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Is This A Good Birthday Present . I

Is this a good birthday present?

It's my best friends birthday in like a month, and I know it's ages away but I felt like sorting his present out. I'm completely in love with him, and sort of want to show that in the present but not sure if its too much, or not enough or whatever. I've decided I'm just going to get him one of those card things that say like 'Brother, sister, mum dad' blah blah blah with one of those poem things. But obviously I'm going to get one with 'Best Friend' or 'Special Friend' or something. But for another thing I've decided to make him a CD with songs I know he likes, or used to like, or that remind me of him. So far I have 9 songs

Elton John and Blue: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word- Him and his friend Ben find that song hilarious and have a joke about it.
Owl City: Fireflies- He loved that song when it came out and we used to dance and sing to it
Taylor Swift: Love Story- He told me once in english he loved that song
Maroon 5: She will be loved- He was obsessed with that song for a while
Muse: Supermassive Black Hole- He just likes it.
Good Charlotte: The River- When we first started becoming friends he sent that to me and it was his favourite song.
Eminem: Mockingbird- He uses it to 'chill' him :L
Eminem: Lose Yourself- He just likes it.
Billy Joel: She's always a woman to me- It reminds me of him so much because we both love it.

That's all I have so far, do you think it's a good idea or not?? Please feedback :// x

Is this a good birthday present?

Hi guys,

It's my boyfriend's birthday in a few weeks and I'm struggling for a present! I've bought him a personalised pair of trainers so far, however he kind of asked for them anyway so I wanted to get him something else that is a surprise....and that's when I came across a 'PLAYBOY SHARES GIFT BOX'. Basically, it gives the recipient the opportunity to send off their details in order to get an official playboy shares certificate and have, a very small amount I imagine, shares of playboy!

I thought it was pretty cool, I was wondering what the rest of the populations thoughts are on this?!

Also, if you have any other suggestions as to any other gifts, it would be appreciated!

Thank you my lovelies!!!

x x

Is this a good birthday present?

Did it please you? Are you into those things? You seem to conveniently leave those details out, but those are the most important things when determining whether or not the gift is appropriate or "good".

Is this a good birthday present?

My boyfriends birthday is July 3rd and last year I was able to take it off. Company policy is you cannot take the same day off near a holiday back to back years. So I am working and should be getting out at 3 or 330. I thought that a good idea for a gift would be to schedule a massage for say 430 and then take him to dinner. I am not sure with this however because I know that after a massage you are all oiled up and all. But he likes massages and I figure it would be good for both of us. Thoughts???

Is this a good Birthday present (19)?

I didn't want anything because I mean I'm going to be 19, I don't expect anything. It's just my Dad and I and we're moving next month. My comforters/sheets are about 10 years old and ripping. So I'm thinking of asking for a new comforter/sheets/throw pillows/lamps. It all comes to about less than $100 and I plan on making the throw pillows myself because I like making pillows but I found simple comforters/sheets I want. He said he might get me a new bed since my twin bed is a bit too small. I want to paint my furniture (dresser, nightstand, desk) as well but I'll pay to paint it and do that myself as well. I've never gotten a room makeover before so I'm very excited (: Is this a good present or too much to ask?

Oh I'm not painting the walls since we're renting so it's just bedding/painting furniture.

Is this a good birthday present?

depending on how long you known her is that u know what she likes so depending on what she likes i would give her personally i would just take the money to buy whatever i want because heck u never know the thing u give her might not be what she wanted and if you gave her the money she can get what she wanted just say i didnt know what you wanted and so and so

Is this a good birthday present?

My bf is turning 24 on Tuesday. We're both law students, and for his birthday, I wanted to get him something special. He lived in France for a year, and mentioned he liked the map of Paris I had hanging on my wall.

So, I got him an antique map of France from 1851. It's beautiful - with different colors and little pictures of different towns.

I was also going to give him a collage picture frame I made of the two of us, as well as a no-fog mirror to shave in the shower (he has mentioned that non-stop).

Sound good?

OH - I'm also hosting a surprise keg party/BBQ with his best friend.

Is this a good birthday present for my boyfriend?

Are you kidding? That would be awesome. Just make sure that there are some songs on there he absolutely likes, many on there that you guys like together, and some you like.

You could decorate the jewel case or paper sleeve, make a photo cover, draw on the disc, etc. Come up with a catchy name for CD too.

A song title list would be good as well. Or just keep it simple and give him the disc. Good Luck!