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Is There A Legal Age Of Selling Your Used Underwear Online

Is it legal to sell used underwear online in the US?

You're welcome to sell it, but mailing it might cause some problems: Woman Faces Jail for Dirty Underwear You should probably contact UPS (aka "Big Brown" !!!) to see if they are willing to ship such items....

Legality of selling panties (underage)?

I am trying to make some money, and was considering selling some used panties online, as I hear there is a market for such things and hell, I'm not going to do anything with them.

I wanted to know if it matters that I am under age (17 years old). It doesn't seem like that'd make a difference, as I've never heard anything about it, but I don't know for certain. Just to be clear this wouldn't involve any nudity, or even suggestive poses necessarily. Is this legal?

Can you sell your underwear online?

Ohh Yes Why not.You may register with already existing marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart and start selling the Underwears online.If you want to create the brand of your Underwears, then it is highly advisable to go for Trademark Registration for your product. However, the first step while deciding upon your brand name should be availability of the name, thus you may go for Trademark Search for the brand name.Please note that is an online marketplace for Trademark Registration in India

How can I sell my used underwear online in the UK?

Here’s a neat trick: online search

How do I go about selling used panties to men on the internet?

Open a paypal account if you haven’t already.Associate (link) that paypal account with a bank account so you can withdraw the proceeds (£ / $ / €).If you don’t want to link it to your bank account (although I don’t see why not unless you got parents or other people looking over your money) but you shop a lot online, just leave the currency on paypal as credit and use that when purchasing clothing or whatever you like, Paypal is everywhere!Now you can post your add. Do it on craigs list (never Ebay) as it’s borderline unregulated. Make sure you add photos, photos make the sale.Add photos of each panty, unless you want to sell them in a batch, in that case add photos of the box with the panties and a few close ups. Individual sale returns more money than a batch as you can sell each for about £15 to £20.Add a selfie of yourself, from your phone, not professional as it needs to feel real. Obscure or leave out your face. Buyers need a connection to the panties they’re sniffing and wanking out to, seeing the girl that actually wore the panties help the sale.Mention it on the add and send your panties in zip-lock bags (you know those freezer bags), it retains the “freshness” of your undies, they love that.You can sell them literally just used; as in, the more wear, the more expensive it can get. i.e. “I wore these for 3 days”. That guarantees lots of ‘Vajayjay’ fluids and your unique smell.Obviously use an alias, never your real name, never give addresses or phone number, and never ever meet!Answer any questions professionally and to the point, (they are customers after all) if anyone asks something unrelated to the “business” then ignore it.(Wanna hook up? | Can we meet? | Are you really a girl? | Send me a pic of these with you wearing them, etc)Profit! £_£I once got offered £150 for a box of about 250 panties of mine, you can do that, but like I said, individual sales profit more on the long term.

What are the pros and cons of selling used panties online?

Firstly, if you're going to say 'ew that's gross' or 'get a real job', please move right on along! I am a full time student and work part time, and am simply interested in this to try and make some extra money to make getting through the winter.

I would love to hear from anyone who has done this, and try to see if this is something that would be worth it to make some extra money.

What are some of the best sites to use for it? And what is the best method of accepting payment? Thanks!

How does selling used panties work?

A couple ways to do this. First pick out what you want sell. Remember in most cases the sexier the more and faster you sell them.Personally i would find buyers first. Maybe give them choice of what your going to wear. Then wear them and do what the may request. Some like peed panties some like pooped panty and some want you to masturbate in them and get them all creamy and wet.Then you need to figure out how you get your money and how they get your panty. I would set up paypal and mail them. Its to risky to that in person. Plus it has to be embarrassing to say here sir here are my panties you reqested

How to sell sexy pictures of myself in lingerie? (no preaching will be acknowledged):?

I am trying to find out where the best place to sell sexy pictures of myself would be to help raise some extra money for my little brother's college fund and the Save The Whales foundation. There wouldn't be any actual nudity. More like bra and panty sets, corsets, creative settings, poses, and clothing, suggested nudity with no top and my back turned to the camera, etcetera. All of the photographs would be professionally done and, obviously, I would not be posting anything that made me feel even remotely uncomfortable. On top of that, I will be 21 in 2 weeks, so no worries about age legalities. I have heard that starting my own site is an option, but I would rather see how a couple of pictures sell first before I make a full-fledged site. Is it best to sell online? Are there actual stores that may be interested as well that I could sell to on a trial basis? Should I mention what the money will be used for or is that irrelevant to most buyers? Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thank you to all who help me out with this.


Is it illegal to mail used panties?

when i buy used panties the sellers are very careful, they use private services and depends to where they send them frommy Mistress Mystee Crockett uses FedEx and i have to sign for the parcel, she puts ‘garments’ on the label so that is always okMy ex wife once forgot her underwear in a hotel and they posted it back without washing it , they said they do that all the time ahah