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Is There A Was That I Can View Myself As Others Do

Sometimes I view myself as superior to others because I'm more intelligent than them in terms of math and science. How do you stop thinking this way?

Sometimes people focus on something like this as a way of compensating for feeling inferior in other ways. For math and science geniuses this stereotypically includes things like social skills, attracting the other sex, or sometimes sports, but this can apply in many different ways.Do you want to know a secret? While you may have more or less aptitude for a particular skill (it's going to be difficult to make varsity in basketball if you're 5'0" tall, for example), all of these are skills where learning ultimately matters much more than initial aptitude. There are a million stories of socially awkward people who work to acquire better social skills and end up blossoming socially. And a 5'0" basketball player who practices diligently for a couple of hours a day can quickly surpass a guy who's 6'3" but who never plays. (Guys like Michael Jordan and LeBron James didn't get there just by having ideal bodies and having magic happen for them, they got there by starting with terrific physical tools and honing those tools with incredible hard work for many years. They make it look easy, but getting to where it looks easy involves a mountain of hard work.)If it's important to you, you can master social skills, sports, dating, or anything else. You just have to learn, spend time on it, and develop the skill you want. And even if you'd rather spend your time on math and science right now, knowing that you are perfectly capable of learning these things when you're ready to spend time on them should help you feel better about being bad at them -- you know you can get better when you're ready.The flipside is that lots of other people could be just as good at math/science things if that's what they cared about. So in a lot of ways, you're winning simply because you care about it. This should hopefully remind you to be more humble about the things you're good at.

How can you see yourself the way others do?

I'll preface this by saying, I am not a counselor, nor have I ever taken a class in psychology. What I write today is based solely on my own journey of seeing myself clearly. Let's be candid; what worked for me might not work for you.You are your own person with your own needs and desires. Because you are our own, you have a right to go on a quest-a hunt-to not be satisfied until you find the answer. Often, you'll look to find that answer in others and how they perceive you.But, the answer does not lie in how others see you. It is not in the reflection staring back at you. I once wrote a poem titled, "Mirror Between" and essentially it was a way of asking myself, "When will that mirror between stop keeping me from who I'm meant to be?" The journey to seeing yourself in the way others see you is to retrain your thoughts about yourself. Rip down the negative walls that guards your heart, and truly look to discover yourself. Because until you are comfortable with who you are to be truly happy with yourself; you'll need to be willing to accept the positive attributes within you.Start by making a list of all the things you don't like about yourself. Maybe your negative list will be pages long, or you might be pleasantly surprised and find that it's not even a page long. Now, next to it, write out all the positive words that others have said about you, in addition to the things you like about yourself.My list looks like this...not perfect, but completeconsistenttrustworthyfocuseddetermineda good friendgood enoughcompassionatelovingkindEvery time I find my thoughts circling around what I believe to be negative attributes about myself, I return to my list, and I read it out loud.I am not perfect, but complete.I am consistent.I am trustworthy.I am focused.I am determined.I am a good friend.I am good enough.I am compassionate.I am loving.I am kind.You must not resist the transformation from negative thoughts to more positive thoughts about yourself. It's not about becoming over-confident and self-absorbed. The exercise is to help you see yourself clearly. You cannot continue to be a caterpillar - when you are meant to be a butterfly. Time inside of the cocoon is the most grueling and difficult on your mind. It'll take time, but it is worth it. Be patient with yourself.Most importantly, don't look to others to find your value. Look deep within and acknowledge that who you are is authentically you-no one else-and that alone makes you amazing!

I see myself from second person view, is this normal?

Like whatever I do, I need to find a reason for the second person to understand, else I will find it hard to do thing, I never ever really feel myself as myself, everytime need to being watch by myself, I don't know if this so call self conscious, but i do think that this is extremely wrong type of self conscious, I really want to feel myself as myself once, but i don't know how....

just need some advise, is there any term in psychology for this kind of problem?

How do you view yourself as you interact with others around you?

as though he is I and I am she and they are me and we are them.


How can I stop comparing myself to others?

Realize that u were made you perfect and if god wanted to make u look like the other girls than he would. Everyone i beautiful in their own way and I am sure u are so noticed that u are pretty and nobody can change that!

How can i use my webcam to view myself offline?

you could just do it with out internet go to your "my pictures" then a lil thing will pop up on the left side saying "pictures from camera or scanner" click that and then a lil window will pop up and click next and ur cam will go on and u can see your self and take pictures on it too...thats wat i do to see how i look before gettting on cam