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Is The West/ Western Culture In Conflict With Islam

Is the rise of islam a threat to western culture?

"The rise of Islam "...  That's funny.  A religion that dominates 21% of the ideological world, 62% of which live in southern Asia is not rising.  As for the threat it poses to the West, I hardly see what the problem is.  Twice already Europe has surrendered it's distinctive identities for two other middle eastern philosophies, why is this one different? How do you compare a religion to an entire culture?  But to answer your question no.  Western culture is best characterized by siege.  When there is no enemy "other" it begins to attack itself.  As this appears to be one of many traits it shares with al Islam, I would argue that they are good for each other.

How has Islamic Culture influenced Western society?

Currentely all its introducing is forced marriage, burkas, separating the sexes, calling girls whores and sluts for having a love life and truying to impose sharia law to stone girls to death for dating and stringing up gay guys like in islamic countires

Anti-Westerners here, what are Western values to you?

I'm talking about *values.*

"The concept of western culture is generally linked to the classical definition of the Western world. In this definition, Western culture is the set of literary, scientific, political, artistic and philosophical principles which set it apart from other cultural spheres. Much of this set of traditions and knowledge is collected in the Western canon."

"...concepts of democracy and an emphasis on freedom has been seen as distinguishing Western peoples from non-western neighbors.."

What about the Age of Enlightenment, and the ideas of Western Enlightenment thinkers?

Why can Muslims not adhere to these Western values? (They do, by the way. Muslims migrate to escape tyrannical societies and come to the West).

Can western civilization coexist with Islam?

They have a terrible track record together. Other answers that say things went swimmingly for many years describe periods of relative mutual isolation rather than coexistence.I also think you have a mismatch in entities.It would be one thing to ask if European or American culture is compatible or can coexist with Middle Eastern culture. I would guess they can coexist.It would also be interesting to consider if the stated goals of Christianity and Islam are compatible, since both are religions. I suspect they are in direct competition to solely control the whole Earth and so, are unable to coexist. As an atheist, both are highly undesirable to me. I could not live in a theocracy.Asking if a civilization and a religion can coexist seems a mismatch. Despite that, we’ve seen Islam’s desire to limit speech, disallow criticism, influence law and prevent some types of artistic expression is greatly at odds with western values like freedom of speech, press, expression and religion. Viewed from the outside, Islam, at times, has a hard time coexisting with Islam, from the looks of it.Let’s start instead with the question, “With what can Islam coexist ?” Do the goals of Islam, like submission and creating a wholly Islamic world, allow coexisting with any other worldview or philosophy?

What is the primary cause of the conflict between Islam and the Western world?

The west keeps interfering with their governments, their lives, and their resources.I really think they would have appreciated us letting them work out their own borders after WWI, so this has going on for close to a century.Then we still didn't stop because of all that lovely oil.We even overturned governments elected by the people, Iran, and put in the Shah.  That turned out well.  You might look up the Ayatollah and the hostage crisis during the Carter administration.We also put the Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds all together in one country, then a few decades later, the US put in a strong man who made the the only secular government and kept the three groups from killing each other, but then we overthrew him.My we, I mean the Imperialist European countries.  The U.S. was late to the game.  Even so, she has done a lot of damage in very short order.  And Republicans say the government can't do things quickly or efficiently.

What influence has islam/arab culture had on Europe?

It's not quite true that Muslims "read all the Greek philosophers to gain knowledge." In fact, Islam has had a pretty strained relationship with falsafah (philosophy), although there was a major movement to translate the works of the Greek philosophers into Arabic in the 9th century. The works of Aristotle were thus transmitted to the West from Arabic in the age of Scholasticism in the High Middle Ages. There were major Muslim philosophers: al-Kindi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, and al-Ghazali, among others. Nevertheless, philosophy was never a major preoccupation of Islamic civilisation, which tended to distrust the untrammeled use of speculative reason in the realm of metaphysics.

Nevertheless, you are correct to note that Islamic and Christian civilisations were part of a shared Mediterranean world throughout the medieval period. It is often said that the "Twelfth Century Renaissance", which gave birth to a scholastic culture in the West, was stimulated by contact with Islam in the Crusades, and it is surely no accident that the Renaissance of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries took place first in those parts of Europe which looked to the Byzantine and Muslim East. Indeed, it is often said that Dante's "Divine Comedy" - the unsurpassed literary gem of the European middle ages - is modeled on a dream-vision of the Sufi mystic Ibn al-Arabi.