Is This A Good Name For A Girl

Is nala a good name for a girl?

Personally I think it is VERY CUTE!!!!! It works as a cute little girl name and as she gets older it sounds more grown up. I Love It!!!!!!

Are these good names for a girl?

I really like Asheni, Mirani, Naiya and Nataani. All of your names sound very unique and beautiful, but those are my favourites. The meanings are very nice too. Pesronally I like Mirani the best. Beauty to behold :))
I like Rini too, but that sounds more like a nickname to me. And the meaning "bunny" for Rini is a bit weird to me.
I really like how you're not choosing the more common girl names like Brittany or whatever. They are overused and all sound a bit "girly" to me. The names you have here are gorgeous and great for a little girl or a woman.

Is sarah a good name for a girl?

well my cousin is pregnant and she asked me to name the baby and its a girl and i think i narrowed it down to about four names tell me what you think!!!! SARAH ELIZABETH JAYNE AND TALULA

Is Alex a good name for a girl?

As a given name in English? No. It is very rarely used that way. Its high point in popularity was in the mid-1990s, when it was the 539th most popular name for a girl. The website Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings has records going back to 1880, and most of that time the name’s rank was 1,000 or worse.So it’s not a good name for a girl, or more people would use it.Instead, use a longer feminine formal name that can be shortened to the nickname “Alex” if that’s what the girl wants to do. Here are my suggestions.Alexandra - Popular in the 1990s, but its popularity has been falling off more recently.Alexandria - The popularity curve looks much like that of “Alexandra,” but it was always less popular.Alexa - Unheard of before the early 1970s, but its popularity has been growing since about 1985.Alexia - Another one that wasn’t used before the 1980s, and reached a peak in the early 2000s. It never got very popular (best rank #128), and has been dropping off the last ten years or so.If it were me naming a baby, I’d go with “Alexandra.” You are probably aware that it is a feminine version of the Greek name “Alexander,” most famously borne by the emperor Alexander the Great.

Is Karma a good baby name for a girl?

My husband wants to name our first girl Karma. He says it's a good name because it symbolizes everything he's been through in the past years. He says that he believes in karma (what's goes around, comes around). My problem is that karma just symbolizes all the bad things that happened. He never talks about good karma, only the bad things that have happened to him. And me personally, I don't really like the name, but he says it's his child so he should be able to pick the name. What should I do? Is Karma a good name?

Is Savannah a good name for a girl?

Yes it is. It reminds me of the beauty of the African Savannah whenever I hear this name.

Is Effie a good name for a girl?

It used to be a popular name in Scotland for hundreds of years, but nowadays any Effie would be at least middle-aged. It is a diminutive of the Greek name, Euphemia. Another old-fashioned name in Scotland was Eunice, also a Greek name. It was my stepmother ‘s name.

Is sherry a good name for a girl?

Sherry is a perfectly fine name. I have known several people named Sherry in my life. Unfortunately, they are all my age or older (50s and up) because the name was most popular in the 1950s and '60s. It's not a fashionable name right now for babies. But it doesn't sound like an "old lady" name either. It has a "cute" vibe, because it's not an old name with centuries of history. It was I believe invented in the modern era, and it sounds like a nickname, cute and casual, even though it's not short for anything. This was the fashion in the '6os especially (the cute, laid-back, nickname name), whereas the fashion today is to give girls strong, classic names (like Emma, Kate, Anna, etc. mentioned in another answer). So it is a perfectly fine and usable name, better than many of the odd names people ask about on Quora!

Is Athena a good name for a baby girl?

Yes, I’d say so. Sure it’s unusual, but lots of kids have unusual names – one time I was told that my name, Elizabeth, was unusual by a kid who said his name was ‘Makka’.What really matters is whether or not people are going to tease or be prejudiced against your kid for having that name and, if you’re worried about that, then Athena is probably a good name to choose. It doesn’t sound like anything rude or weird (unlike the popular until very recently, Fanny); it can’t be shortened to anything rude (unlike Richard, which can become Dick or William which can become Willy); it isn’t associated with anybody evil (unlike Adolf) and it isn’t thought of a name for ‘common’ people (we all know some names like this). In fact, since it’s from the name of the greek goddess of wisdom, of anything people will assume your daughter is intelligent and, since it’s a classical name, from a cultured family.

Is Zelda a good name for a girl? Why or why not?

There is something to take into account when it comes to the name Zelda. It is mostly knows because of the game Legend of Zelda. Children who played the game and know it will probably make fun of her, and later on it will be something for her to laugh about as well.BUT, as a child it can cause trauma and make her become antisocial because of being laughed at for her name, resulting her in resenting it.If you think that will not be the case, feel free to name her the princess of one of the most beautiful games out there.