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Is Sniffing Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover Bad

Is sniffing nail polish remover dangerous?

My dear , this is considered to be a kind of addiction if done regularly.And is very harmful, too.Many nail polish removers contain acetone, a chemical solvent that is very effective as a paint thinner, industrial cleanser and solvent. This clear, colorless liquid belongs to a class of chemicals called ketones. Ketones are produced as a byproduct of human metabolism, but they are also synthesized for industrial purposes.Acetone is generally considered safe when it’s used for its intended purposes, but for teens who deliberately inhale its vapors, acetone can be extremely dangerous. Available at drugstores, supermarkets, salons and convenience stores, nail polish remover is inexpensive and easy to obtain.When inhaled in high concentrations, acetone acts as a central nervous system depressant, slowing down vital functions like heartbeat, respiration and metabolism. Acetone is also highly flammable, which means that teenagers who inhale its fumes while smoking are at risk of life-threatening burn injuries.Young teenagers who are just beginning to experiment with drugs often start with inhalation, or “huffing.” Nail polish remover can be inhaled directly from the bottle, poured into a bag and inhaled by mouth, or sniffed from a saturated rag. No matter how it’s abused, acetone can cause adverse side effects, such as:Irritation of the throat and nasal passagesNausea and vomitingHeadachesDamage to the eyesConfusionDizzinessUnconsciousnessLong-term exposure to acetone can cause weakness, chronic irritation of the respiratory passages, mood swings and irritability.Reference: Nail Polish Remover Abuse

Is sniffing nail polish remover dangerous...?

What you're sniffing is acetone. Great for removing nail polish, and great for killing your liver.

Before you take another sniff of that stuff, try this little experiment . . .

Pour about 1/2" of acetone in a dish, then take a styrofoam cup, and put it in the dish. You will see the entire styrofoam cup dissappear, dissolve, go away. It makes a good party trick (as long as nobody is smoking).

will do to your liver what it does to styrofoam cups. So, if you want to be put on a list for a liver transplant, stop sniffing that stuff.

Check out these youtube videos . . .

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Does non acetone nail polish remover hurt your lungs?

It could, perhaps, if you use it for a prolonged period of time in a room with no ventilation.Similarly, if it was concentrated and inhaled on purpose, it could potentially kill you.Whatever you do, avoid drinking it at all costs!Use all chemicals, especially ones that have a strong odor, in a well-ventilated area. Always read and follow all label instructions for safety and best results!

Can someone get sick from breathing in acetone based nail polish remover?

My daughter was soaking her nails in acetone bases nail polish remover to take her fake nails off, later she complained of a bad sore throat and she is complaining about being very tired. She slept all day and all night but is still very tired.

Is it bad to squirt nail polish remover up your nose? I thought it was my sinus spray.

Well it certainly isn't good for you! As far as having a negative effect, it's hard to say. I am almost certain it hurt? Poison control would be able to answer that.I have got to ask; nail polish remover comes in a rather tall bottle with a cap. Nose spray comes on a little squeeze bottle with a mister on the end that you insert into your nose. How did you manage to get them confused when you can't even fit the top of the polish remover into your nose?

How toxic is nail polish remover?

The main ingredient of most nail polish removers is Acetone, see: What are the ingredients in nail polish remover? as to its toxicology: not too bad, since the human body produces trace amounts of it naturally. See: Acetone - WikipediaLooks like to kill a 220lb human, you’d have to ingest about 2 ounces of it, but you’d probably throw up before it did much good. Don’t get it in your eyes.