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Is There Antiseptic Mouthwash In The Netherlands

Why do Americans have so white teeth compared to other nationalities?

When I stumble upon Americans on tv, facebook, youtube and in real life they oftentimes have extremely white teeth. The brightness of their teeth is so eye catching that it makes it close to impossible for me to not stare.
I've never seen any other nationality that has such a significant amount of people with beautiful teeth.
I have heard other people mention the same exact thing, and I am convinced that there is a reason behind this. Any possible reasons behind this?

What are the effects when you used an expired betadine?

While medications have a date of batch production and an expiration date, iodine can last for a while .If used in one time use wipes the content maybe evaporated and the strength may be affected to kill bacteria. If the bottle been in a cabinet ,maybe not appropriate to use because who knows who used and for what . To answer the question no harm can be done. The best advice can be given by a pharmacist . In my opinion if is a small cut or scrape it’s fine but beware many people are allergic to the iodine component and may develop itchy skin ,rash or sores like burns .

Bite my inside of my lips accidently while eating!!!?

So I was eating fast because i was getting late for work then suddenly i bite my lips it pained alot :(. Then i went to the bathroom and checked my lips it had made a pimple like bump in the inner lips and was bleeding. The bleeding has gone away but the pimple (bump) is still there. I already put Ice, rise with regular salt water and put medicine of mouth pain free. So can you please tell me a technique on how to remove the pimple (bump) from my lips fast cuz it looks awful in my lips. My friends told me that i can cut it off by the scessors but when i try to it hurts. Any help please :(.

What are some unknown facts about cleanliness?

The term ‘ Hygiene ’ comes from Hygieia -the Greek goddess of health , cleanliness and moon.Swichboards and Tv remotes are among the most contaminated objects with bacteria levels between 2 to 10 times higher than whats accepted from hospitals.Your phone probably holds 500 times more germs than toilet.Cats spend a third of their working hours to clean themselves.A common compulsion for those who suffer from OCD is certainly keeping things clean , however that’s not all it is.Also not everyone suffering from OCD shares this compulsion. Messy people can have OCD too.SMEGMA is one of the most misunderstood substance associated with human body. It has been considered dirty over years ,though actually it is very clean and promotes good hygiene. In short it is not harmful.The sponge you use for cleaning and washing in kitchen is the hot bed of infection.The moisture in it often becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.A swimmer within first 15 minutes of entering water contributes 0.14 grams of fecal matter on an average .Even after washing your hands you still have to touch the door handle of the bathroom on your way out -that’s were most people leave germs.Our hands mainly finger tips and nails are most contaminated parts of body.Studies reveal that than 70% of the ice served in restaurants had more bacteria than toilet water.Packaged bottles and cans are stored in all sorts of places , often their caps are licked by mice .That’s why they are direct invitation to diseases.Flushing releases contaminated water droplets which are sprayed all over the bathroom .information credits to Facts-About-Hygiene

How do I cure my dry throat? I have tried everything. What specialist should I see. I have visited an ENT already, no help.

A bit out of my knowledge, so suggestions only.Stop drinking all the water, it is obviously not working, and possibly washing any helpful mucous from the back of your throat away. Have you tried iodine based throat gargle. Or soluble aspirin gargled in warm water. Have you tried anaesthetic throat spray like Strepsils for relief. There are several strengths among brands.If the nasal spray wasn’t moisturised I’d think that just saline would make things worse. Have you tried anti-histamines? Fennel Seed Tea?? Liquifies mucous and helps with drainage down back of throat = moisture.I wonder if trying a dry mouth treatment on the back of your throat would help. By now you would have several empty nasal sprays you can clean & re-purpose…..I cannot understand why your lower teeth need to be advanced beyond your upper teeth unless the rest of your teeth/jaw are not aligned. Doing this with a mandibular advancement device for snoring left my entire bite and grind ruined. Took over 18 months for jaw to realign after I gave it up.After surgery to straighten & opening, cautery of sinuses for persistent infections many years ago I was suddenly getting so much air down the back of my throat, especially at night with the way I held my head that I always had a sore throat (dry) in the mornings. Have you tried shifting your position - ie tuck your head slightly. Have you tried a light mask or balaklava to filter and help pre-warm your air??If the Chinese medicine has helped, what was the Practioner actually treating??? Yes, I understand that your saliva was increased.What is your version of ADH?? I doubt that it is Anti Diuretic Hormone….. which is the only ADH I could find on a quick Google equivalent.Is it really dry throat or is it pain of the throat?? I am thinking nerve bundles, but don’t know enough to follow through on that thought.