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Is The World Forcing Us To Become More Like The Rest Of The World Because We Owe Everybody In The

Do I owe the world something?

I think everybody does. I think that being a positive force in the world is one of the elements of a good life, and of happiness.Aristotle wrote about what he called “eudaimonia”, which means something basically like “good life”. It’s often translated as happiness. And he thought that, while he didn’t really know EVERYTHING that made up a good life, it had a bunch of parts, and he was pretty sure that you were happiest when you had the most different parts going right. He felt that good health was important, and a certain amount of pleasure, and being able to learn stuff, and being able to work at things and excel at things as much as you can. And he felt that a very important part of happiness was doing stuff that benefited your community, and also being recognized for doing so.Now, not everybody agrees with this idea, and even people who agree with the basic concept have different ideas about what the different parts are. But me, I definitely feel that “owing the world something” is part of our job as humans, and that we can only be happy if we are doing our best at doing our job as humans.Now, it turns out that you were very fortunate in your circumstances, and I’m genuinely happy for you. But let’s remember what John F Kennedy, Spiderman, and the Gospel of Luke all said: “from those to whom much is given, much is required / with great power comes great responsibility.” A person has a responsibility to be as much a benefit to the world as they can be, without harming themselves. There’s nothing wrong with making sure you have a pleasant life for yourself — there’s a lot right with it, in fact. But you can’t have that be all of your life.As Rabbi Hillel said in Pirkei Avot 1:14, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? And, if not now, when?”

What countries owe USA from world war two?

None, President Carter forgave the debt completely. The only country that did pay in full was Germany, from what I have heard.

Would the rest of the world rejoice if America collapses?

There would undoubtedly be a certain amount of schadenfreude at seeing the world's mightiest superpower fall, particularly in nations that American policies have harmed. I would expect to see dancing in the streets of Tehran, for example.This would last for maybe two weeks. After that people would realize two things: first, just because your rich arrogant neighbor goes bankrupt, it doesn't improve your own life at all; second, the United States is the linchpin of the world economy and its own hard times are bad for everybody. The Great Depression of the 1930s started in the USA, but it went worldwide. So did the recession of 2008, and the world economy is a lot more intertwined today than it was in the 1930s.The rejoicing would end when the American demand for imported goods from other countries dried up...

The world is 40 trillion dollars in debt! Who does the world owe? Jupiter?

The Federal Reserve is charging the government interest on money it prints out of thin air effectively enslaving the free world.....every dollar/euro/fill in the blank currency in circulation is not enough to pay the central banks of the world back.....the only way we can pay them back is to borrow more dollars from them....which they will give us....with an additional interest rate attached that doesn't exist yet....and yet we bicker amongst ourselves about things that are of the most trivial in nature when the entire wrath of our outrage should be directed at the very people that are forcing you to work 10 hour days to live on this planet to pay back something that can never be payed....they print worthless money that you have to toil to get and when you don't the Banks seize your real assets (Land, Goods etc.) do you see what they are doing! They are siphoning the real wealth from the people by manipulating the interest rated and the amount of money the introduce into the money supply and They own the media.....they own our democracy....they gave us the illusion of choice and ruined our Democracy....they own the politicians through the lobbyists their companies say you are free.....but try quitting your with this being this the biggest scam ever perpetrated by a few in the history of humanity?

God says love me or I will torture you forever,my family love me without me having to threaten them,why?

You heard him say that?

Why are we STILL giving special funds to Native American's?

Yes, We took their land. We don't force them to live on reservations. They don't have to pay all the same taxes as us. They get one of the largest income businesses in America. Now why in this day and age when not a single person alive was directly affected by the colonization of America, do native american tribes still feel we owe them money?

My grandparents were forced off their land to build Interstate-94 in Minnesota. The Govt gave them X amount of dollars for their land and they were forced to move. It was a one time thing and that was that. They were forced to move and struggled for 15 years to get back the quality of land they had. They didn't continue to get money, they didn't get any special treatment. And under the current arguement why am I not getting money from the government, my current location is a direct result of where they were relocated to.

We don't Force Native Americans to live on Reservations in sup par conditions. So why do modern native americans constantly feel that the government STILL owes them money for taking their land? If every nation that took the land they have payed the people they took it from. There would be a whole separate world economy dealing only in money trade from this alone.

I really want to hear from Native Americans here on this subject because I have tried to figure this out by reading up on it and this is an honest to gawd serious question.