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Is There Any Type Of Incubator That Is Around $75 That Will Automatically Turn The Eggs

What will be the cost to set up a full automatic layer poultry farm for 5,000 chickens?

Before answering the question I would advise you to reconsider either the size of the farm or the type of the farm. To keep commercial layers at a level of 5000 in fully automated setup will be a huge cost per unit egg produced.So better increase the capacity at least ten times or keep the farm as a conventional farm , only these two options will b economically feasible.Now for complete automated farm following requirements are basic in terms of infrastructureInsulated bulging of the chicken houseEnvironment control systemHousing cagesFeeding system with filling and weighingWatering system with pressure control and dosing pump along metered inputManure removal and disposal systemEgg collectionEgg grading machineTray packing and labelingMany professional companies can do it as a turn key project for you and it could be constructed erected and installed in less than 4 months time.But again this capacity of layer house will yield 4000 plus eggs a day which will take a long time to payoff investment at this size.Further for auto caged system you need to have a chick rearing facility as well or u will buy reared / grown up layers which will be additional cost or complication.

What is the ideal humidity level in an egg incubator?

60% during incubation, and 65% during hatching.  Low humidity causes the chicks to be unable to get out of their shells, or stick to the shells (and their new skin is very fragile and thin!).

Will a five degree temperature drop in my incubator kill all my chicks?

I have 42 eggs in my hova bator forced air incubator with automatic egg turner. I have a small fan that runs off a USB wall jack to force the air. Last Friday I asked my 6 year old daughter to get me a USB charger from the room downstairs that has the incubator. She brought it back for me...but I realized three days later that instead of giving me the extra one...she unplugged the fan. When I realized what happened I noted that the temperature on the top of the eggs was 97 I'm estimating at the bottom they were 95 degrees. It is completely my fault and not my little angel's fault (I won't even tell her what happened). I have three batches of eggs in there (I have a separate hatcher that I put them in on day 18). The first batch was 14 to 17 days during the decreased temperature (it is back to normal now with the fan running). The second batch was 7 to 10 days and the third batch was about 2 days to 5 days. Any experience with something like this would be helpful so I can know what to expect. Thanks in advance for your input.

What percentage of incubated chicken eggs successfully produce a chick?

The big commercial hatcheries are happy with a 90%+ hatch rate. For a small non-commercial or homemade incubator, the hatch rate could be anywhere from 0% to that elusive 90%+. There are so many factors involved that it’s hard to tell without knowing the exact circumstances of a particular hatch.For a small incubator, just some of the factors that influence hatch percentage include:Temperature stabilityair movementcorrect humidityage of eggsfertility of hens and roostersdisease vectors—many diseases don’t affect the grown chicken but kill chicks in the shellWhether or not the eggs are turned, by hand or a machinecleanlinessbreed of chickenIt’s a crapshoot, honestly. You do your best to control as many factors as possible and then you cross your fingers. In a homemade incubator with auto turner and temperature and humidity computer controlled by arduino, we get 60–75% hatches.

How much investment is required for poultry farming in India?

Poultry farming is very economic and viable agri-business.The total imvestment is depend upon the size of business you want.Small scale:<1caroreMedium scale:1 to 100 caroreLarge scale:> 1 caroreThere are mainly two type of cost like:Recuring cost:Cost of chicksFeed costLabour costInsurance costVaccine/medicine cos2 .  Nonrecuring cost:Cost of shedCost of feed roomCost of labour quarterCost of water and electricity costCost of equipmentNow,Income source:Sale of birdsSale of manure Sale of gunny bagNow the project for a 500 birds calculation i will display on the picture:​​​​​​​So as per data ..Total investment of 1 yearRecuring expenditure:570500 RsNonrecurring expenditure:376320 Rs​total investment:946820 Rs Total income:1year: 2449002 to 5 year: 3269206 year: 746420(For detail calculation see above photo)So as per data we can say the poultry business is very profitable.(Source: goverment website project estimation on poulry farm)