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Is This A Good Gaming Pc What Fps Will It Give For Current/next-gen Games

Good names to use in a fps game?

I play a lot of fps games but i have to settle for the crappy names like herpes91912931923192 ownage2224324324r and your mom21312334324, so does anyone have any good names i could use in a game maybe?

When do you think 4K/120FPS will be the standard for PC gaming?

It depends on Nvidia and AMD research and engineering departments.While in theory we can reach said level on lower quality settings, for Ultra ones (so where you should aim for) even RTX 2080Ti lags by around 20%-50%, depending on game.So, if the improvements like “35% from 1080 to 2080” will translate to “30% from 2080 to 3080”, then top gamers will use it by default. Then you’ll need another two generations to make it possible at a reasonable price.Assuming 1,5–2 years for each new generation, we’ll see it around 2020 for those that can afford putting above average monthly wage(depending on country, of course), then another 3–4 years for 1060–1070 price-equivalents.As for console gaming - it’s the same thing - consoles aimed with their power at medium quality specs at all Times, to make them affordable for the broader audience. PS5 and new Xbox won’t have those, they are supposed to be made too soon. YOu’ll have to wait for PS6. Then it’ll be the standard.Besides this, you have an issue with 4k/120 displays anyway. Could you try and find for yourself TV capable of said data stream?As for monitors, I found 3 models on the market:Acer Nitro XV273KPBMIIPPHZX for around 1000USDAcer Predator X27 czarny 4K for around 2500USDASUS ROG PG27UQ for around 3000USD

I5 2500k enough for next generation games ?

To offer a different perspective, instead of an R9 270X you could get another GTX 560 TI, or two for an SLI configuration, for possibly cheaper and better performance, certainly better temps for each card.

For games, I wouldn't worry about upgrading the processor, unless you do other things too, or worried about a bottleneck. Of course, to save money, you could get the same socket-CPU, for compatibility with your current heatsink, and motherboard.

You could always overclock what you already have too (RAM, CPU, GPU).

Maybe upgrade PSU, if you change video cards/ add some. Adding another 8gb of RAM would increase peppiness but not necessary. (You could overclock your RAM too)

An SSD would be the best upgrade in my opinion, as the speed increase is not task specific(Speeds up gaming, video editing, rendering, word processing, file access times, etc). But the downside is the high expense for large quantities. You could overclock(speed up rpm) your current HDD, or do a RAID config, to get higher access speeds too.

Good Luck

Should I get a gaming PC or the PS4?

I'm currently debating on whether I should get the PS4 or invest in a PC? I've never owned a gaming PC before EVER, so I need help with a lot of my questions. The only games I've played on the computer (my laptop) were things like LOTRO, Diablo 2, etc. I want something that will support games like Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragon Age: 3, Dark Souls 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars, all games from The Elder Scrolls Anthology, etc. With consoles I always feel like there are so many things I'm missing out on. But with I'm worried about a certain game not running, having to update the PC when I have no experience with assembling electronics (except for the time I took apart my Game Boy SP). Also, people always suggest building your own PC, which I have no experience in and I'm afraid of screwing things up. I have read up on how to build one and everything necessary but I still don't trust myself. Owning a PC just seems like such a hassle and I'm not really sure if it's worth it. So please give me some insight on this!

Some specifics I'd like to know:

1. Based on my description and what you prefer, should I go with PS4 or PC? There is a huge price difference and I'm wondering if the PC is worth the extra money and time.

2. Should I try and build my own? (with help of course)

3. Could you give me some examples online of a PC that fits all of my needs?

4. What is the minimum amount of money needed to buy or build one? (one that will play my games on a high setting)

5. Games. Do most games on consoles come out on PC as well? I'm afraid of something coming out (maybe something with high requirements) that I wouldn't be able to play on the PC because of my PC's specs or it not being made for PC at all.

6. I've always played on a console and of course using a controller for major games. Would there be a chance of me not liking using the mouse and keyboard? I don't want to regret anything.

Should I build a PC for gaming or buy a PS4 Pro?

This question will trigger a console vs pc war. I'll tell you distinctly according to requirements.PC: Can range from cheap to very expensive according to specifications. Nevertheless to keep playing newer games, you'll have to keep putting in money to upgrade your components. That being said, games are dirt cheap and you can actually play At 4K 120 FPs and so on.PS4: One time payment is enough but games are expensive to buy. Some super cool exclusives like Uncharted and Red Dead Redemption(also on Xbox i suppose).I would recommend you buy the PS4 if you play mostly for fun. If you're into Competitive gaming or heavy multiplayer RTs games go for a PC.Cheers :)

Where can I download safe free full version pc games?

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