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Is The Friendzone Really Something To Complain About

I do not understand the "friendzone" that I hear men complain about, as I would not consider dating someone who isn't a friend. What is this friendzone and why is it considered bad?

Q. I do not understand the "friendzone" that I hear men complain about, as I would not consider dating someone who isn't a friend. What is this friendzone and why is it considered bad?Short Answer: The “friend-zone” simply means that they are not sexually involved in any type of way, or at least that’s my current definition of it and of course there are friends with benefits but that’s a different topic.(Not so) Long Answer:I too, would not consider dating someone who wasn’t already a friend as I have some trust issues, but there are some people who prefer not to do that and some people who go on dates specifically to hopefully find a future partner.I’ve seen and known many girls who supposedly “friend-zoned” guys before. It’s usually because they’re looked at as little brothers or big brothers and some guys just don’t quiet fit what “boyfriend material” means to you, what ever that may be.The “friend-zone” is considered “bad” simply because of the fact that someone did not want to date you. Imagine asking your best friend to be your S/O and they reject you because they only want to be friends. Wouldn’t you feel like you weren’t good enough? Wouldn’t that rejection hurt especially because it’s coming from your best friend? Maybe you’d understand how they feel but still.The “friend-zone” doesn’t always have to be looked down upon though. Sometimes you need to be put in your place and sometimes it can even save your friendship from ending prematurely. Just watch this video by Blimey Cow.

What's so bad about being friendzoned?

I'm a guy and I always wondered why people always complain about being put in the friendzone. At least you get a new friend. That's better than nothing. Why don't you just accept it and move on?

My Girl Friend is trying to put me in the friend zone?

I've been going out with this girl for 4 months. We used to be good friends before we started to go out.
I chat with her everyday.
I hang out with her and her friends at school everyday.
I walk her home 3-4 days a week.
I'm really nice to her.
I always apologise if I do something wrong.
We don't act like we are going out at school because she doesn't want anyone know that we ate going out. So I can't flirt with her at school and when I used to walk with her we used to hold hands but she told me once that she doesn't want to hold my hands. And now she doesn't want me walking with her.

And now she's trying to put me in the friend zone coz she's saying we are better of being good friends like before. How can I get out of the friend zone? So I flirt with her at school or is there anyway?

Why are men in the friendzone? Is it because they are just too nice and too good?

For varying reasons -

Some men are in the friend zone and don't realize it.
Some men believe that one should be a friend with the women in question before making a move them.
Some men are quite content with being in the friend zone because to them any sort of contact with the women they're interested in, is better than having nothing at all.
Some men just don't have a choice.

'But a lot of people who complain about being friendzoned don't seem so great to me. No matter how nice or smart or sweet they are, they tend to lack an essential quality: confidence.' -

There's truth in it, but it's not the universal truth. There are women who friend-zone men who are quite confident, just because they might come in handy under different situations/challenges at school/work, even though these women aren't attracted to said men in a sexual way.