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Is There Any Legal Limit Up To Which Lawyers May Participate In The Financial Success Of A Legal

Can we study law part-time in India?

I studied law part-time in India. Only reason law colleges require you have graduated first is that you could work while you attend classes. Lectures ended before offices opened so I had a full-time job while I was studying law. I suggest you enroll in IGNOU - SOL or school of law if you feel you need more time. Your employer must understand how this degree will help you in your workplace. Good luck. Jai Hind !Edit Justice Arun Mishra shut down law colleges that operated in evening when he was chair of Indian Bar Council. It was where common people irrespective of their age could study law for personal litigation, I rather that every party understand the law than hire legal aid. It would reduce the number of suits filed and encourage them to vote for responsible politicians. It is because they don't understand what a Court is capable of that people are fodder for law firms all over the country.

Has anyone had success with Lexington Law Firm? How many points did your score go up by? 50? 60? More? Less?

FYI - Re Authorized users

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Consumers who are listed as authorized users on credit card accounts will likely see a significant change in their credit scores when this modification takes place later this summer.

For most consumers, this change will have a negative impact on their credit scores. Only consumers who are listed as an authorized user on negative accounts or accounts that have balances that are close to the credit limit will possibly see an increase in their credit scores.

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Is there an age limit on being a paralegal?

from what i read about it looks like its for really young people just out of college. What about someone in their 30s, could they train to be one? or is it to late?

Will an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies Help Me?

I don't know what the people before me were talking about, and clearly neither do they. Reading your questions indicates, quite obviously, that you already have a BA. It's true that's the requirement to enter law school, but experience and LSAT scores play a large part, too. I graduated with a BA in History (also a worthless degree unfortunately) with the goal of going to law school. My mother died during my senior year and I had some other personal problems and I didn't take the LSAT or apply to law school when I should have, so I had to either enroll in something else or face the prospect of paying all of my undergrad loans without being able to get a job anywhere besides the local car wash. I decided to get an associate's and work as a paralegal for a while. I ended up really enjoying it and worked as a paralegal for 5 years before finally taking the LSAT and applying to Fordham. Since it had been 5 years, they barely looked at my transcript and during the admissions interview instead asked me a lot of questions about my experience as a paralegal.

I was accepted and, as a result of my paralegal work and life experience, found my classes to be considerably easier than my younger classmates. I scored a clerkship out of law school and have been working (successfully I think) as a litigator for the last 9 years. None of that would have been possible without my paralegal degree and I don't regret getting it (or using it) for a second.

That plan worked for me, and I can't say for sure that it would work for somebody else but it sounds like you have a good plan, good thinking, and a clear idea of where you want to go so I'd be optimistic. Good luck to you!

Are Lawyers who graduated from less well-known law schools the guys in those commercials?

Your success as an attorney is not dependent on what law school you attend. You always want to have the best education you can get, but it doesn't necessarily mean you won't be successful. I work for attorneys that went to the same law school. They are among the most successful construction litigation attorneys in the State and they did not attend Ivy League law school. It is all about how intelligent you are, how prepared you are, and how hard you work to reach your goals.

How can one be the best lawyer in India?

A2A.You need two things.Ruthless gritLuckYou will have to work through illness, weddings, parties, break-ups, deaths, depression, fights, etc.You will need to cancel at the last moment, many times. This will cause upheavel in your personal relationships. You will still need to work.You will have to attend phone calls when you’re meant to be sleeping, eating, shitting, travelling, holidaying, and even when you are already on the phone with another client.You will have to suffer cancelling your anniversary party so that you could prepare for this big case that won’t be called the next day at court.How do you get through this?By sheer grit.I say luck because a lot of people are successful at what they do, but to cross the river of success to be the ONE, you need the current to go in your favour.

Is being a lawyer worth it?

Ive been doing alot of reserch for carrers, and what intrests me is being a lawyer...Is it hard to become a lawyer? is it worth it? Is it possible to be a lawyer without going to a judge?

Yeah losts of questions...Im just curious... :(