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Is The Sudden Chemistry Between Me And My Best Friend Because I Have Become His Boss

Cute girl that has a crush on me. Going out with best friend cuz thinks I don't like her. Should I try this?

Ouch... playing hard to get is one thing, but never pull the "like a sister" card. That's automatic move on for some girls.

If you want her back, don't do that silly saliva thing. It's not cute. And if she's dating your friend, he'll be mad and she might be annoyed.

If you like her, get her alone and tell her that you're cold, calculating and an idiot, and that you didn't mean the little sister thing. Stop with the experiment. People aren't lab mice, they have feelings. If she won't forgive you, you could always be the brooding loaner. Girls love that guy. The one who pretends not to care about anything.

Girls in highschool also like guys they think they can change (don't change or tell her you WILL change) but those are more often than not short term, as guys get annoyed with that.

Hope this helps, and good luck. :)

This girl I like, my bestfriend's girl, kissed me in class. What do i do?

ok 1st HOLY CRAP!!!! that took forever to read!! goodness boy!!!!!! lol.

anyways back on subject odviously she likes you A LOT!!!
and your bestfriend needs to dump her so she will be yours!!!!!

My boss and a coworker are pressuring me to go to a strip club with them?


So I'm in a big blind, and I tried to reach out to some trusted people but they aren't able to take my call at the moment, so I would like to ask the YA community about this. My supervisor and a coworker want to go to a strip club and are pressuring me to go. I slipped out by saying that I'll meet them there after we just got done having dinner together. I'm a recent college grad, in a rotational program aimed at developing new engineers. I just think that if I do go, that word may slip out and damage my reputation big time. What should I do?

How do you start off a sentence when talking to your girlfriend?

She probably thinks you don't like her!!! If you really like her and want to be with her you should be able to come up with something? Get to know her better, ask her about something about her that made you notice her. Ask her questions about her family, about what she likes, then tell her about what you like.. balance it so it isn't all one way. The more you talk, the more comfortable you will be.

After four years in a relationship I'm losing interest in my boyfriend. I think I don't love him now. What should I do?

I am amazed at the response to this question..I mean seriously I can’t believe so many are trying to ascertain the fact that you should break up with him. First of all, let me clear something for you.A relationship is not a fancy thing used as a means to pass time. Seriously what do you expect from it? If you think that the spark is lost rethink on the statement itself. It is called a spark because it is never meant to last forever. Coming to the losing interest part, you have known him for 4 years must know him inside out by now. Okay lets say, you found someone “interesting” again. What then? Can you guarantee that you will never lose interest in him? What is your other alternative then? Find another?Think rationally..relationship is a responsibility, a commitment given by each of you to each other,assuring that one will stand by the other through joy and sorrow. Relationship is a mixture of emotions and feelings, and he has invested all his feelings, channeling every bit of care and affection to keep you happy. And here you are blatantly telling that you lost interest in him, just like a child loses interest in his/her old toy.Go ahead and tell it to him. He would probably be shattered, he will probably plead you, try to rationalize all your feelings, defend what you have shared for four years with each other: and then all of a sudden you would probably find him more annoying and get more cruel in your ways to convey your message. In the end he will back off with a smile on his face respecting your decision with the only consolation that you will probably be happy without him in your life. But every night before he goes to bed, he will have a smile on his face as a result of all the cherished memories and also a tear drop rolling down his cheek at the same time.If he is really loyal to you and if he really cared for you, don’t let him go. You don’t know painful it is to break up without a valid reason. You will probably pray to god that even your worst enemies should never go through something like that, if you get a taste of what you are about to bring upon him.

My boss flirts with me but never makes a move. I don’t know how to interpret his actions and I started to have feelings for him. What do I do?

Don't mix business with pleasure. Don't do it. If you were meant to be together you wouldn't be having this question. Honestly, a boss who is flirting with his employee isn't exactly a stellar boss. Imagine if the liking was one-sided. That would be sexual harassment and no boss should make their employees feel awkward where they work. Not fair as many don't have other options and need the money to pay the bills.You also have to look at several things. Why do you like him? Many times I have admired my bosses and developed an irrational admiration for a man who has power over me. When I was younger I made the mistake of getting involved with my boss. After we started, I realized it was the power situation that clouded my judgement and he wasn't so much of a good fit, but an exciting daydream scenario. He wanted to continue and I wanted to bring things back to an unawkward business professional attitude. Let's just say he made my life impossible and I had to quit that great job with a fantastic future and had burned a bridge and recommendation because of my bad decision. Don't do it.You are stuck working together every single day and there is no out unless you quit. My suggestion is to find a different role under another person so he isn't your boss. Or find a new job elsewhere. If you STILL feel strongly about him, give it a go! But you may find the charm is completely lost when he is no longer your boss. This is a very well-known effect from working together. It even happens with coworker's as you become office husbands/wives de to the proximity and closeness of working together daily. But a boss-employee relationship has a stronger dynamic due to power. Don't do it.If you are at your company to build and grow, this could destroy that chance. Even if it does work out, things will get weird if he is still your direct boss and you will have to disclose your relationship so there is no favoritism and partisan work distribution etc. It makes sense you both feel this way, but honestly, there are SO MANY others out there besides your direct boss and his direct report that you can date anyone without ruining your chances where you work every day. It's where you get the money to bring home the bacon you eat, and you know what they say… don't **** where you eat.Don't do it.

Im 21 and all my friends are getting married and pregnant.?

Your feeling "left behind"?

Let me see if I can catch you up to speed then.

(I am going to assume your male) while dating some female you have to.... Putting up with her mood swings during "that" time of the month. Having arguments over the position of the toilet seat. Once pregnancy happens, getting up in the middle of the night and running to the store because she has a sudden craving for pickles and ice cream. Enduring the constant accusations that you don't love her because she's "so fat". Once the baby arrives, you can kiss your nights of uninterrupted sleep goodbye for the next 18 months. Do you enjoy cleaning up fecal matter? If so, then a baby is the answer to your prayers. Do you enjoy NOT going out with friends because you have to watch the child at home? Well, get used to it because that's your job for the next 10 to 14 years. Oh and things get REAL fun when the parasite,...uh, I mean, the child, starts developing a personality and it absolutely CLASHES with yours. At this point, I hope you enjoy body piercings and tattoos, dates with all the "wrong people".... all of which are done JUST in order to piss you off.

So tell me, are you still missing something by finishing your college education?