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Is This At All Offensive Or Insensitive

What is the most offensive/insensitive thing you can say.?

I never said these EXACT words...but every girl has wanted to be able to say this at one time or another...I said something similar once to a guy.

I never loved you, I never even liked you. You are a pathetic, useless dork, and a waste of good air! Your own parents want you to leave town so they don't have to talk to you! You were a terrible lover and your **** was so small I barely felt it, and the hardest thing about you was waiting for you to be done! The only reason I ever went out with you is because your best friend paid me to because they felt sorry for you! Don't call me, don't think about me, and go take a bath and try some deodorant this time!"

Was this offensive or insensitive?

i was staying at a hotel in europe and the maid kept cleaning the room while i was in it, the maids worked very limited hours so i coudn't really tell her to come back later. she mentioned she was from the phillipines and to make conversation i mentioned that i knew that the most popular filipino restaurant chain, jolibee, had a location in new york city, near where i live. she asked if i had been there, i said no, and she got a weird look like why did i bring it up if i'd never been there, but it was akward just standing there while she was cleaning, and it was the only thing that popped into my head. was i being insensitive, or am i overthinking this?

Was what I said really that insensitive and offensive?

No i don't think it was insensitive, like you said it would have made me laugh, unless he really was gay? Was he really gay? Do you know, because i would be crying my eyes out if he was gay, it would make me feel less of a woman, so the comment "I always thought he was gay anyways" was not insensitive or offensive because it was a comment given with the best of intentions, she was just upset because maybe he is gay and like my sister said (and maybe you can try this) "he'd had to be gay in order to give you up" but don't feel bad about being truthful, she will get over it.

There is something called cultural appropriation, which is found easily on Google. What it is, essentially, is the improper use of a cultural element that belongs to a group that is marginalised or discriminated against. Since Asians, including Japanese people, are discriminated against in the West, Japanese culture is included.There are allowances. The idea is not to deprive the culture and people of honour and respect. First, an example of appropriation: Native Americans have been treated like crap since Columbus. It would be wrong to get a tribal tattoo if not you're Native because those designs are specifically reserved for Native people. Getting one AND being from a culture that mocks Native traditions is not only theft, but flaunting that you don't respect them. But there are ways to celebrate a culture without stealing, and that is involving and honouring the culture with their blessing. So, hanging a plastic dream catcher from your rearview mirror is appropriative and ignorant, as well as dangerous. Buying one from a Native artisan and hanging it in your room to catch bad dreams is totally cool.If Japanese tattoo artists are okay with sharing, then it's just a mattter of being respectful. So, as stated, avoiding religious imagery, as well as anything that might be strictly reserved for, say, Japanese warriors, or anything specifically about being Japanese, would be advisable.I would also recommend doing your absolute best to find a Japanese tattoo artist, or one that was trained by one. They're the ones who should be receiving the respect (and cash) for this specifically-Japanese art.

Why so many rude, insensitive and offensive jokes and comments around these days?

That's the beauty of comedy. Nothing is tragic when you put the absurdity of life in general into perspective. Does this mean you're an insensitive and hateful person for laughing at that kind of joke or coming up with one? No. All it means is that you're wise enough to know that life is unfair and that this basic principle will not change. Humour is what helps get people through the toughest times. Everything, no matter how bad it is, can be joked about at some point in time eventually. All that matters is that you choose the right place and right time to laugh about it.

Muslims don't have a monopoly on the Arabic languge. Thousands of Christian and Druze Arabs use the phrase "Inshallah" every day. In practice, it means "hopefully" even though it literally means "If God wills [it]". So, go ahead and use it, but be prepared to explain why you're using an Arabic phrase despite the fact that you don't speak Arabic.

Yeah. I mean, the question anyone really needs to ask themselves is whether or not what someone says will actively affect you.Will it change the fact that you still have bills to pay? A Job to work? Needs to fulfill? What day of the week it is?If the answer is no you just move the hell on. If the answer is yes, chances are, the someone who said it is currently an elected official. Then you have to step it up. Do they have any actual power to put said offensive comment into policy? Probably not. If they do, then you have every right to assemble peacefully! And then petition the Government for a redress of grievances! That is all. If you think violent outbursts are going to do anything to boost your credibility, you’re wrong. Plain and simple.If you find a comedian offensive, you have choices; Go see that comedian by tuning in to them on their comedy specials or go see them live or don’t. What you do not have the right to do is tell me I can’t go see that comedian. Nah, fuck you, I’m going.If someone is out there spouting racist jokes, you can ignore them or call them a fucking moron. Better be ready for some pushback though.You have the right to not hear it, yes. Just understand, you have no right to shut anyone up.

Is it offensive, wrong, insensitive, or not politically correct to use expressions such as "to kill two birds with one stone" or "take the bull by the horns"?I don’t think so; the other day, I talked about “killing two birds with one stone” whilst visiting our local aviary - not a single one of the birds there expressed any objection to it. I have to admit that I am too cowardly to approach a bull and discuss the concept of “taking the bull by the horns” with it, but I am confident that it would not be the use of that phrase that prompted it to attack me or chase me.Just for confirmation of my theory, when my sister’s dog greeted me and tried to lick me to death, I uttered the phrase “Give a dog a bad name…” but, nope, the dog still continued to welcome me as though she hadn’t seen me for a year….

What is so offensive about what I said here as a joke (details in question)? Would u have got offended?

At college today I partnered up with 4 girls just for a demonstration of stretching exercises, where one person has to get on a bed while the 4 others do the stretching on you. I'm a very jokey kind of person and everybody knows that. So the 4 others wanted me to do it (be the one on the bed with them stretching my legs) and I just laughed and was like "noooo haha :)" and they started joking around a bit. And then they said the tallest person had to do it (because I'm the tallest one there, but there was no reason they would need a tall person to do was a joke).
So after that I said as a joke.."it will be the tallest person....with.....uhhhh....the blackest hair!" and then I pointed at the only girl in the group that had black hair. After that she looked at me in an offended way and said """" are nice"""" in a sarcastic way. Then the next girl looked at me and said I was an ****.
I'm a sensitive and caring guy so it really bothered me to get called an ****, and I was completely confused to why she was offended because I didn't mean anything bad AT ALL......I was saying the joke meaning like "ummm....get her to do it! ;) ;) ;)"
Now to you is there anything offensive about this at all, or should I watch what I say because girl's tend to be overly sensitive?

what's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne?- -acne doesn't come on a five-year-old's face.why did princess diana cross the road?- -because she didn't have a seatbelt do you know you're wife's dead?- -the sex is the same but the dishes keep piling up.what's black and found at the top of stairs?- -Steven Hawkings after a house do you kill 1000 flies in one hit?- -slap an Ethipoian in the face?what do you say to a black jew?- -"get back in the oven."what's 18 inches long, stiff, and makes girls cry all night long?- -cot death.what has 4 legs and 1 arm?- -a pitbull in a children's play area.what's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?- -you only need one nail to put the picture up.why are black guys so fast?- -all the slow ones are in jail.why don't black people let their kids play in sand boxes?- -the cats keep burying them.what's the difference between a jew and santa?- -santa goes DOWN the chimney.What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?-Nothing. You've already told her twice