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Is The Coach On This Website Fake

Is this the offical Coach Outlet website?

please stay away from this site it will rep you off i thought it was the real deal but no it took 214.00 of my money dont do it

Are these Coach web sights selling fakes?

I want to give a Christmas gift- a real coach bag, but i'm not sure if these sights are selling real or fake.. they're outlet stores.

How can u tell if coach sunglasses are fake?

i recently bought a pair of coach sunglasses for extremely cheap and i know they have to be fake, (i bought them knowing that) but once i got them i couldnt really find anything wrong with them. everything looked legit. even the case it came has the coach emblem on the inside and the rag to clean the lenses has a symbol on the too.. what are key signs they are fake?

**after gettin some feedback from others, it does have the real emblem on the inside of the case and the outside of the lenses read COACH.. i did buy them from a chinese website but the glasses read 'COACH MADE IN ITALY'on the inside, no rainbow smudge, the plastic seems to be good and the lenses too..

they didnt have a plastic smell either. i bought them from dhgate . com, a chinese website w a bunch of, what im sure is, knock off stuff for extremely cheap..

Where can I buy a good fake Coach purse?

I know, I know, buying fake purses somehow supports terrorism and murder and drugs much more so than buying any other product, and honestly I don't buy that. I love the look of the purses, but I go through purses very quickly so I don't want to spend all that money on one purse. Therefore, a replica is the answer for me.

I know, I know: "People can tell they are fake and you will look stupid!" Whatever...I really DON'T CARE.

What I want to know is if there is any good website that I can find a good fake Coach purse that will not just take my Credit Card info and never send me anything.


Cheap Coach Bag-REAL OR FAKE?

I just bought a "coach" purse from a harvest festival in my town. the booth had Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Gucci purses really cheap. My bag is silver, medium sized with semi-glittery dark silver C's. The bag was bought for $35 and I checked in the registration number on the website but nothing unusual really happened. It looks like a geniune with the Leather stamp on the front that says "COACH LEATHERWARE EST.1941" The inside has a print too. The C's are in gold. I double checked the Coach Website but it wasn't any help. The inside stamp says :
THIS IS A COACH BAG. IT WAS HANDCRAFTED IN CHINA FROM THE FINEST MATERIALS TRIMMED WITH LEATHER. ITS SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL REFLECT OUR COMMITMENT TO ENDURING QUALITY. No. L###-###" The bag seems completely real and nothing I saw on other answers fits my bag. I don't really care if its fake cuz it fooled me and it can fool other people too. SO BE HONEST PLZ! Thanks to all!!

Does Macy's sell fake Coach?

Hellloooo, I recently bought a Coach mini skinny from Macy's! When I compared it to the products on the official Coach website, though, I noticed that Coach didn't carry the color Macy's had:
^colors Coach carries
^colors Macy's carries

I got mine in the black and grey.

ALSO when I purchased my mini skinny, the pattern was different. The cc's were lined up perfectly, but it's just that a different "section" of the fabric was used, so instead of the middle cc going side to side, the middle cc on my purse was going up and down.

Should I return it and buy it again from a Coach outlet?


What is a good site to find fake but realistic coach/ louis vuitton/ designer bags?

Please don't buy fake purses. As someone who buys authentic Louis Vuitton, it is so easy to tell when somebody has a fake one. I could tell a fake Louis Vuitton bag from 20 feet away. Either spend the $1000 and get a real one, or don't get one at all. You can't replicate the quality of a real designer bag.
My friends and I roll our eyes at girls with fake bags. They don't look 'high class', they just look like idiots. I'm not trying to hate on you at all, but just get a nice, real bag.

And the price of a 'realistic' fake Louis Vuitton is about the same as an authentic Coach bag, keep that in mind. Juicy Couture bags are super cute and they are usually on sale for about $60 in some places. Michael Kors bags are pretty cheap and they're also nice. Even go to a Coach outlet, my friend got a $350 bag for $100 from one.

Are the coach bags from macys real or fake ? Because for my moms birthday i want to buy her one. She wanted ?

one ever since ever. And now im going to surprise her ! omg i think shes gonna cry. lol. Because i never gave her a real birthday gift before because i was too young to get a job. (Now im 18) omg im excited to buy it and give it to her on her day ! =] yay ! lol But should i buy it from coach's website or macys ? Thanks !

What is a website I can use to check the authenticity of purses like Coach, Louis Vuitton, and MK?

I do not know of any one web site to check to see if purses are real or not however, here is a list of web sites to check to see if your bag is fake or not.How to Spot a Fake Coach BagHow to Spot Fake Louis Vuitton PursesHow to Tell if Your Louis Vitton Purse is Real or Fake — Find out Nowfor Michael Korrs How to Tell if a Designer Bag Is FakeHope that helps! :)

What if I suspect that I got a fake Coach product from an online website?

Bruce highlighted that the likelihood of you purchasing a fake was high. But, this is still America. Therefore, one should always be assumed innocent before proven guilty. The following information was gathered using the following website:  What You Should Do if You Receive a Fake or Counterfeit Item  Document all of the following with date and time:1.) Attempt to contact the seller requesting a refund. Was this available at the time of purchase? If so, then genuine or not you want a refund. Make sure you document you attempted to call and e-mail if those contact methods are available. 2.) Verify your item is a fake. Find a local seller/dealer, or expert and ask them to appraise the item. Get the appraisal in writing. If they declare the item is fake, then time to move on to #3.3.) Contact your payment processor (credit card company) and file charge dispute. You now how verified information in hand that what you purchased was fraudulent.You can also contact the postmaster to notify and file a mail fraud complaint. Even notifying the company of the fraudulent item.I purchased fraudulent Oakleys back in 2000. Websites were much more difficult to track then. When it happens, you feel taken. Especially now days when you wonder how can this happen with all the technology we have? Whatever your decision, all we can do is learn from it and move forward. Bruce, you can find $45 dollar purses on eBay. coach purse | eBay I hope this was helpful. Good luck.Kevin