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Is This Anxiety Idk I Need Help Figuring Out

My social anxiety makes it hard to talk to teachers when I need help, makes it hard to make friends and doesn't let me talk to cashiers because I panic. How do I fix this?

Hello,I think you recognizing the issue and reaching out for help is a huge first step. I know a small handful of people that suffer this but deny help.Social anxiety can be very difficult to cope with and I think certain times the more aversion that occurs, the worse it can get…I would consider slowly working on exposure methods. These methods are used to cure or lessen the severity of phobias.First, get to a quiet place and focus on imagining yourself in a public place, nothing too serious here, and work on maintaining normal breathing, or deep breathing to keep your heart rate low.Practice this a few times, for a few days. Then move to other scenarios such as imagining yourself at the checkout line and conversing with the cashier. Still keeping control of breathing.You can continue to do things like this and slowly work up the scale from things that are not anxiety causing, to what you would consider the most severe situations, and start to actually play out these situations in real life. This slow progression paired with breathing techniques and controlling physiologic responses to stress will help recondition your body to respond differently.The best thing to do would be to get with a therapist, behavioral psychologist, or even psychiatrist.Best of luck to you,Jordan

Heart disease or anxiety?

So I've been have heart issues for the past year and I can't figure out what it is. I've been to doctors and cardiologists and they all rule it off as anxiety but I feel they might be wrong. Sometimes I'll go to the hospital and my heart rate is in the 140-150bpm range and I'm literally calm until I feel it in my chest. I also get what I believe to be PVCS sometimes and it's almost as if I lose air for that minute where my heart pauses. I was checked for blood clots, a over and under active thyroid, and was even on a halter monitor. Nothing. I had an echocardiogram which showed no structural issues, but did show pulmonic regurgitation. But very mild. I was put on metoprolol tartare 12mg twice a day and .25 mg of klonopin once a day. They somewhat helped but not totally I still get it all here and there. Like right now, my heart is racing and when I sit up my heart starts the PVCS. I drink plenty of water, I don't always eat the best but balanced at least. I notice the episodes more towards my period & ovulation, after eating certain foods even drinking milk, and during exertion. It's stopping my everyday life routine and it's terrifying me. Please help.

Can marijuana help relieve anxiety?

i smoked pot for about 4 years...i quit because i started having anxiety attacks and it made it 10 times will only make u more paranoid and your heart will feel like its coming out of your chest...dont do sucks and u will feel trapped because it wont get better until your not high anymore...i would suggest going to see a doctor yourself or get another family member to take get checked out...ive had anxiety attacks for 6 years it sucks but u will get better and you cant die from it...good luck

p.s. theres a site im on its a great site where you can talk to other ppl with problems you are can be anything..if u do join look me up my name on there is aarrigo622

Why does anxiety get worse at night?

I have been severely anxious all my life.Everyone is different. But from what I could find on google, it gets worse if you are thinking about things when night comes. The day provides us with things to engage and stimulate our minds. The brain is focusing on those things..What to do?Idk how old you are but you need to figure out why you are anxious. When you constantly worry, like me, that could cause anxiety that could harm you.How to manage:Before I go to bed, I smile more, laugh, get the feel-good chemicals flowing. I drink a mug of chamomile tea or lemon tea, I put coconut oil in it for settling my stomach. I light a cented candle, lavender or pepper mint, because those relax the body, that’s what they’re for. I feel a lot better after.If you want, rain or other background noise helps.Good luck, and RELAX. <3

My Girlfriend had a panic - anxiety attack after having sex with me. PLEASE HELP?

The only way you're going to understand anything is if you talk to her and see what's going on. Maybe something happened in her youth or with another guy that has made her feel very fearful and upset and clingy after sex. Maybe she had a bad experience with another lover, like, maybe they had sex and he dumped her right after. Or maybe something even more terrible would be sexual abuse, even though I'm HOPING that this isn't the case.

On a lighter note, she could have just had the best experience of her life with you, and the emotions got WAY out of control. Maybe she panicked at thinking that this was amazing and what if she never got it again? Women's thoughts are so damn quick, it's impossible for even US to keep up with them. She could have just had an emotional overload and her body reacted.

Talk with her and see if you can't figure out what's going on. The more you two are intiment with each other, the less and less this will happen, hopefully.

Good luck :)

Edit: Not like anxiety attacks are ever a good thing, but I'll give you an example of a "good" one I had. I just got a new job and man oh man, was I excited. I was jumping up and down, then all of a sudden, I couldn't breath and was blacking out. I was crying, too. I didn't know what had come over me. When it was finshed, I called my doctor and she said that, for some reason that happy moment was in fact, a trigger.

Anxiety and suicidal thoughts?

lately i've been feeling very stressed out and depressed and in turn have been having many suicidal thoughts. i just feel like it would be the easiest way to end all of the issues that i have going on. idk what to do, there's really no one i can talk to and i don't have health insurance so i can't go to a hospital or therapist. i want to get help now but i don't have the money to pay for it. i feel like i can't even go on another day, i feel lonely and unwanted by family, my boyfriend and friends. i don't know what else to do.

I can't deal with the stress and anxiety anymore. It's too much and it's getting worse. What should I do?

Hey, you aren’t alone. You are not the only person feeling this or going through this.I’ve been there and I’m there now.(I’m writing anonymously because I have co-workers on Quora.)For me, medication didn’t work at first. I had to go through like 5 different kinds, and then different doses of each to figure out what would help me with anxiety. I take three different pills now. Geesh, it seems like a lot, but there’s a big difference between my before and after, I’m much better on the meds.And I see a therapist weekly. And I talk to trusted friends, if I can…but not always can I share what I’m feeling with others that know me, I worry it’s too much for them to hear or handle.So, I try other things like…write my feelings, read blogs, read sites like Quora, play solitaire on my iphone, draw and scribble, scream and cry, take walks and long showers, pet my dog and watch netflix series…I guess there is no one answer. I have to do many things, and each day, sometimes each minute I try to do something…there is no one thing that makes me feel better.I don’t think about suicide as much now. It still crosses my mind when things get rough. Like if I blow up and yell at a friend - that makes me feel like the worst piece of shit, and then I think how much better their life would be if I wasn’t around. And then, I get over it and remember that they aren’t perfect either, no one is.So, for me it’s not just what I feel, it’s also what I say, or how I didn’t do something or how I feel like I hurt someone or how I did something dumb or wrong in the past...My trigger is guilt and shame. I don’t know what triggers you, do you know?No day is all rainbows and sunshine. Some days are pretty near perfect - and not as often are the shit days… But one thing is certain, no matter what you are fighting, you are not alone. Everyone is fighting, EVERYONE. Some people are better at smoothing out their cracks than others…don’t let them fool you.I’m glad you wrote this question. Keep asking, and get specific…what caused you to feel this way right now? Did someone say something, or not do something you wished…whatever it is that made you come here to write, focus on that thing that started this feeling, and then dig deeper - look that up on Quora. Like, “why is being friends with my ex so damn hard?”You are not alone. I feel this way, too. And, hey, we found each other here, we have something in common.Hello new friend! <<>>