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Is There Any Conspiracy Theory You Believe

Do you believe in any conspiracy theory?

Yes I believe these
Illuminati a lot of top politicians are well known to be related through blood
Roswell death threats by Military coffins bought for kids and area51 built shortly after
9-11 inside job explosives at base of tower missile fired at pentagon
London bombings inside job explosion at back of train when the perps were at the front
Reptilian agenda too much evidence pointing towards it
Bin Laden wasn't killed by Seals no body no death
Secret societies these guys have admitted being members of these
JFK was killed by CIA for disclosing too much top secret info to public
Moon landings were hoaxed buzz aldrin claimed many times
CIA stalking people on social networking sites they are doing it as FBI confirmed few years back
Hitler escaped Berlin witnesses claim hitler shot himself in temple yet the body found had a gunshot wound to the forehead
Stalin death KGB murdered Stalin by poison top ranking NKVD admitted it in secret archives

Are there any conspiracy theories that you believe in?

Keep in mind that I am most assuredly NOT a conspiracy theorist. I'm usually the one joking about tinfoil hits when conspiracy theorists are yapping about grassy knolls and the Bilderbergs.

That being said, there IS one in which I believe. I am absolutely certain Flight 93 was shot down. Someone I know well and believe completely was on-site as an accident investigator from the morning of 9/12 on for a week, and he said that there was no doubt whatsoever, but that he was instructed to keep any such theories out of official documentation, and to never repeat it publicly.

Once again, I am always a naysayer about these matters, and I don't blame anyone who tells me I'm nuts. After all, I have no proof, the person who told me needs to stay anonymous, and it would ruin a very nice story. Heck, if the shoe were on the other foot, I wouldn't believe me.

But it remains the truth.

Is there a conspiracy theory that you believe to be true? Which one(s)?

I think the CIA performed a lot of assassinations in the 60s and 70s including JFK, RFK, and Martin Luther King.

I wouldn't say I'm 100% convinced of the following, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that most popular conspiracy theorists are part of an oligarchic conspiracy to discredit claims of actual conspiracy. They encourage the gullible to distrust government, scientists and experts, while convincing more intelligent people that conspiracy theories are solely in the minds of the tin foil hat brigade.The Earth is an obloid sphere, but the flat earthers are able to convince people that there is a giant global conspiracy amongst scientists and the elite to hide the truth; this particular claim is harmless, but it creates a population more prepared to believe the same thing about climate change. 9/11 was absolutely not an inside job, but the truther claims that Bush planned the whole thing discourages people from examining the real failures of the Bush administration when they ignored intelligence reports. Sandy Hook really happened, but convincing people it was a false flag meant to give the government the ability to take away everyone's guns resulted in increased gun sales. Trump supporters love to point out that collusion isn't a crime but the reason that word is used when discussing Trump/Russia is because the word conspiracy has been badly damaged.Sometimes people do work together to get away with crimes or spread falsehoods that they can benefit from. People like Alex Jones make it easier to get away with, because most people don't want to be compared to Alex Jones and so they dismiss or ignore real conspiracies.

Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? If so which ones?

jfk was killed my oswald.
elvis is dead he was not seen in mcdonalds.
maralyn monroe was killed by the mob for among other things being too loose.
jessy james was not killed nor was he burried in the 1800s. died much later ask his family and the coroner that examined "his body" when it was exhumed and dna testing proved that his body in his grave is not his.
area 51 has no alien space crafts just a weather baloon.
i think that covers all of the big ones

Is there any Conspiracy Theories that you believe?

Was the Upper Big Branch explosion an inside job?
Mines Fight Strict Laws by Filing More Appeals
"Armed with tougher federal mining laws passed in 2006, federal investigators had new powers to crack down on mines with persistent violations.

"...As recently as March, for example, federal mine inspectors found dangerous coal dust accumulations during two separate inspections at the Massey Energy Company’s Upper Big Branch mine, the site of an explosion on Monday that killed at least 25 miners. "

I know, ha ha you think I'm mimicking the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

But think avout it. This has been a propaganda coup for the anti-captitalists.

A lot of people are blaming this on the "greedy (capitalist) mine owner."

Is it possible the Obama admin intentionally ignored these violatoins that were reported ON OBAMA'S WATCH (no blaming Bush), just to create some juicy anti-capitalist propaganda?


Does this graph PROVE that Obama is to blame for the mine explosion?

A HUGE JUMP in violations in 2009, ON OBAMA'S WATCH.

This graph came from this article:
AP: Major safety lapses at mine long before blast

Why did the Obama admin miss warnings of the problems at this mine?

Do you believe in the conspiracy theory about 9/11? Please, explain your answer.?

No. The government is unable to carryout such an enormous task as this without leaks. Look at the NIE this past weekend, a spy leaked information from it. Not a lot, but enough that the NIE, the document that will guide the US decision making process against our enemies has been released so they can deduce our actions and act to countermeasure them. So you think a monumental task, such as the hijacking of 4 planes and the destruction of several buildings costing thousands of lives could be kept secret.

If the WTC buildings were brought down by controlled explosions the task would take weeks to plant all the necessary explosives to ensure a complete demolition. It would have to be carried out at night, even in the offices of the Secret Service and FBI, and not even they would be aware. It would take hundreds of pounds on each floor of thermite and relying on radio detonation would be iffy, for the building to collapse that way would mean hardwiring the detonators. How could the placing of the detonator wiring and thermite be placed without any maintenance personnel being made aware of it? And not only maintenance, lots of locked offices with independent burglar alrams monitored by different central stations would have to be bypassed. And thousands of employees desks, offices and cubicles would have to be moved and replaced so as not to arouse suspicion.

The fact is, it wasn't a deliberate act, except on the part of the terrorists.. I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but the tin foil hat group cannot produce one piece of eveident that cannot be debunked by most lay people in minutes. And everything they have stated as "fact" has been debunked by every reputable scientist, structural engineer and mathematician.

Try these sites out for some real information.'gpo%20911%20commission%20report'

Do you believe the conspiracy theories that people who have astral projected to the dark side of the moon... ?

The phrase "dark side of the Moon" usually refers to the side of the Moon that we cannot see from Earth. The Moon takes about 29 days to orbit the Earth. It takes almost the same amount of time to make one rotation on its axis. That is why we always see the same side of the Moon from Earth. This part of the Moon is not really the "dark side", however, it is more accurately the "far side". The side of the Moon we do not see from Earth gets just as much sunlight on it as the side we do see. In truth, the only dark side of the Moon is the side that is pointed away from the Sun at any given time.

The majority of the far side was completely unknown until the Soviet spacecraft Luna 3 photographed it in 1959.

In 1994, the U.S. spacecraft Clementine mapped the Moon. In 1999 the Lunar Prospector was sent to map the Moon with even more detail.