just pisses me off how she acts. Hinata is way better.

Is Sakura Haruno getting annoying?

I have read the current and the past chapters of Naruto and have come to conclude in recent chapters that Sakura is a f***ing *****. I'm sorry Sakura lovers but I just had to speak my mind about this because Sakura is getting so annoying. Masashi himself expressed his disappointment of creating her since he isn't any good in making heroines and boy does he suck in it. Sasuke or Naruto? Make up your mind Sakura you whore!

Why is Sakura so annoying in Naruto?

Because the writer uses Sakura as terrible comic relief instead of developing her character.Sakura was quietly hyped up for the beginning of Naruto as a master of chakra control, and a genjutsu type. She was so good at this, in fact, that she completely outclassed Naruto and Sasuke at some tasks like tree climbing/water-walking:Sakura in a couple of minutes:Naruto and Sasuke after a couple of days:…and look at the way they’re portrayed when they succeed at this task compared to Sakura! Other than the tree-climbing and a few other scenes, Sakura is pretty much Sasuke’s hype-man. While this master of chakra control protects Tazuna from literally nothing, Naruto and Sasuke are doing this:…and when does Sakura move? Only after Sasuke is crippled:…woulda been nice if she, I don’t know, helped in the FIRST PLACE!?She only gets a chance to shine in the Chunin Exams vs the Sound Ninja, but again only after the guys were knocked out!She really did shine here, and when she gets the chance, she always shines super bright, but those chances are few and far between. She’s useless for the rest of the first series until Shippuden.Shippuden:At first, it seemed like Kishimoto was going to make up for trashing Sakura pre-time skip, but that didn’t last long. At the beginning, she outclassed Naruto with ridiculous power strong enough to scare Kakashi and help defeat an S-Rank criminal/Akatsuki member, Sasori, but then she just… disappeared.Old Sakura:New Sakura:…and then she does nothing for the rest of the series. Again. She never gets stronger and she never gets development ever again. There’s a reason this is a meme:TL;DR: Sakura is wasted potential.

When I say the name Sakura Haruno, what do you think?

Wasted Potential.With Sakura Haruno in Season 1 of Naruto, Mashashi Kishimoto created a flawed but original character, a slight variation from the generic manga heroines of that era.While there was nothing special about her to like ( no kekkei genkai, no tailed beast, no grand clan) and more reasons to hate her ( uselessness in all of season 1, fangirl-ism, attitude towards Naruto), there were moments or sparks of great character development that made her a little less annoying.And Season 2 i.e. Naruto Shippuden brought more of the said development making people believe that we were sure to get a great overall developed character.And suddenly there was hope for this character.However all of Sakura’s character development is thrown away as soon as this guy enters the picture.Once he's in the scene, Sakura reverts back to Season 1 Sakura i.e. an annoying fangirl and pretty much useless.Hence I view Sakura as a character who could have been much more but that was all lost because the author wanted to center her character arcs and overall story around another character ( Sasuke) and not herself.

What is your most annoying Naruto character?

For me there are 3 primary characters who are very annoying…1.Sakura HarunoThe most annoying character on the Naruto series! Sakura is someone who always has some selfish motives behind every move.She always whines when things don’t go her way and always blames Naruto for it.Even Sasuke has admitted that she is annoying multiple times…2.Kiba InuzukaKiba (tried) to become Naruto’s rival in the beginning.He always bragged about his power and speed(he is nothing without Akamaru),but was always useless when required.His teammates Hinata and Shino are way more powerful and better at tracking than he ever will be….3.HidanThe most annoying of the legendary Akatsuki. Every other villain had a meaningful backstory and a reason for his actions. Hidan was a psycho who killed other people as sacrifices for his god ‘Jashin’. In the end, even after being defeated he showed his craziness and his annoyance…

Who is the most annoying anime character ever?

Kagome + Kikyo - Inuyasha
Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura Haruno + Ino Yamanaka - Naruto
MisaMisa and Naomi from death note..

I mentioned Sasuke already, right? -really, really loathes sasuke-

Do you hate Sakura Haruno from Naruto?

I don't like sakura because she meddles in other people's business. I don't like her because she cries at the most stupid things. I don't like her because she is annoying towards naruto and sasuke.