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Is This Name For A Villian Mediocre For A Fantasy Story That I Want To Write

What's the best way to write a fantasy novel?

See fantasy is like creating a world out of nowhere and making it believable while doing that. So here are some suggestions you might find handy,Base your fiction world on some reality (Harry Potter had both the real and fictitious world) making it believable and logical.Balance the good and bad and beat the stereotypes. (And so the prince and the princess lived happily ever after leaves the reader wondering what was new in this)Keep the target audience in mind while writing. (While Rapunzel might sound real to toddlers it won't quiet go well with adults)Research thoroughly and be specific about the places and characters in your fantasy world, it should be detailed and not conflicting with the fantasy facts in your story.Picture your work and create images (in mind and/or on paper if it helps), it will help you keep track of "what happens where" and "who looks how".Read the works of the famous fantasy writers it will help you go about yours.Outline your work, no matter how formidable and dull it might sound, you will thank yourself later!Do something new and refreshing (paupers turning into prince and princesses are quiet a cliché now).Believe in what you write, if you can't convince yourself, you can't convince anybody, have faith in your idea, no matter how absurd it might sound to your friends, it is plausible if you can think of it, you just need to be more convincing.Well this is not specific to fantasy, but just DON'T GIVE UP on that idea you have conceived. It is worth all the discomfort you might have to go through.I hope my answer helps! Looking forward to read that Fantasy piece some day!Happy Writing! (y) :)

How do I start writing a fantasy novel?

You sound like me, in terms of writing. I am writing my ideas in story form only because that seems to be the easiest way to create my world. I also built models of cities and illustrate scenes from my novel (I am an okay drawer) (first novel will hopefully be finished before the end of the world :( ).First off, you need to have a basic outline for your first story (if this is a series, which if you’re into worldbuilding I would recommended because it allows you to build the world deeper). What are the major plot lines (wars, quests, love stories), who are the characters (lords, peasants, farmers, woodworkers, soldiers), is there magic, are there fantasy beasts and races, etc.Then, draw your map. You don’t have to make a final copy now, my map will be changing right up until it gets published. Make sure, though, to get down a general idea of the coastlines, major nations, mountain ranges, and maybe even rivers. Figure out where your characters start and where they are going.Now just start working on your story. You need a general idea of how the story goes, and some very pretty good ideas of how it starts, but you don’t need everything for the middle and end set in stone. I still don’t know exactly how some of my plot lines will wrap up (got a good idea though), and I’m 3/5s of the way through.And this is important: get visuals of things. Draw pictures, build models, whatever, just get visuals. This will help spur your imagination further, especially if this is going to be a series of books in the same world.That’s the best I can give you. Everyone writes differently, (I, personally, seem to edit half of the book every time I finish a chapter. My ideas change frequently.) Tell me when you finish (I know you won’t remember :( ) because this sounds like an interesting project. Private message me on Quora (Thats a thing, right?) if you want to talk a bit more specific or just at all.

Name of wrestling movie???

I am looking for the name of a wrestling movie about a kid who has to lose a lot of weight in 3 weeks. The movie is at least a few years old. Thanks for your help!!!

What are some good fantasy book series to read?

Things that the protagonist SHOULD NOT be:
-a FARM BOY (i mean it)
-stable worker
-Conan style hero
-UN-SKILLED, but powerful
-Too dumb to live
-Can't figure anything out for themselves, and needs someone to tell him everything

List of authors whose work I have read (it will take me to long to list every fantasy series I have read). Don't recommend anything by these guys (and don't just recommend an author, give me the name of a series):

-Brent Weeks
-Cinda Williams Chima
-Christopher Paolini
-D. J. MacHale
-David Dalglish
-David Eddings
-Eoin Colfer
-Eric Rucker Eddison
-George R.R. Martin
-J.R.R. Tolkien
-Jonathan Stroud
-Karen Miller
-Karren Millen
-Michael Moorcock
-Michael Scott
-Neil Gaiman
-Obert Skye
-Orson Scott Card
-Raymond Feist
-Robin Hobb
-Stephen King
-Terry Brooks
-William Nicholson

Also I would rather if they weren't urban/modern fantasies, or steam-punks.

What do you like to see in a fantasy novel?

I haven’t actually read enough fantasy to know what it really ‘standard’.What I would like to see, however, is a fantasy novel to deal with this: What happens after the Evil Overlord has been defeated?So the Evil Overlord is dead, the Rightful King has returned, and the Henchman (or woman) has been redeemed.Now what?I’d love to see a novel that tackles the collateral damage of a Just War. Yes, the fighting was needed, but now the Rightful King has a massive refugee crisis, financial crisis, scorched and salted fields, brigand problems, and a wrecked city on his hands. And that’s not even mentioning mopping up the last of his enemies and bringing all the neutral folks he needs on side.The Henchperson is redeemed and still alive . . . but now what? I’d love to see him (or her) grappling with guilt, contrition, and rejection. There are almost certainly people, who, with excellent reason, want the Henchperson dead. So does Henchperson come to court and confess sins quietly? Or does he or she somehow get to live out the rest of their days without being brought to court? If they’re truly redeemed they’ll probably feel guilty and have to confront everything they’ve done both in themselves and in all the destruction they see every day for the rest of their lives. How do they cope with that? What do they do with it? Do they have any dependents, or children born before or after redemption? What’s life like post-villainy?And what does the Love Interest do? She might have a happily-ever-after as far as the hero is concerned (or not, if she fell for the villain and he turned himself in to face justice), but the fact of it is everyone will be so busy clearing up the villain’s messes there won’t be much time for her.What does the farm boy do once he goes home to a salted field and a razed and terrified village?What does the lowly castle servant where the battle took place do? Her home is wrecked and her boss, however terrible he might have been, is dead. The Rightful King may have returned, but for all Castle Chambermaid knows, she’s a refugee now, who’s roof has collapsed thanks to that spectacular magical battle the hero fought.No direct evil, just people picking up the pieces after evil is defeated and cleaning up the mess to make a better world, and mending the collateral damage of the hero and the villain.

How to secretly be mean to someone u hate?

There is this girl at my school that i hate because she pushes me around and stole my friend from me. She constantly does horrible things just so she can put the blame on me and she will try every chance she gets to hurt me and humiliate me. And she acts like the victim when I try to tell the friend that she stole from me what she's doing to me. I just kinda want to turn the tables on her. So how can I secretly bully her and push her around without our friend knowing? And how would I act like the victim if the girl tells my friend? And if u don't wanna answer this and say immature and stuff. Go away. I just need honest answers pls pls pls. No jokes and IDC what u say, its my life. I can ruin it if i wanna. I just want to give this girl karma. And yes, it has to be secret so the other friend doesn't find out

What kinds of characters do we identify with in fantasy?

Good fantasy will have the same kinds of characters as any other genre.In general, we identify with characters that are like us, or that we wish we could be like. But that’s a truth that’s so broad it’s almost meaningless. The real trick is creating a main character that readers like more and more as the story progresses. Or a villain that we hate more and more as the story progresses. Or a villain that we understand and pity more and more as the story progresses.The best characters are the ones that function as surrogates for the audience. We feel like we’re taking the same journey as the character. So we rejoice at his successes, and sorrow at his failures, as if they were our own. It’s not easy to do. I can’t do it…yet.Mediocre fantasy, will rely too much on cliched character tropes:The farm boy who goes on an adventure and becomes super awesome.The witty rogue who miraculously bypasses all morals and ethics, stealing and killing, but still somehow being a good guy with no internal conflict.The villain who is 100% pure evil because…evil.Dwarves, elves, orcs, etc that follow too closely to the original Tolkien/TSR lore. Unless they’re being written in a long-established TSR (now WotC) franchise like Forgotten Realms (love me some Drizzt)