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Is There A Site I Can Type A Message And Be Able To Send A Link To Anyone To Read The Message

Can messages you send people on Facebook be read by everyone?

Hi, when you send a private message to someone on facebook only they can read it. However, some people may be sending threads to a bunch of friends at the same time, this kinda of message can be read by everyone and when someone replies to it everyone can see it. You can see if the message was sent to other friends as well by checking to see if their names are in the To: section of the message. If you write on someones wall it can be read by anyone who can see their wall, you can delete this wall post by going to the wall post on their profile and clicking delete.

How can a text message be sent without you sending it?

You can send a text message from you carrier web page like if you have verizon you can go to and click on send quick text and you can send a text from there. Also i work for Tmobile and there is theses phones that run on a program called ANDROID which lets you download applications kinda like the Iphone and there is one called spoof which let you spoof ur caller id so other people think its someone else like they could have put in your number n called or texted n e one and it will show ur number insted of theres.

How to Send the Message:For sending the message,all you got to know is the "facebook username" of the person who has blocked you.Obviously,if the person has blocked you,you won't be able to visit his/her profile.But finding the facebook username is really a cakewalk.You can make a new account to find the username or better you can simply ask any of your friend just to tell you the person's facebook username.Once you know the username,you automatically gets to know the person's facebook http://email-id.To know how Username is related to Facebook email-id,you can read out my article .Now,you must know that facebook has come up with one new feature,"Emailing blended up with facebook messages." This feature allows you to use your personal email id to send the messages to the people on facebook.Sending the message using email is as simple as sending a normal mail to Anybody Resources and Information. the "To" section,you have to add the person's facebook email id whom you want to send the message to but has blocked you and in the "body" section,you have to write your http://message.As usual,the subject part is optional.After you send the email,the message will arrive in the person's facebook message box in the folder named "Other" and he/she will be able to read out your message like other normal messages he/she receives.

How to send a Facebook message anonymous?

I think that you could possibly be exposing yourself to risks of being found out and making matters worse. And the message could go into the other folder and then it is all for naught.

Honestly, if a person has ruined your life, your communication with them on FB is likely not fully the answer to the problem. Your life is not ruined. Yesterday is gone. The story is not over yet. People who ruin others' lives have a way of getting what is coming to them, and people who have been hurt by others' destructive behavior have a way of rising like a Phoenix from the ashes and making a comeback.

Work on your comeback, and a positive next chapter that this person won't ruin. Good luck.

I’d like to add an update since you already have two good answers here. Now you can message anyone, even if they are not your followers. Another way to communicate with someone is to comment on one of their pins; they will get a direct notification.Sometimes when you an account name, that is not necessarily the name they are registered under and it’s hard to find them in Pinterest. For example an account may be under the name John Smith but if you try to send John a message he might not show up because his Pinterest name is John Consulting. So if you know the person you want to contact, go to their account and check their URL to see what name they use.

How the heck can you send the Yahoo people a message about your problems with the new version of email?

I want to speak with a real person from customer care and there is no obvious way to contact anyone! All there is are message boards with posts from other users. How can I write to or call customer care? I am having a lot of problems with this new version of yahoo e-mail! I am so frustrated with it! I sent out a very important time sensitive e-mail last Friday and it was in my sent box, BUT the person NEVER received it! I kept getting error messages when I tried to forward it again and again! I had to fwd it to myself and then to the person! I may have lost a place to live because of this! I also cannot open my emails without clicking on them several times and writing a new email to someone is impossible with the way they have their name box set up! I can't correct the recipient's name if there is a typo without deleting the whole thing! I can't believe how bad this version is! I sent that impt email and yahoo said it was sent and it wasn't! I tried to find a way to send yahoo a message and all they do is lead you to drop down menus or message boards! WHERE ARE YOU YAHOO STAFF? HOW DO I REACH YOU? AFTER BEING HAPPY WITH MY YAHOO FOR OVER 10 YEARS, YOU FORCED ME TO UPGRADE TO THIS HORRIBLE MALFUNCTIONING NEW EMAIL SYSTEM AND NOW I AM FORCED TO GO TO GMAIL OR ANOTHER EMAIL THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! CAN'T THE YAHOO PEOPLE SEE HOW MANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS THERE ARE NOW? PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR USERS AND BRING BACK THE OLD CLASSIC MAIL! IF IT WAS NOT BROKEN WHY DID YOU HAVE TO "FIX" IT WITH THIS ABSOLUTE CRAP NEW VERSION?? IT IS VERY SAD TO HAVE TO LEAVE YAHOO AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! PLEASE HELP ME FIND WHERE I CAN TALK TO AN ACTUAL PERSON ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS! IF YAHOO CONTINUES TO DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS THEN IT'S GOOD BYE YAHOO! I WISH YOU THE YAHOO TEAM WOULD LISTEN TO ALL OF US AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. IT WOULD JUST BE EASIER TO ALLOW US TO GET BACK OUR OLD VERSION OF YAHOO MAIL AND GET RID OF THIS NEW VERSION OR AT LEAST GIVE PEOPLE A CHOICE IF THEY WANT IT! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BAD BUSINESS AND YAHOO WILL LOSE THOUSANDS OF USERS! PLEASE STOP THIS BEFORE NOBODY WANTS A YAHOO ACCOUNT ANYMORE!

The only 100% effective way is to send so called “Flash Message”. This type does not go to inbox, instead it’s printed on the screen at the moment of reception. In order for recipient to use the phone, he needs to click on “Close”.If the recipient used the phone afterwards, you will be 100% sure he saw your text.

From our Help Center article, How can I send a private message through Quora?:You can message other Quora users using our 'Messages' feature.On the web, open Messages in the Profile menu at the top-right. From your mobile app, you can find Messages in the 'You' tab. To send a new message, click on the 'Messages' link below your name and profile description, then click on 'Compose' in the bottom right.You can also message a user directly by visiting their profile, then clicking on the 'Message' link below their username and profile description.You can control who sends you messages on Quora, and you may not be able to message all users on Quora (depending on their settings). The default mode for messaging is that, with some exceptions, you will only receive messages from people you follow. You can still allow anyone to message you by changing your privacy settings. You can also choose to turn off messages altogether. These settings mean that new messages you receive will generally be from people that you connect with, and there will be less risk of spam or harassment from strangers.For more information about Quora’s features and frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center.