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Is There Any Where That I Can Work When I Am 14 . I Am About To Turn 15 In 4 Month

I'm 14 (gonna turn 15 in 3 months) and parents are telling me that I'm too old for gaming. Is this true?

Gaming is growing constantly, and it’s absolutely full of adults. I actually tend to come across more adults, and most of my online friends are adults. So no one can ever be too old for gaming, especially when it’s probably going to keep growing.Gaming improves reaction times too, as well as many other benefits to the brain. Hand-eye coordination is improved too.Your parents were born in an era where gaming wasn’t popular, hence why they’d dislike it. You were born in an era where gaming is popular, hence why you like it.Your parents would likely know nothing about gaming, and probably haven’t looked at the statistics of it.Overall, no, you can’t be too old to be gaming. Just don’t spend so much time on it that it effects education.Source(s):Video Gaming Can Increase Brain Size and Connectivity

I’m 13 years old. I’m turning 14 next month in October, and I hear that girls’ feet stop growing at 14. I’m a size 7 in kids, so will my feet stop growing when I turn 14?

Lol worried about feet. You better hope they work as you get older and don't have corns and bunions..even if they big do not want to have ugly feet. You do not want to have super model feet ..looking like hammer toesIf you get pedicures. Make sure the place clean and cleans their water and sanitize the bowl for the feet..But you should ask a doctor or do more research.

Okay so Im 15 turning 16 and my girlfriend is 13 turning 14 , there's a 13 year age diff is this wrong?

my math says the difference between a 14 and a 16 year old is 2 years, not are one normal young man..This grandma sees no problem with group dates @ her age..but she is too young for one on one dates..

I'm 14 and need to make 1000 dollars in 4 months what could I do?

I would recommend a few different paths to do so. First of all, you could get a job. Many places don’t hire until 15 or 16 so I suggest you do some research around your area to see if any positions are open for your age. Secondly, you could start working as a babysitter, a tutor, a lawnmower, a snow shoveler, etc and create an income that way. Another action you could take is creating a GoFundMe page. Depending on what you are saving up for, people may donate. You could also advertise this page on your social media accounts and encourage your friends and family to do so as well. Fourthly, you can ask your parents or relatives for money. This may feel awkward so you can always do jobs/chores for them in exchange. Lastly, you could always look around online for ways to make income. I’m sure there are apps and website dedicated towards helping people like you.I would recommend using a mixture of the things I previously suggested.I would also ask you to keep in mind that in order to get 1,000 in 4 months you must save up and try not to splurge. I know it can be tempting to spend 20 dollars on candy or clothes, but I would encourage you don’t.Good luck!

If I'm about to turn 14, can I apply for a job before my 14th birthday?

So, I turn 14 right before summer starts. I want to work part time during the (little bit) of the school year left, and I then want to work in the summer (and continue working the following school year.) However, I'm 13 right now. I wanted to know if I could legally apply for a job before I turn 14 (to beat everyone applying everywhere for the summer) I know that I have to get the work permit and everything, so I basically have two questions...
Can I apply for a job before a little before I turn 14 so that I can start working when I am 14?
Do I need to get a job first, or a work permit first? (every website says something different.)
Thanks, and sorry for how long this is...