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Is There A Twic Card In La Port Texas

TWIC card in texas cost or no cost?

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TWIC card in texas cost or no cost?
anyone in texas know how much it cost for a TWIC card? if it does cost, i could not find it anywhere on the web site. let me know please.

Where can i get a twic card nearest dallas?

TWIC Enrollment Center
Suite 370
1717 Turning Basin
Houston, TX 77029

But you have to make an appointment:

What is a TWIC card used for?

Because of government security regulations, you need a TWIC if your job requires regular access to most marine terminals or any major US commercial vessels 9such as you work there, you have to have frequent meetings with people there, you drive a truck picking up cargo there). Without the card, you would have to be escorted by someone who did have the card. Most, if not all, businesses are not willing to commit the resources necessary to provide escorts for employees or regular visitors.

When the government issues you the card, all it means is that the Transportation Security Administration has evaluated you against various data bases and doesn't think you are likely to engage in terrorism in the transportation sector.

The card has tamper-resistant features, or at least features that make tampering more obvious. It also stores a digital version of the photograph of the holder, as well as digital templates of the holder's fingerprints. Even though iTWICs have all these high tech features, they are, at the present time, in most places, simply used just like any other photo ID, although before letting you in someone is supposed to compare the photo to you, check that the card hasn't expired, and look at the holograms and other security features to see if the card has been tampered with. In a couple of years, at least some terminals and ships will have to use machines ("TWIC readers") to check that the card is authentic and still valid, as well as comparing holder's fingerprints with those stored electronically on the card (to make sure it's the holder's card).

Where can i get a TWIC card in texas nearest to houston?

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Twic card for truck driver?
this site has everything you need to know and there is a number there that you can call to speak to someone for more info

Question about the twic card?

Yes you do. The TWIC card only allows access to ports. It does not give you line cutting privileges.

I have both a TWIC card (I'm a truck driver) and TSA clearance and I still have to wait in the lines. However, my TSA clearance (I always carry my papers with me when I fly) has allowed me to take items on the plane that others are not allowed.

Unless you are a truck driver or an expediter you really have no reason to waste the money on a TWIC card anyway.

Any way you can get a twic card with a felony?

Depends on the felony and how long ago it was.

A conviction for espionage, sedition, treason and terrorism is a permanent bar that can't be waived.

Certain other crimes, like murder, bomb threats, unlawful possession of explosives, some RICO violations, are called "permanent disqualifying criminal offenses," but can be waived.

Other designated felonies are considered "interim disqualifying" if the conviction was within 7 years of the TWIC application, or if the applicant was released from prison/jail within 5 years of applying.
These time periods can be waived by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). I have been surprised by the number of waivers that TSA has granted (over 90% of over 9600 requests))

If a criminal conviction results in TSA issuing an "Initial Determination of Threat Assessment" -- meaning they won't give you a TWIC--you can appeal. About half the people who got one of these appealed. Over 97% of over 47,000 appeals have been granted.

Bottom line, (1) your felony might not be one that's disqualifying (you can get a TWIC)
(2) if it is disqualifying,and it's over a few years old and you can show you've behaved yourself, you have a good chance of getting a TWIC by going through the waiver or appeal process.

The permanent and interim disqualifying offenses are listed in section 1772.103 of title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (click on the link under sources, below).

John C.W. Bennett
Maritime Protective Services, Inc.

How do you get a TWIC card in Houston? What are the costs and requirements?

Obtaining a TWIC card can be done in 3 easy steps.1) Locate the nearest TWIC office. This can be done by visiting: 2) Go to the nearest location and fill out the appropriate application in the facility (Application can also be found online). They will take your thumbprint and a photo of you. Also, you will need to provide them with specific identifying documents. More information on the specific documents you will need to provide can be found here:   UES - TWIC® Determine Documents 3) Pay a $128 fee. A background check will be completed and, assuming everything checks out, you will be mailed the TWIC card.FYI- It can take up to 2 months to receive the card so I would start the process as soon as possible, just in case.Any other questions you might have may be found here: of luck.