Is There Another Game Similar To Draw My Thing

What are some games like "Draw My Thing"?

Stickman3-with vengeance is my favorite. stickman3 with vengeance - Apps on Google PlayIt combines the elegant mix of old school graphics with new age controls and game play. It has all the potential to be the next flappy bird. Try it and share it if you like.

Games like "Draw my Thing"?

My favorite site to play games like draw
Something is I play draw
Something on my iPhone and I play other games like it on the computer. You play with other people and if you sign up you can get awesome stuff for each game and coins and it's like THE BEST.

Is there any game for a PC like Draw My Thing, where you get a word and have to draw it within a time limit and people guess what it is?

Drawception - The Social Picture Telephone GameThe Social Picture Telephone Game                              Drawception combines drawing with the classic "Telephone  Game". As a phrase is drawn and described by players it changes in  unexpected ways. Miscommunication and hilarity ensues!It's free and runs in most browsers. Seems to have a decent playerbase from I remember. Have not played it myself, watched someone play it for a few months.

How can I create a mobile game that is similar to another game without getting sued?

The first thing to remember is that, in general, it is very expensive to sue someone. In most cases a lawsuit will costs tens of thousands of dollars if it goes to court (sometimes hundreds of thousands). Even if it doesn't go to court, it is expensive to have your lawyers spend time on a case if it doesn't go anywhere. Hence, unless someone believes you have enough money to pay them if they do sue you then it is unlikely they will. You don't really need to worry about being sued unless you are very successful since it's not worth suing you until you are. Secondly, it is very hard to protect the intellectual property of a game. You can't patent a game mechanic so you need to copyright/trademark the name and content in the game. However, as long as you change the name and graphics enough it is hard to make a case for infringement. The most popular claim made is that something is so close to an existing game that it will "confuse consumers". However, that is a gray area and a high bar. Very few games are completely original and almost all have common components. So the question is not how to avoid getting sued, but what it would take someone to sue you. In order:You need to demonstrate that you have enough money to make it worth suing you. You need to be so similar to the existing game that the case is obviously infringement. Many companies will send you a cease and desist letter as a low cost way of scaring you into giving up early. In some cases they will go so far as to request an injunction where they ask the court tells you to stop doing something. However, even in those cases you aren't being sued and there is no monetary penalty.NOTE: I am not endorsing copying games. Only pointing out that getting sued is not as common or likely as you might think.

What are some drawing games?

Yes!!!!Finally a question like this.My favorite drawing game goes like this:You take any size of paper, and divide it in squares big enough for a simple drawing to fit (with a4 I mostly make eight).The first round begins: The Marker begins by clearing his mind completely and then makes a random, simple scrabble on a square.The Awesome Rabid Taunting Incredible Serene Thinker (ARTIST) goes to study the scrabble. His creative mind is let loose: His attention engulfing the simple penstrikes with great analysing until- YES!The ARTIST sees an image in scrabble, and finishes it (make sure the drawing doesn't take longer than about 1,5 minutes). It is shown to the The Marker, and when he accepts the piece of art, the game can continue.Switch roles.Repeat.

Are there any games with losing or drawing strategies?

Sure. There are many answers to your question in the form of Solved games.Within that, famous games like Connect Four or TicTacToe are totally solved, and every possible game is known on the game tree. Thus, we know for a fact that in Connect Four, first player can always force a win. This is, however, assuming that they play exactly correctly. TicTacToe is totally trivial, either player can force a draw.That being said, I don't think it's safe to assume that every position is drawable. But if you study a game in detail, there must be strategies to get you towards that goal. Connect Four for example is explained fairly well here on Numberphile.

What happened to Draw My Thing (Omgpop)?

It has closed down. Zynga, the company that owned OMGPOP, said that it was closing about a year ago. You were not able to upload anything to the site or contact the staff for a long time up until it closed only recently. Now the website redirects you to the Zynga website.

You can still play the new version of Draw My Thing, Draw Something 2, on an Apple device from the App Store.

It is sad that it is gone, I spent every day and night of summer 2010 on that website.