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Is There A Way I Can Clear A Scar On My Right Arm

Army / Meps / Scars / Hearing?

I am trying to join the army. I took a hearing test and i am under 20 db in 500hz,1000hz,2000hz,3000z, on the 4000hz my left ear was a 35-40 and my right was a 40-45. Is this good enought to pass the hearing portion i took the test at school with the hearing lady. My second question is i have scars, a dog bite on the back of my head that got stitches, a scar on my right arm above the elbow kinda white happended when i was cutting grass and ran the arm across an open link it didnt cut me but it like scrapped the color off lol. And then i have surgery scar on my neck and on my chest they are both under 2 inches and are fading they were a biopsy. Will meps ask about these scars? Can you get dq for scars. Please stories with recent meps visits

How do I remove acne scars? Acne leaves scars on my right cheek always. Could there be a specific reason of that?

I would like to give an upright and straight answer without any ornamentation.ROSEHIP OILI keep repeatedly saying the same thing; so it might sound exaggeration and hype. But seriously, I don’t care anymore. Because I wish I could have met this product a long time back. This oil is enriched with a number of amazing anti oxidants including Vitamin E. This is a boon to fade acne scars and skin ailments.Don’t believe me? Check out these images for yourself.Three cheers to your upcoming bright and beautiful skin. Much love; take care :)

I have a small scar in my right arm, am I still fit to be a cabin crew?

It all comes down to which airline you wish to work for + the size/location of the scar. A lot of EU/USA airlines arnt that strict when it comes to scars. With Asian/Middle Eastern airlines unfortunately they are strict with scars because of their image rules/regulations.With most of the Asian/Middle Eastern airlines, if the scar is hidden when wearing the uniform and the scar is tiny they are most often ok with that. If its visible when wearing the uniform there might be a slight issue. But again depending of the size and location of the scar.Usually these airlines are strict when it comes to deep surgery scars, that would be visible when wearing the uniform. If the scar is tiny and not that visible they are ok with that. These airlines care a lot about their image because their crew represent the airline and are walking PR for the airlines.Also bare in mind that a lot of people cover their scars with makeup. They dont declare the scar if its super tiny and not that visible.But 100% you should apply and see how it goes. We should always try our luck regardless what we think might stop our chances. Because if we didn't try how would we know if we had a chance or not to succeed!Good Luck!!

How do I remove the herpes scar on my right arm?

Hi,Scars are difficult to get rid of, as it depends on a variety of factors.We would initially ask how deep set are the scars and how pigmented.From our experience increasing collagen treatments and repair products combined work to eliminate some of the deepest scars.With natural treatments you have to be careful what you use, using lemon is a big 'no no' as it inbalances the skin.We would recommend the following options:1. Derma rolling - has been used in aesthetics for years, is actually considered natural because you're using it to activate the natural healing process in yoir body. Using this regularly will help to plump skin and bring nutrients to the skin to reduce the scars.2. Products with naturally active ingredients to lighten skin - these will help to reduce any pigmentation around the scars.3. Eat a protein rich diet - protein is the building block for cells, increase protein in your diet and you will see how quickly your scars start reducing.Theres a lot more you can do but these are the top 3, used in combination its a powerful treatment for scars.Hope it helps!

Scars under my arm (armpit) what can i use to get rid of it!?

I learned some remedies in nursing school that help

Below I've listed several ways to cure scars with natural treatments, I also listed many different one's you can choose from

1)--Smear Vitamin E Oil Caplets on the scarred area.

2)--Smear some tea tree oil on the scar to help it heal faster.

3)---Put 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and apply on scar to treat naturally.

4)---Blanch green tea, soak a cotton ball and apply on the scar to help it heal the natural way.

5)---Mix Aloe Vera and vitamin E gel caplets and apply to the scar.

6)---Rub honey on the scar as often as you can to make it heal.

7)---Rub some olive oil on scars 2-3 times a day.

Hope this helps & God Bless You! =)

Why does the TB vaccine leave a dented mark/scar on your arm?

I think the question refers to the vaccine, not the test.  The BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) vaccine often leaves a pock-mark where it's given, which is traditionally the left shoulder.  I found this description of what happens:  Immediately after the BCG vaccine there is a small swelling at the injection site  which persists for 6-8 hours. After that the swelling disappears &  the injection site looks normal. After 6-8 weeks a swelling reappears  which looks like a mosquito bite. It grows in size & forms a nodule  which breaks open & discharges some fluid & forms an ulcer. The  ulcer heals by forming a scar. The whole process takes 2-5 weeks. Some  times this process of ulceration & healing recurs 2-3 times.  Ultimately the typical puckered scar is formed which remains for  lifetime.Storage, Preparation, Dosing, Efficacy, Complications

What are the medical criteria for clearing SSB?

I can.I have got recommended for Navy Observer. Pathology-Your blood and urine samples will be collected and the necessary haemoglobin, platelets test will be done. I'm not sure about the other tests they do. Anthropometry- They measure your height, weight, check for knock knees, elbow, flat foot, etc. Since its flying branch for me, almost they measured the length of each and every bone for me including the fingers.Radiosonograph- Working of kidney, liver are checkedDental- Proper arrangement of teeth are checked.Eye- I am not sure about the name of the tests. But around three tests are done to check for power, one of which you have to read the alphabet of various sizesX-ray- Spine, neck, Rib, Pelvis are checkedEar- Sonograph is done/Nose-self-examination by doctorSurgical- self-examination of whole body by doctor - if he recommends suggestion from experts reg any skin issue or other, you have to meet specific doctors.Finally, when every department mentioned above declares you fit, the reports will be analyzed by a doctor in higher rank, The Medical Board President. And you will be declared fit for the entry :)Initially, i was told unfit due to a thick scar on my right arm, which happened before 10 years. They mentioned it was due to tissue formation named Keloid. Then i went and got suggestion from civil doctors, who said its a similar condition named Hypertrophic scar but not harmful or growing as keloid. I got certificate from him but it was useless though. In Appeal board, where i was called to Delhi, the doctor also agreed the same. Thus, I'm declared fit and waiting for merit list now :)

Do self harm scars ever go away?

There are Multiple Possibilities to this QuestionFirstly, i’m going to skip over the message of to never cut (seriously people never start, it ain't worth it), and to get some help, because by the wording of the question, it sounds like its to late.Now for the answer.It would depend on the depth of the cut. Most light cuts that don't draw much blood, should fade away within a year or so, but will be almost invisible with 3 months.Deeper cuts I find take longer to fade. My oldest have faded to being almost invisible unless looked for, within two years. They do leave an indent in the skin though. This may not leave, dependant on the depth.How quick a scar fades is also dependant on where the cut is situated. Some areas, such as your arms or thigh fade a lot quicker, compared to areas like your ankle or foot. This is what I find anyway.A major thing to consider in reducing scars is to stop self harming. I know this sounds simpler than it is, but they don't leave unless you stop. Trust me I understand what your going through.Also there are a number of creams and lotions that can help fade scars. Personally I used lemon juice to fade burns on my wrists. It stung like crazy, But Now They Are Gone!! If U look into that sought of stuff you'll find all soughts of stuff.Seriously, I hope they will leave for you soon. Never give up hope and never give up on life. Things will change eventually.Edit: If you could comment or upvote I would really appreciate it, as I'm trying to work on my writing style and it lets me know if this is a good answer or not. :)

Will I be able to model with scars?

I've been thinking about submitting my photos to a modelling agency. I'm not really serious about it, I don't want it as a career, and I'm 5'6'' so it wouldn't be runway modelling or anything, purely pictures, commercial. I thought if I got even one or two jobs it would be a good experience and I could make some money.

But I've got a few scars, I scar really easily (two of them are in awkward places that make me look like I'm a self harmer :S I want to say first that I am NOT)
I've got one small scar on my inner left arm, near the elbow. Its slightly raised but its skin toned (slightly paler). Its very small. I've got another one half way down my inner right arm, but thats a burn, it happened 6 months ago, I expect it to have faded completely by the end of the year.
The major ones are on my leg. My right thigh has 3 long scars, starting at the top and the longest one finishing just over half way down. The biggest one is almost 1cm across (probably more like 3/4) at its widest point. One of them is hardly visible, the other 2 kind of are, but I wear skirts and short all the time and lots of people haven't noticed (in college one day people were talking about scars, and I lifted my leg up and showed them mine... these were all people who had known me for at least a year, and had seen me in short dresses, skirts, shorts, etc, but almost all of them were shocked and hadn't noticed them before then) They are slightly raised and are skin coloured (slightly paler). They have gotten better with time and are still improving.

So, anyone know if this would be a massive problem?