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Is The Washington Nfl Team Just A Racist Organization From The Top Down

Why does CNN bash Trump? Today I saw CNN mocking Trump for drinking water in a speech. How does this help the US or journalism by going personal against him? I'm not American, just curious.

Most of the major news sources outside of Fox bash Trump for everything they can purely because of the partisan system we have in America. The stories they ran trying to discredit him to the point of impeachment have failed so they're taking it to a personal level because they're desperate. But personally I see this country as being in much better shape now than it was during the last two years of Obama’s second term. We are divided on political party now more than ever, but I am seeing far fewer cases of racially fueled incidents, far fewer cries of racial injustice. I no longer see articles about how every group of people is being oppressed except straight white men. People aren't rioting against the police for cries of racist brutality. Even the NFL shit about the national anthem has died down. In my opinion, Trump has already saved this country from a sociopolitical point of view. Economically we seem to be improving as well, albeit slowly. But the liberal media doesn't like that. They will never admit that he has done good for this country for no other reason than he's a Republican. Now I will admit he has made some very crass statements, statements that are very unbecoming on someone of his political position. But at the same time, his speaking mannerisms don't have an impact on his ability to lead this country. However, in the eyes of the liberal media, he's the most evil man alive. That is, until the next Republican becomes president and then he'll be the most evil man alive.

Your thoughts on how to make hockey a mainstream sport?

I have 10 theories on what keeps the NHL a niche league in the US. These things prevent hockey from joining baseball, basketball, and football in popularity in the US. Many of the things, I think, hockey fans can do something about.

10. Price to play -- the costs of ice time, equipment, league fees, beginning skating lessons, etc., keep lower income kids from participating

9. Weather -- warmer climates in US draws younger athletes to other sports

8. Low scoring -- weather it's large goalie pads or small goals, US fans like offense in their sports.

7. Culture of fighting -- whereas other sports denounces fighting, hockey fans embrace it. Makes lots of people see hockey as a joke because of the need for the side show to draw attention.

6. Culture of retaliation -- (you check my star player cleanly, we take cheap shots at your players). People don't appreciate the unsportsmanlike behavior, leading parents to shield their kids from hockey.

5. Exclusiveness -- Many hockey fans are hockey-only all-the-time, and bash baseball, basketball, and football at all opportunities. This causes some people to feel resentment and choose other sports.

4. Snobby attitudes of broadcasters -- Hockey fans expect viewers to know everything, and don't allow broadcasters to explain basic rules like offsides or icing, leading to a lot of confused newbies to instead turn to baseball, basketball, or football, where announcers have no issues with explaining basics.

3. Insecurity -- (for example, the bar conversations where people are discussing the worst commish in major sports, and the one hockey fan always butting in to say "What about Bettman?"). People look right through such insecurity, and it turns them off.

2. Racism -- an welcoming atmosphere for non-whites turns off minority fans, which comprises of huge percentages of the fanbases of baseball, basketball, and football.

1. Elitist -- the attitude that hockey is the "best sport" and has the "most educated fans" turns off lots of educated white people who also happen to enjoy baseball, basketball, and football.

As a hockey fan, what can you do to improve the popularity of hockey?