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Is The Global Warming Discussion Like The Miss America Contest

Can anyone suggest a research topic for my ENGLISH 101b class?

Defend the use of embryos in stem cell research. Or, if it needs to be related to literature, defend the statement by Ayn Rand's character, Howard Roark, in "the Fountainhead" when he proclaims "All that which proceeds from man's independent ego is good. All that which proceeds from man's dependence upon men is evil." Another suggestion would be to defend the conviction of Daisy Buchanan's statement regarding her daughter, Pammy, in "the Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, where Daisy says “I hope she’ll be a fool,that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool," as related to the socio-economic climate of America in the 1920's.
If those don't interest you, pick a novel you found interesting, go to and type in the name of the novel. This site will give you essay suggestions, essay samples, criticism, character analysis, themes, etc. And don't forget your Cliff's Notes while doing this project! Remember the rules regarding plagiarism. I would suggest submitting your essay to prior to giving it to your teacher. I don't know about your school, but at my children's high school REQUIRES all essays be submitted to for approval.
Good Luck!!

If you were president of the US, what three things issues would you focus on...and what would you do? ?

1 - Immigration. Allow it, but make it a law that the immigrants have to speak passable English within one year. If they are unable or unwilling, they are sent back to their own country. If they attempt to cross the border again, they are imprisoned until they can learn FLUENT English.

2 - Equal rights for all. Women got equal rights, blacks got equal rights, now its time for gays and lesbians to be equal in every way that heterosexuals are, including legalization of gay marriage.

3 - Keep abortion legal for only those cases where the woman's life is in danger, or the embryo is grossly deformed. If a woman shows signs that she is promiscuous and/or has had two or more abortions, she should be forcibly sterilized.

Interesting essay topic for a teenager..?

How about something that is relevant right now?
Like the Miss America Pageant girl who said that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Do you agree with her? Look it up from all different viewpoints on the internet, like what do the the churches say? What do the politicians say? What do the gay people say? How does it affect those people's taxes? Why do gay people want to be married?
Or look up on the internet how Jockeys in races throw up before the race. Should they?
Or try to find the signifigance of other animals on the planet, and how they benefit or affect the way that we live our lives. Like whales might be in our cosmetics, or turtles might have some life saving drug in their eyeballs. How should we use them without infringing on their life? Are we the only ones that matter, people?
What about diets? There are thousands of diets and most of them don't work. Why are they so many diets and they dont work? Why can't people lose wieght? Why are americans so fat?
Why do asian people all have black hair?
What did civilizations do to survive? For instance, did you ever notice that all nations have some sort of bread? The mexicans have tortillas, noodles and bread, indians have indian fry bread (they just call it fry bread), the East Indians have that stuff they slap on the side of their tandori oven, there is french bread, italian bread, jewish bread, english tarts and scones. Well, before a couple hundred years ago the only way to communicate was by sailing vessel and that was really hard. How did all the civilizations come up with grinding up wheat and making bread, way back then? It's all about the bread baby.

I think those markets already exist.If we’re talking about platforms that value women for qualities other than a very narrow definition of youth and beauty, that probably applies to every other one we have. It’s beauty contests that are the niche market, the rarity. Most of the world isn’t Hollywood, and doesn’t exploit ladies until the dreaded appearance of that first wrinkle. (While I appreciate that this endeavour has worked out in the favour of some individuals, for the most part it’s a brutal industry.)That being said, the change seems minimal. Not only is it just one beauty contest in a single country, Miss America is only scrapping the swimsuit portion from its pageant and asking the contestants more questions. I’m not a fan of Miss America or its ethos, but I think this was a mistake on their part. People come precisely for the skimpily dressed women. If they wanted an erudite lecture on epistemology they have better places to go (or, in the immortal words of Aldous Huxley: “An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex”).While I appreciate that this is one way to boost ratings and gain some attention since Miss America pageant down in the ratings (again), it’s just silly to remake something nobody watches anymore. There’s also no way to escape the obvious hypocrisy- if brains are so important, why are there still age, height, body, weight requirements? Why are there still a cavalcade of Unsettling Rules Miss America Pageant Contestants Have To Follow? The backlash, perhaps, it more towards the empty (excuse me) pageantry of it all.In Miss America’s place, there are far more engaging competitions and shows that already exist. If we want to be even more specific, there are plenty of degrading televised programmes where good-looking young women are competing against each other for a relatively paltry reward: The Bachelor, (Insert country here)’s Next Top Model, The Rich Kids of Wherever, Joe Millionaire, and even the short-lived I Wanna Marry "Harry". There are also shows that operate on ideas, brain power and charisma, like Shark Tank, Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, Last Comic Standing, American Inventor, Dream Job… and maybe Ja'mie: Private School Girl. The market is saturated, unfortunately (or would that be fortunately?).Thanks for your A2A, Jonathan.

Difference between Madame, Lady, and Miss/Mrs./Ms. (Read description)?

It's a matter of respect and civility, especially in those days when everyone was more formal and didn't call anyone by their first name unless they were family, friends (on the same level) or servants.

As today, one would call titled people such as a Duke/Duchess "your Grace" or "his/her Grace". For Marquesses/Marchionesses, Earls/Countesses, Viscounts/Viscountesses and Barons/Baronesses, it would be "my Lord/Lady" or refer to them as "his/her Lordship/Ladyship". For a Baronet/Knight, it would be "Sir John" (Smith)", or Lady Smith".

For those who had no title, you would call an ordinary lady on your level or above you "Mrs Smith" and her husband "Mr Smith". Their eldest daughter would be "Miss Smith" and younger daughters would be "Miss Jane" and "Miss Susan". Think "Pride and Prejudice". Formality changed over the years; before Dickens, in Jane Austen's time, the Bennet parents called each other "Mr" and "Mrs Bennet", though this was probably dropped to Christian names on occasion.

(At a recent event some of my husband's relatives, whom I'd never met before, referred to us as John and Mrs John. (Names changed for privacy!))

"Ms" is a recent term for those ladies who don't think anyone needs to know whether they are married or not, like the generic "Mr", and don't need to be defined by whether they have a husband or not. I still sometimes use it. It didn't exist in Dickens's time.

"Madam" is often misused as "Madame" in English-speaking countries. As another answerer said, it's the French form - in English it's "Madam", without the "e". Think "Harry Potter" and "Madam Pince", or a more old-fashioned way in "Moll Flanders", for instance. A servant would use it to her mistress if she weren't aristocratic; it's usually a term used for someone above you. Though we still sometimes find it used in shops, hairdressers, etc - or "Miss". We can also use it in a derogatory way, such as, "She's a little madam!"

Do beauty contests serve any purpose in society?

I, personally, don't think it is a useful purpose. They can help with girls with low self-esteem. If they win, they have people that really have nothing to do in their life tell them that they are beautiful. Many of the contests really only judge beauty that is skin deep instead of what is within. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hope this helped.

Since there seemed to be a problem with political correctness this year ?

The only problem I have with political correctness is that most confuse it with being as nasty as they want to be without contradiction.
In the Miss USA flap, she stated her conviction, it was poorly put, and, not to put too fine a point on it, stupid.
She spoke of wanting opposites to marry?
That they had a choice in this country?
That first statement was confusing, the second untrue, so she ended up sounding dumb.
Perez went off on her online, hes not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.
The only one who comes out of this golden is Trump, the woman who actually won isn't even remembered, and when interviewed is interviewed about her rival.
Oh, and little miss priss was caught out with plastic boobs and some semi nude photos, quite the 'opposite' of her avowed Christian beliefs.

Intelligence is never the most important element of the competition, but according to Pageant Answers it tends to be judged based on a few factors:Maturity of your thinkingSocial responsibility implied by your answersAdeptness with language (fluency, pronunciation, expression)Self-knowledgeConfidencePerhaps it would be more accurate to say the interview portion is a competition for how skilled you are at talking and presentation than it is about intelligence. For that, only a minute is required.

Here are some of my favourite answers.Gloria Diaz of Philippines - Miss Universe 1969Question: In the next day or so, a man will land on the moon. If a man from the moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him? Gloria's Answer: "Oh, just the same things I do. I think if he has been on the moon for so long, I think when he comes over he wants to change, I guess. "Lara Dutta of India - Miss Universe 2000Question: Right now there is a protest going on right outside here calling the Miss Universe Pageant disrespectful of women. Convince them they are wrong.Lara's Answer: "I think pageant I think pageants like the Miss Universe pageant gives us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to and forge ahead, be it entrepreneurship, be it the armed force, be it politics. It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions, and makes us strong, independent that we are today. "Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana - Miss Universe 1999Question: "If miss universe would become pregnant during her reign, could she be allowed to continue as Miss Universe? "Answer: "Personally I think miss universe is a symbol of a woman in prone to celebrate her femininity. And I believe that... (Applause) Thank you... And I believe that if she got pregnant, you are not supposed to end the title. But, as a woman she should celebrate her femininity. Thank you"Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela - Miss Universe 2008Question: Which have it easier in life: men or women?Dayana's Answer: "God made us to share and have differences, but big differences?  I don't think so. The difference is that men think, they think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight, and women know that the faster way to go to a point is go the curves and fix every curls"Oxana Fedorova of Russia - Miss Universe 2002Question: What makes you blush?Oxana's Answer: "When I say the wrong things. "Brook Mahealani Lee of USA - Miss Universe 1997Question: If there were no rules in your life for one day and you could be outrageous, what would you do?Brook's Answer: "I would eat everything in the world. You do not understand. I will eat everything twice. "Sushmita Sen of India - Miss Universe 1994Question: What is the essence of being a woman?Sushmita's Answer: "Just being a woman is God's gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman. "And the list goes on.