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Is This A Good Reason For Two Best Friends Not To Be Friends Anymore

Does my best friend not want to be friends anymore?

Okay, I have a very, very best friend that I met 2 years ago. We did everything together. I always went to her house. And we text 24/7. After school she would say Hi and all that. But in march of 2007 she wouldn't text, or call me anymore. Or not invite me over anymore. Everytime I texted her she was never doing anything. And I asked her why she doesn't talk to me anymore she said: because. She wouldn't give a reason. And she gets mad at me, mean, and she cus at me for no reason. I did nothing to her hurt her. Doesa she not want to be friends anymore? she sayu's she is still my friend. But I dont feel that way. Please help me. What should I do? :(

My best friends mom hates me for no reason, what should I do?

It started two years ago,keep in mind we were either 9 or 10.This one girl got jelous of me and my best friends friendship.She would try to turn my friends against me.Me and my friend didn't have any drama,it was me and this other girl,my friend stopped being my friend because she was also really good friends with this other girl.This girl has a step dad,who is best friends with my friends mom.So my friends mom picked the other girls side.My friend kept telling her mom that this other girl started everything,she wouldn't listen.The drama wasn't even bad and my friend had no drama with me,it was all with the other girl.This girl has made me want to drop out of school.She is a very bad influence for everyone.Luckily she moved a year ago.My friend and her mom are no longer associated with them anymore because they found out that the girl was no good.My friends mom still continues to hate me for no reason,even after she knows what this girl is like.I've never done anything bad to my friend or her mom.My friend yesterday asked her mom if she'd give me another chance(cuz I "apparently" did something wrong) her mom said no.Her mom hasn't even talked to me and I have never even went to their house so her mom doesn't even know what i'm like.If she met me she would like me.Me and my friend can't even hang out.We hang out at school even though her mom doesn't want her to.Her mom doesn't even want her to text me or call me.ITS BEEN TWO YEARS AND IVE DONE NOTHING WRONG.What should I do???

Me and my best friend aren't friends anymore :(?

Okay so me and my best friend (name madison) got into a fight a few days ago. Madison texted me saying we shouldn't be friends anymore because were two different people now. Now madison isn't someone who would do that so I think her boyfriend (who hates me) told her its between me or him (he's done this before). Well anyway we started to fight over text and then she just told me she doesn't want to be my friend and to go away. now we both said some pretty bad things to each other. She hates me now a left me for her boyfriend. I cry almost ever night because i miss her. Me and her have been friend since we were in 5th grade were in 9th now. We have such a great history. Also her birthday party is this saturday and it make me super sad that I'm not going to be there. I feel replaced and forgotten. I just really want my best friend back. I was thinking of leaving a birthday card in her locker (even though were not friends anymore i feel that its just nice to do). I really want my best friend back :( please help me

I'm not in the same class as my best friend anymore :(?

Honey, this is just what happens as we go in higher classes. We get split up from those we spent our time with in the lower grades. It happens to EVERYONE just not you. You're NOT going to be the ONLY one who got split up from their friend(s). At least you're going to be able to spend lunch time with her & also the other things you've planned on doing with her. You said you've changed a LOT from when you were in 6th grade. People ARE "accepting" you better now on the whole. Who knows but you just may meet at least one person who the very same thing happened to who is also going to be looking to make friends with someone as they too are "stuck"! AND, these people who were "oh so popular" just may not be "that popular" in the higher grades! It was bound to happen at one time or another you got split up from your best friend. She too will be in the SAME boat as you now are with you not with her! My Mom moved a LOT. She went to 13 schools in the 12 yrs. of school & never even went to kindergarten. Said she ALWAYS felt like she was on the outside & never even went in the lunch room throughout her school yrs. Everyone was in "clicks", she was extra quiet & just couldn't make any friends. Ate her lunch walking around the school yard! Her family also was poor & her mother made her sister & her clothes which also "bothered" her. IF you compare yourself to her situation, you have it made in at least having a friend you can do things with regardless if you're not in the same "main class" together. Honey, you're now going to find this happening the higher you go in school. You WILL get use to it & you WILL make new friends. Try smiling "broadly" at the other kids. Let them KNOW you're a pleasant friendly person. You'd honestly be surprised what a nice smile can do for someone. I mean this in all sincerity. If you show friendliness, it WILL be returned to you in one way or another, do it & I truly think you'll be surprised. Good luck to you, Honey, I KNOW you'll be OK as time goes by!^

Is it weird that me and my best friend don't talk anymore?

It is not weird, but I’m afraid to say that he/she is no longer your friend/consider you as a friend.I've been through this situation with two of my bestfriends (yes, I’m sure they also considered [past tense] me as one).The first friend, we were “forcedly” separated because I had to move from the neighborhood and after several months, she moved to. After that, we don't have each other contact but then I found her instagram account and tried to reach her out but she never reply so I took that as a rejection or ignorance that maybe she forgot me.The second friend, we were bestfriend since in junior high. She and I are like two different personality and I felt safe with her. In fact, I don't think she gained anything from me. In high school, she was the people person who had no struggles to befriend with anyone, meanwhile I still clinged to her and didn't care about my new friends. Now, that we’re in college, she never tries to contact me even if in social media. Not anymore. I believe that she has more good friends.This is one of the reason I quit social medias especially Instagram, because this platform is the only place I can get in touch with my old bestfriends but they don't seem like want to be bothered by me.

I don't wanna be friends with my best friend anymore?

Sounds like Emily has a self-esteem issue. Tell her CALMLY that you have friends other than her and encourage her to make some new friends. Hope this helps.

My Best Friend Ditched Me for no reason?

I don't Know what to do.. Lately my bff has started bein friends with two other girls and she doesnt talk to me and 2 other friends anymore when we were all best friends for years..she doesnt even semm to care about us like she is just obsessed with these new girls who are kind of bitches.. I have made an effort to be friends with them too but it seems my bff doesnt want me to be.. the 3 of them just walk off on us and dont care if were left on our own.We tryed to talk to her to try and make conversation but she only gives one word answers and doesnt even make an effort yet when shes with these new ppl shes like obsessed with them and cant stop talking! i dont know what to do because we were best friends for years and now she just blanks us completely.. ?? Please help because i miss the wya it used to be and now i dont know wat to do..

What do you do if your best friend doesn't want to be with you anymore?

I have been in your situation.Not once, but twice.When the same person who you trusted a lot, the one who used to share everything with you, the one who literally has other friends because of you, for the one you did all that you could ever do turns out to be the one who stops talking to you, not just this, the person refuses to give you a reason and ignores you constantly. It sucks, it really does.But that's how most of the people are.In my case I tried everything, called them pinged them, confronted them, only to face ignorance.Not every one is as sensitive as you. I felt so bad initially, I didn't give up. I wanted my friend back at any cost. No matter what. But there is a slight boundary between ego and dignity called self respect and you must respect your self respect.Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that people don't need you anymore in their life.Their work is done, maybe they are just bored of you. Accept their decision and move on.Also remember one thing, too much of attachment can be really really harmful.Sometimes, it's better to embrace solitude rather than cribbing over the fact that people don't need you. You need yourself. It hurts but You are stronger than that.