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Is She Ugly Or Average

Would a hot guy date an average kind of ugly girl?

Not an ugly girl, but he might date an average looking girl.If you can find such a man then that’s nice, but these man are very rare. Maybe he just doesn’t know how attractive he really is, but a hot guy with an average looking girl is problematic. He will feel disappointed that you aren’t hot enough and cheat easier with hotter girls if he even considers to date you. I do not think he will consider you if you’re ugly.Doesn’t sound very scientific I know, but what I do know is that a man’s sexual selection is primarily by attractiveness of appearance. Though if the relationship will last depends on your personalities fitting together, but if he has a chance at more attractive women, it wouldn’t make sense for him to date an average looking girl. We all want the best we can get ;)And for the eye of the beholder thing… I agree that to an extend people do not like exactly the same looking guys or girls, but again to an extend. An 8 can be a 7 or 9 to someone else, but a 4 can never be an 8 and vice versa. I am really sensing some sensitive Americans here that do not like the idea of people looking better than others, but we dutch people aren’t so sensitive, care more about facts than feelings and do not like to obscure things.Now an ugly looking girl and a hot guy is close to impossible, but a hot guy and an average looking girl could happen. For instance if the guy is an 8 and the girl is a 6. Perhaps you see the guy as a 9 and yourself as a 6, but for him you’re equally attractive (7–7). Then it can work.I hope this answers your question! :)

What should you do if an average or ugly girl approaches you and says she loves you a lot?

I would not lie to you and say that physical beauty is not important. It IS important if you consider the biological factor. Whenever we see a beautiful person, we subconsciously think that the person has good genes and would be a good partner for procreation and the passing off of genes or would help me in having a healthy offspring. But a good heart is equally important. When I am old, I wouldn't want a bitter but beautiful life-partner. I would want a kind and understanding person beside me who would be willing to spend the last of her days with me and allow me to do the same. If she is too "ugly" for me and I've already decided what I want, then nothing can change my mind. Sorry for being so blunt, but that's how it is for me. However, if I feel that she is average when it comes to looks, but has a good heart, I would definitely give her a chance. Because that is exactly what I am. I will be blunt about one more thing though. I don't want an obese and lazy partner. If you're not willing to work on your body and keep it in shape, then that is a character flaw. No matter how good your heart is, your obesity means you are lazy and are not willing to improve yourself. However, if she is hardworking, has a good heart, is willing to improve herself, and also willing to help me in improving myself, inside, and out, I would definitely go out with her. This is me being true to myself. Also, I don't have anything for fair-skinned girls, like most Indians. If anything, I have a thing for dark-skinned girls. Also, like the other answers here, I will say that beauty is only skin-deep. A lot of other things matter when it comes to choosing a partner. If your partner is a dementor and sucks out all that is good in you, steer clear of that person. At the end of the day, it depends on the person who is making the decision and whether that person can live with the ramifications of that decision. It depends on you being true to yourself. I hope this helps.

Do you fin her pretty, average or ugly, rate please 1-10?

4 and that's being nice

How can I tell if girls think I am good-looking, ugly, or average?

do they stare at you I mean like flirt with you or ignore you It makes a differance how old you are to cause the age of a person depends on how they act too like are you a teenager or adult add details and I will edit my response too I will put this on my watch list!!!!

but one thing every one has a different view of what cute and not cute is like I like guys with face hair but my friend hates it and wants her man too shave every day so differant strokes for diffrent folks you kinda really have to wait for the right one to come along and notice you and I think you will know by the way they act like one time this guy liked me he could not take his eyes off of me and trip over something cz he was not watching where he was going!!!!

some girls are shy tho and might want to talk to you but are to shy and they don't talk to you and just stare what I would do if you are afriad of rejection if there is a girl you like go up to her when she is by her self and ask her out you don't know unless you ask and if she turns you down ask her if she would ever go out with you and if it is still know than she is not the right one for you then keep looking good luck !!!!!

Do you consider yourself to be ugly, average or good-looking?

Oh my goodness.Reading this question brought back so many weird memories.Honestly, it all depends on so many factors.During my teen years, I considered myself so ugly.Please understand, my mom used to be a model in the late 50’s, She went to New York city to do fashion shows. Her career was brief because she did not like how she was treated backstage. She was very intelligent and never let her beauty get to her head. My mother sort of looked like a very tall Elizabeth Taylor type. She had black hair sort of purple eyes and was 6′1″. OK, you get my drift.So, many moons later, I was born. I grew to be only 5′7″, blond hair and clear blue eyes. My body type was and still is athletic. ( Not skinny not fat. apparently I have curves in the right places and muscles, etc.)AND…. my mom had an other baby, a girl that is a carbon copy of my mom.Hence, I believed to be the ugly duckling of the family. From the outside world, I was considered to be quite attractive. Well, compared to my mom and my sister I was surely not.I still remember the sobbing episode when my mom read a bed time story titled the Ugly Duckling. I cried and cried. I did not have the words to explain then, but deep down I identified with the swan who thought he was a duck. Anyway, soon after that, my mom refused to read me bedtime stories because I would end up crying a lot. ( Honestly, I found the stories cruel in general.) OK… back on topic.Hence, deep down I never thought that I was pretty. ( Apparently, I was. I hated getting noticed and attention and whatever would happen almost every time I went out with my friends. Honestly,grown men frightened me a lot during my teen years.)I am older now and hopefully wiser. Still, this body of mine, always seemed to give the wrong message to the outside world. My head, my heart and my soul was not reflected by what my body projected. It has always been an awkward fit.It is difficult to explain and I hope I have made some kind of decent explanation with this word salad.I also know that some of you might think that I am complaining for nothing. I got that a lot too. I am just answering from the inside looking out sort of speak.Hope you are not sorry you asked…

Do you think miranda cosgrove is ugly, plain, average, pretty or hot?

Ugly,Fat face,no shape. Even worse without the makeup. She still has the appearence of a little girl.