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Is There A Season 2 Of Gu Family Book A.k.a. The Love Story Of Kang Chi

What are the best historical Korean dramas?

Six Flying Dragons.It is period drama depicts the ambitions and success stories of 6 people with Lee Bang-Won as the central figure. Lee Bang-Won was the third king in the Joseon Dynasty. He helped his father King Taejo establish the Joseon Dynasty. It really must-a-watched historical drama, you will know how history of Joseon, how they established new country, and how Lee bang won kill his teacher for king position. It is best!Tree with Deep Root.This drama based on novel, but it tells how hangeul was found by King Sejong. This is a continuation drama after watch Six Flying Dragons, about Lee Bang Won's son, Lee Do or King Sejong.

Which are the best Korean dramas/movies you have ever watched in your life?

DRAMASAs you have only watched Descendants of the Sun, I assume you are quite new to Kdrama world. I guess you might like to watch new dramas. Out of hundreds of kdramas that air every year, there were many good dramas that were popular in 2016. Out of the dramas I have watched I have shortlisted and recommend you the followung ten best ones (in no particular order)Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - My current favourite which I completed watching the last. This is a Sports University Romance.2. W- Two Worlds - Fantacy Romance story which a cartoon character’s world and real world.3. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds - Historical Romance which a girl cross-dress as a man and falls in love with a prince.4. The Legend of the Blue Sea - Fantacy Romance around a mermaid and a con-man5. Cheese in the Trap - Hmmm……. University Romance I’d say. Must warn you it has an abrupt ending.6. Six Flying Dragons - Only if interested in Korean History. Pretty long drama with 50 episodes.7. Doctors (a.k.a Doctor Crush) - Another medical romance8. The K2 - A melodrama with action9. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo - Another Historical Romance10. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God a.k.a Goblin - Has everything from history, fantasy, romance, comedy.MOVIESThere are so many Korean good movies that I have watched, without knowing a particular genre it is difficult to name a few.But you can start with the following and let me know if you need more recommendations. These are purely based on what I like.

What are your favourite Korean movies or dramas and why?

This question is from awhile ago and it already has multiple answers… but I can’t resist. No one has said anything about Twenty!Twenty is a relatively new comedy from Korea. It is downright HILARIOUS. The humor is kind of crude at times, but not overly-so. Nevertheless, the perfect amounts of reality and romance are littered throughout the film. (I should tell you, however, that its target audience is young adults, so if you are looking for something really mature, this isn't your movie.)The acting is some of the best I have seen out of Korea. I have somewhat of a bias being a huge Korean drama fan, but the cast is perfect and their work is fantastic. Kim Woobin’s scenes are particularly entertaining — I highly recommended finding this out for yourself. He is an incredibly talented actor. Plus he’s a babe.It’s kind of hard to find, but its on Drama Fever and you can watch it if you have Premium or do the Premium free trial just for the movie. Otherwise, if you speak Spanish or Korean, here is the link for the movie on YouTube with Spanish subtitles:GO WATCH IT!

Which Korean drama shouldn’t you watch?

Although I loved all the Korean dramas I watched, but there were few which were intolerable.Boys Over Flowers : God knows why it is so overrated. The only reason I could complete it was because of the second lead couple.Playful Kiss: Another crazy drama without any head or tail. A desperate girl who is shown innocent and a handsome guy without expressions.The Return of Illjimae : Another drama that went over my head.Marriage not Dating: I started this drama since it had great views, but then I realised all that shines is not gold.Don't watch these dramas if you want to keep your sanity intact.Hope this helps.