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Is The Wall Of Death Safe Concerts

Rammstein concert safe?

I'm going to be seeing Rammstein in 2012 in Vancouver (May 13)

I have a General Admission ticket so I'll be on the floor but now my mom is saying the concert will probably be dangerous for me (due to my older sister who often over-exaggerates about things telling her this -_-)
so she wants me to get another ticket so my dad or another friend will go with me yet I'm telling her it's pointless and it'll be a waste of money (tickets are 190$ and 240$ with fee's and stuff)

So I'm just wondering, to people who have been to a Rammstein concert and stuff would you say it's a safe concert?

I'm 13 and I'll be 14 when I see them.

How dangerous can walls of death and mosh pits be?

I’ve been to so many metal concerts (death metal and black metal mainly) and the truth is that moshpits do not occur very often in such events and when they do, they’re not that violent or long lasting. However, I remember one gig about 17 years ago when things went out of control. Reason? Punks had attended the place (back in the day when punks were natural enemies of metalheads). Punks had destroyed one of the toilets, metalheads were just chilling. A couple of punks were trying to pick up a fight (which was suicidal), and broke a bottle of beer. They started a moshpit, they were embarrassing themselves as they moved like chickens. They pushed one of the nicest and coolest guys in the death netal scene, the guy landed face first on one of the glass fragments and cut his brow. Blood was everywere. The guy was huge.Every metalhead, me included, reacted as punks expected and kicked their sorry asses out of the concert. By this time the band had already stopped playing. I couldn’t count how many boots I saw landing on those punks’ faces, everything went totally out of control. At this point, punk asses had been kicked so much that even a few metalheads tried to make everyone chill since things were going way out of hand.I don’t know if punks were taken to the hospital or what happened to them at all after the gig, which by the way, was about to close by request of the police department.So, yeah. There you have it. Many may get injured in moshpits when you start them in the wrong gig.

What should I do in a black metal concert?

Depends.If you're physically fit and other people are doing the same thing or seem to be willing to, you could mosh: Basic rules: Mosh only when the song is getting fast. It is important to mosh to the music.Don't jump on people who appear unwilling to engage in the practiceIf someone falls down, bring them up asap.Don't go hard on tiny people and girls.Don't hit people. Use your elbows rather than anything else. Be sure to have your belongings securely located so that they don't fall down.Better not to have a fancy 500 dollars phone. Will get crushed.Don't just randomly take pictures of film while you are in the mosh pit. Don't provoke people outside the mosh pit.Try to avoid walking on people's feet. Be careful when banging your head: it's easy to hurt yourself and others then.Protect your side and your chest with your arms tucked close to your torso. Don't grab people who don't want to be grabbed. Stop/ Slow the moshing when the song gets slower. If something falls on the pit, either use your foot to kick it away or pick it up.Be careful if there's broken glass or other similar stuff on the ground. If band members get into the mosh pit, mosh with them.If band members don't get into the pit, don't grab them.And Last but not least, leave the pit if you feel short of breath or hurt. Good concert !

I've never been to a metal concert/festival. How safe is it?

Oh man, I’m not a big metal person but I’ve seen Slayer and a few others and from my experience you are absolutely safe. Unless of course you decide to get in the mosh pit. In that case, you have every potential to get pumled. I mean people will help you up if you fall but people will be rough and you’ll at the very least leave bruised. But if you avoid the mosh pit, metal fans are extremely kind.All of my friends who attend metal shows are the nicest and often time most level headed people I know. Really down to earth. You may never guess because of the outfits or the personas they put off but kindest people out there and great conversations too … but don’t expect that part if they are drunk and partying.Have fun.

First concert, how to mosh?

Moshing is easy, but not very safe at concerts liek that. You have posers, and kids dying for attention and a fight. In most heavy metal concerts, true fans moshed to show how the music made them felt, and to express there anger without actually harming anyone or the ones they want to. Moshing is dangerous, but you go in with confidence, feel the music, have fun, and don't punch or kick. If you see someone on the ground, try to help them up. Moshing is basically pushing/dancing/body slamming. Be semi-respectful and have fun, move away from idiots, and if an idiot hits you.... feel free to hit back (if you can brawl) or back out to someone else. (try not to get kicked out) Like I said there is going to be immature kids there, but you are trying to have a good time.

have fun ;) ADTR is realy good live.

How do I avoid Mosh pits and Wall of Death's at Bring me the Horizon concerts?

Lol...well BMTH sucks..but..don't go near them. You can't get close as that's where the pit and everything is going to be. And if someone tries to pick you up tell them no..but I've never seen anyone go and pick someone up on their own accord at any show I've been too. Wear what you'd be most comfortable in, shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers

How brutal are slipknot concert mosh pits?

Slipknot pits are full of muscly bro dudes pushing people around. If you can find one with smaller people it shouldn't be too bad.

I have not seen Coheed and Cambria or Trivium, but from who their fans are I would assume that Coheed's would be the safest pit of the night. I would also think that Trivium's pit would be full of giant drunk and fat guys.

If this is your first time going into a mosh pit I would not suggest trying to go up against giant drunk guys. Beings you are 13 you are going to do what you want. Just be safe, even if you are big for your age that means nothing compared to others sizes.

Pink Concert, going to be in the mosh pit, help please?!?

I live in Australia and my friend won tickets to pink. We're going to be in the mosh pit and im just wondering if the mosh pits are dangerous at pink concerts?
Im 13 btw. Thanks! XD

What is the deadliest mosh pit/wall of death in metal history?

Several individual deaths have been documented, particularly since the rise of grunge in the late ‘80s, but the deadliest pit ever occurred June 30, 2000, during a crowded Pearl Jam show in Denmark.With over 50,000 in attendance at a music festival, fans poured up front to join the pit. The crushing weight grew until people were being swept along in the human tide. Several fell and could not get up, even with the assistance of others, and were trampled.The show was stopped, and rescuers entered an opening in the crowd in front of the stage. They found eight dead fans; a ninth died at the hospital later.Interestingly, those deaths in Denmark aren’t counted by Crowd Management Strategies in an ABC story from 2008, perhaps because their deaths were due to crushing and trampling rather than violent impacts. All other reported mosh pit or wall of death fatalities were individual fans.The danger has initiated a reaction against moshing. Some bands have rejected it, even stopping shows to halt pit formation. Others are trying to create safe spaces where people can enjoy the show up front without having to slam or be slammed.