Is There A Term For An Adult That Is Not Yet Elderly I.e 50. But Is Almost There I.e 45/47

No age gap is too big. Age is just a number.Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been together for 14 years. Ellen is 15 years older. Can you tell by looking at this photo? I can’t.There’s a 20 year age gap between Princess Charlene and Prince Albert. They’ve been together for 18 years.Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been together since 1996. I’m not saying she looks old, but I didn’t know they were 25 years apart in age, either. He looks pretty good for 74, though.Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford have been together for 16 years, but they are 22 years apart in age.In the celebrity world, there are much bigger gaps (33–35 years!) and plenty of relationships in the 10–20 years apart range.People think it’s gross when you just throw out the numbers, but why? If the older person takes care of themselves, it’s not gross at all.People think that different generations have nothing in common, but generations really have nothing to do with your values, beliefs, hobbies or outlook on life, especially as you age. I was big into roller skating when I was a teen. Roller rinks are mostly a thing of the past, which is OK, because I don’t have much desire to get into skates anymore! I didn’t grow up with technology and video games, but I’m very into them now. What does my age have to do with that?Generations only means you had different experiences in life. It doesn’t mean you’re not on the same path now.

Traveling long distance with pet snake?

I moved my 14 year old male king snake Pepe from Reno NV to Carolina Beach NC last week in our SUV. A few days before the move, I purchased a TIDE clothes dryer bag - basically a plastic net - and separated (cut away) the front zippered net pocket from the bag. I then picked up a USPS large shipping box (about 18"x12") and used a wood skewer to poke air holes all around the sides of the box. I used the plastic part of the dryer bag as a "pee barrier" on the bottom and taped it tight about halfway up the sides of the box (and below the air holes I had made). I then placed some dirty laundry (socks and underwear) in the bottom of the box so that my scent was in the box and so that he had something soft to lay on.

A few days before our move, I placed Pepe in the zippered net pocket and then in the box with the flaps pressed down to make it dark for a few hours at a time to try to prep him for the new temporary environment. The first two times, he hissed and growled some but by the third time that all stopped.

5 days of road time, taking him INSIDE at each over night stop; he sat at our feet in the passenger floor compartment without a peep. I would open the box flaps a couple of times a day so he could see a familiar face (take off your sunglasses so he recognizes the shape of your face). On the few occasions in the afternoon the sun was beating down on the box, I placed a white towel over the box to keep the temperature reasonable for him. Also, be cognizant of the air conditioner in your car; we turned off the floor vents to make sure we didn't freeze him.

Got him set up in a tank the day we arrived and fed him the next day without issue.

Who is the rightful owner of israel and why?

The land that is now Israel has had a long and occasionally violent history, and has changed hands several times over the centuries. It has been controlled by various different civilisations including the Persian, Roman, Ottoman and British empires, and each change of hands has almost always been accompanied by a change of religion, so I don't believe any ancient historical claim to the land is viable.

At the turn of the 20th century, the land was part of the Ottoman Empire, and following the first world war, was occupied by the British, and was administered by the British until 1948. In the build up to the second world war, due to the actions of the Nazis in Germany, there was a mass emigration of Jews to Palestine (as it was called then). The Palestinians, already unhappy with British rule, staged a revolt. Attacks were mainly carried out against the British, and to a lesser extent Jewish settlements. Both the Jews and the British retaliated, the Jews forming a paramilitary organisation called the Hanagah. This revolt lasted from 1936 - 1939, with a brief respite in 1937, when partition was first suggested.

The Second World War then intervened, during which the Palestinians and Israelis both fought against Germany and Italy. After the war, both Palestinians and Israelis wanted independence, and British morale was low, so in November 1948 the UN voted to partition the land. The surrounding arab nations voted against partition, as did the Palestinians. Almost immediately, sectarian violence broke out and soon became a civil war, with Israel conquering Galilee, Lydda and Ramle. Shortly after, Jordan annexed the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and Egypt annexed the Gaza Strip.

Fearing an attack from surrounding nations, in 1967 Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt, Jordan and Syria, and defeated them in six days, thanks in no small part to American weapons, thus capturing the west bank and the gaza strip, and the Golan Heights from Syria. Because of this, a state of war still exists with Syria to this day.

The history of the region is long and complicated, and atrocities have been committed by all sides involved, so there isn't a clear 'rightful' owner, which is why the conflicts continue today.

Alzheimer's patient won't ever sleep...?

Insomnia is a common side effect of Alzheimer's Disease, and ironically, a contributing factor to it as well. Lack of quality REM sleep will increase a person's likelihood of developing the disease. Unfortunately, many physicians prescribe antidepressants to Alzheimer's patients, and while these might make the individual sleepy, they often prevent one from reaching REM. REM sleep is like the "defrag" program that your computer runs. Without it, your brain can't function well. The good news is that there are some new prescription sleep aids on the market that do not interfere with REM sleep.

The first order should be consulting with her physician, to see if he or she can assist. Her lack of sleep will make her dementia even worse, and her doctor is the best place to start asking for help. Beyond that, there are dietary and environmental things that might help:

Diet: Eliminate caffeine after lunch time. Avoid her eating a heavy meal too close to bedtime. Also avoid having her feel too hungry at bedtime. I assume she doesn't have access to nicotine or alcohol, but if she does, try phasing that out. Alcohol causes rebound insomnia. Avoid a lot of liquids before bed.

Medication: Antidepressants (see above). Diuretics too close to bedtime can cause difficulty sleeping,

Lifestyle: Not getting enough exercise during the day. Or, getting too much in the evening.

Environment: Ensure her room is quiet, dark, and a comfortable temperature. Some people sleep better at night, if they do not take naps during the day. Can she take a bath before bed? Make sure there is no television or clock visible from her bed. Keep her on a regular routine so that wake up time and bedtime are consistent.

Previous erratic schedules: Was she ever a shift worker (like a nurse?) Shift work can cause Circadian Rhythm disruptions that can be difficult to overcome. While the FDA does not endorse most OTC/Herbal sleep remedies (such as melatonin), this may be an area where they actually have a positive affect.

All of these should be discussed with her physician--a geriatric specialist, neurologist, or sleep specialist. If her current physician is not supportive, encourage her family to find a new one. There are many amazing and compassionate providers out there, but unfortunately also a few who don't give the elderly the extra attention they deserve. Find a good one.

How do I tell my daughter-in-law to stop being selfish?

ok Dad, carry on a minute!! we could pass back, purely slightly. Did you assert she became earlier clinically determined with severe melancholy. And purely some months in the past. From authentic existence adventure i'm dealing with a melancholy and severe stress and characteristic purely been on drugs for 2 months. in case you do no longer comprehend, you are able to ask somebody experienced with melancholy. That it takes approximately 2 months, sometime shorter quantity of time, for melancholy drugs to have an entire influence on the physique. i'm no longer interior the sphere of psychology yet i'm experienced interior the scientific field. a million. With melancholy, family members that are particularly in touch approximately thier kinfolk, do no longer push issues on them, do no longer rush having an entire time duty. looking after an elderly guy affected by alzheimer's is an even bigger pastime, mentally and bodily for a non depressed sane guy or woman. 2. Please do no longer verbally stress issues to her approximately what she could do and should no longer do. guy, you sound like anal retentive administration freak!!!!! Are you a Virgo, or Aries? 3. do no longer lose your staying power (Getting mad over something you are able to desire to be looking after your self.) enable her concentration on getting properly with this earlier you start up up making anal demands. i'm specific she would be in a position to assist out extra, and is a honestly candy female. the reason she is depressed any way is in all likelihood because of the fact of you. Sorry, however the fact will set you unfastened. 4. do no longer blame her or blow up approximately what could and should no longer be her responsibilty. do no longer call her names and get mad at her. you are able to relax bro!!! basically take a seat back!! each thing does no longer revolve around you and you have no administration of time (like: it must be finished as we talk, whilst are you going to try this, or how long is this occurring.) wait and notice with others and that they are going to attend and notice with you. God has administration over all, no longer you and there'll come the day once you would be cared by utilizing her. you do no longer comprehend what state of techniques she would be in a position to be in, you do no longer comprehend in case you would be cared for in any respect, you by no ability comprehend the destiny

Ive just been named executor of my dads state,What does that mean?

I was executor for my mother's estate. Fortunately, she & dad had trusts set up, which meant we entirely skipped the step someone mentioned about probate court & from what I've heard, saved about $40,000 in lawyers' fees & saved a bunch of waiting time & general hassle. So, your dad should set up a trust for the sake of his heirs, & you will praise him forever if he does. It will still be your dad's money & house, & nothing much will change for him.

In fact, all of us should set up trusts in our 50's & 60's. I listened to a radio program about trusts & went to a seminar to learn more, but I still haven't made one because for me, it's a matter of picking out charities.

The other thing I see is that people are mentioning estate tax. We had no estate tax because there wasn't any for federal. I forgot if federal only had tax for anything $2 million & over or if it was tax-free regardless, but that's almost irrelevant what the law was in '04 because Congress has this whole schedule of what happens if the person dies during this year or that. They change the law, & then they way when it's effective. Then they make a different law, & it's effective starting some other year. So, it would depend on the year he died. Also, there may be a state tax on estates. California has no estate tax. Oklahoma, where Mother lived, has a tax on everything $1 million & over, & we were under that amount.

Hopefully, your dad will get a good estate lawyer, perhaps a lawyer he already knows or maybe someone recommended by friends & well respected in his town. Also, there will probably be a tax accountant if your dad already has one, he would know the estate tax law for your dad's year of death, & he would be filing one last income tax return for the year when your dad dies.

I'm going to copy down the other person's list & re-prioritize what has to be done first, 2nd, 3rd, etc., at least from my experience, & also add a few things, although it's a fairly good list.

Is depression a trained state of mind? Or a born sickness destined to be triggered by a bad event?

I even have been tormented by placed up partum melancholy for the previous 365 days when I gave beginning to a infant boy. i could no longer end thinking approximately how my husband loves him greater beneficial than me and how issues may be greater valuable if he wasn't born in any respect. for this reason, I stayed faraway from him because of the fact I knew that i could do some thing i'm going to sense sorry approximately for something of my life. enormously much quickly I went to a therapist and convince them that i choose help. between different issues, i've got tried organic supplementations and different e book to handle melancholy yet no longer something works like the melancholy unfastened approach. So now i'm proud to declare i'm between the happiest mom in the international. My husband loves us the two very a lot and that i thank the Lord for the blessing he gave us. melancholy unfastened approach?