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Is There A Technique For My Fingers To Land In The Right Holes For My Clarinet

Is there a logical explanation of the plot of Mulholland Drive?

What makes the movie difficult to understand is the sequence of events.To quote the sequence of events given on this site: Diane wins the Jitterbug contest. Her family (the old man and old woman) is there and cheers for her. (This is much earlier than any of the rest of the movie.  years possibly)2. Camilla and Diane fool around on the couch (notice the ashtray). Camilla  says that they shouldn't do that anymore.3. Camilla and the director talk and kiss in the car for the movie.4. Diane gets a phone call and is told to get in the limo. She is dropped off at the bottom of the director’s house. The dinner scene occurs in which she finds out that her lover Camilla and the director are getting married.5. Diane sits in a restaurant with the hit-man and tells him to kill Camilla.6. Diane returns home and feels guilty.7. She falls asleep on the pillow.8. Diane has a long dream. What happens in this dream is coming from guilt and the people surrounding her life. The director who is getting married to her x-lover has a terrible life. Her x-lover loves her again. Diane is an amazing actress and does a great job. The part with the men in the restaurant and the monster is all just a part of the dream. The cowboy has nothing to do with the movie for the most part. He was just seen by Diane at one point and he stuck with her so he’s in her dream. Her dead aunt shows up. She mixes up names just like everybody often does in dreams. None of this is real. There are many things her dream feeds off of... too many things to try to explain. The dream begins with Camilla (Rita) in the car and ends with the cowboy waking her up.  That is all within her dream.9. A knocking wakes Diane up. It is her neighbor looking for the rest of her belongings. She picks up her ashtray (notice the blue key) and says that there are detectives looking for Diane.10. While making coffee, Diane thinks she sees Camilla (who she just had killed). It’s just a daydream.11. Diane goes and sits on the couch and stares at the blue key. Someone is knocking (I think that this could be the detectives looking for Diane). The little people are her family representing her conscience. She gets scarred of the knocking and the haunting visions of her loved ones and she runs into her room and shoots herself.THE ENDThis is the order in which the movie plays out.1, 7, credits, 8, 9, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11 end credits

Good Websites?

so i like websites that can teach me interesting junk. how-to sites, common knowledge i may have missed, not so common knowledge, peculiar news... alot of sites i run into are really stupid and start listing lame trivia facts and stuff that just isnt all that interesting. i dont want to here about stuff that isnt useful. im looking for things that make me think--that i can apply. those of u who also spend too much time surfing the web and being frustrated with all the useless junk taking up space prob kinda get wat i mean. my interests are actually really wide, so im just looking for lots of suggestions here. tell me ur fav finds that i may not know of. thanks much!!!